Could This Be The Galaxy S IV?

galaxy s iv rumor 1

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been one of the hottest phones available over the last few months, and like with the iPhone there are a lot of rumors and excitement over when the next version, the Galaxy S IV (Galaxy S4) will be out and what it will have. Well, over the last week the rumors on the S IV have really picked up, and if these rumors are even close to what the S IV actually is then it looks like we’re in for another awesome Galaxy S phone this year.

First up is the pic you see above. This is said to be a leaked press render of the S IV, and it lines up with some of the things that have been previously rumored about the Galaxy S IV’s design. At first glance it looks a lot like the Galaxy S III, but if you look closely you’ll notice a few slight changes, including a new home button and a larger screen. On the Galaxy S IV, the rumors are that Samsung will bring the screen to around 5 inches (up from 4.8 on the S III) and it will be a full 1080p HD screen like the HTC Droid DNA and recently announced Sony Xperia Z, making it much sharper than even great screen on the S III.

galaxy s iv and s iii rumor 1

Other rumored specs for the S IV include an eight core processor with 2 GB of RAM (for crazy fast speed– if it has this pretty much everything and anything you do on here should load instantly), the latest version of Android, support for the Galaxy Note II’s S Pen, wireless charging, a 13 megapixel back camera with a 2 megapixel front camera for HD video chat.  And like all new superphones it will also have 4G LTE support. Basically if this is true then it looks like it will be an excellent successor to the S III.

In terms of release, while some rumors say it will be announced late next month at Mobile World Congress (an event where a lot of new phones are announced. It is also the place where the original Galaxy S and Galaxy S II were announced), CNET and others say that the S IV will follow the launch path of the S III with its own special event in April or May (press renders usually have the date of the announcement on the phone’s homescreen so if this render of the S IV is legit then April 22nd may be a good guess for when it will be announced). If you were to ask us, we’re inclined to believe it’ll be announced sometime in April or May.

Samsung hasn’t yet said anything about the Galaxy S IV and as with all rumors on big phones the things here are not official and can change. Of course if the S IV is coming sometime soon we’re sure more will leak out as we get closer to its announcement. Stay tuned.

More info: Picasa (leaked Galaxy S IV picture), BGR, Android Authority

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