Breaking Down The Latest iPhone Rumors: iPhone 5S Colors, iPhone 6 and More

iphone 5 front and back

It has only been about five months since Apple announced the iPhone 5, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors about when Apple might release future iPhones. Over the last couple of days in particular there have a lot of rumors on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and even iOS 7. Since we’re getting a lot of questions about these rumors we’re going to try to answer them here.

Rumor: Apple’s already working on the iPhone 6 and iOS 7

iphone 5 a6

To be honest this isn’t really news. Yes, Apple is most probably already hard at work on the next iPhone, and according to The Next Web, it is already testing it. How does The Next Web know this? By looking at some developer logs. Developer logs are the information developers get on what devices are running their apps. Every app and software has this and the information brought back is usually very general and just what type of device it is, what the screen resolution it is, what OS its running etc. In some developer logs, developers noticed some devices that identified themselves as iPhone 6,1, and the OS they were running as iOS 7. The reason this is “news” is because the iPhone 5 is identified in these same logs as iPhone 5,1 or 5,2 — depending on if its an AT&T or a Verizon/Sprint iPhone) and runs iOS 6.

And while this information can be faked, it is very likely Apple is already testing the iPhone 6 as well as iOS 7. In fact, seeing as Apple has released a new iPhone and a new version of iOS every year for the last five years we’d be shocked if they were not already doing some kind of testing on a new version for this year. The process to create a new iPhone take months, sometimes even years, with the process usually beginning even before that year’s iPhone launches. These products go through many different stages– design, creating prototypes, testing and finally producing– and all these stages take a lot of time to perfect. The idea for the first iPad for example, started being developed in 2002, five years before even the iPad was released and eight years before the first iPad was released. During this time Apple experimented with a lot of different designs and ideas, and if you want proof, check out some of the prototypes for the iPhone and iPad that were released last year as part of a trial between Apple and Samsung (both are claiming the other one copied their patents for things like the iPhone, iPad, Galaxy phones and Galaxy Tab… we’re not going to go into that now).

Anyways, as we said before though, developer logs are can be very general in the information they share. So while an iPhone 6 and iOS 7 have appeared, there are no other details about what might be new or different or when we can expect it.

Rumor: The iPhone 5S Will Comes Out In June, and Be Available in Different Colors

ipod touch 2012 2

The iPhone 6 isn’t the only iPhone rumor making news recently. Over the last couple of days there has also been a lot of talk about a new iPhone 5S coming out as soon as this June at Apple’s annual WWDC event, and that it will be coming in different colors.

This is something that has been rumored in the past, and like the idea of a new iPhone later this, it’s also an idea we can see possibly happening. With the 5th-gen iPod Touch Apple released last year, Apple took the same aluminum back that was on the iPhone 5 and produced it in blue, pink, yellow, and red in addition to the usual black and silver– so there is no doubt that they can easily do it. And as phones like the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 show (as well as the large market for colorful iPhone cases), people want to get their phones in different colors.

All that being said, the colors rumor has been around for a while and obviously hasn’t led to anything yet. Oh, and this “iPhone 6” could also just be the 5S as far as we know. The iPhone 4S was identified by developer logs as iPhone 4,1, so the 5S could very easily be this iPhone 6,1.

Wrap Up

Basically here’s what this all means for you. Yes, Apple is probably making a new iPhone like they have done the last five years. It will most likely run iOS 7 and probably be faster too (that’s just our guess based on the one thing Apple has always done with each new iPhone is made it faster). But that’s all we know for now. Price, colors, even a release date are all up in the air, as are pretty much any other details on what might be in the next iPhone and iOS 7. For now everything you hear and read about a new iPhone are just rumors and guesses with nothing actually confirmed by Apple. 

If Apple does have something to share on the next iOS or iPhone though we’ll make sure to have you covered here.

Info from The Next Web (iOS 7/iPhone 6), Mashable and BGR (iPhone 5S colors), The Verge and The Guardian (iPhone/iPad prototypes)

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