The Facebook Phone Is Coming Today- Here Are Some Of The Latest Rumors On What We Can Expect

facebook home leak 1

The new Facebook Phone, the HTC First

Later today, Facebook will be holding a big event to showcase their “new home on Android.” While there has been a lot of speculation about what exactly Facebook will show off, thanks to some recent rumors it looks like we now have a pretty good idea. Yes, Facebook isn’t just announcing an update to their Facebook Android app, they also are expected to announce the Facebook phone to go along with it.

Before the event gets underway at 10 AM Pacific Time, here are some of the latest rumors on what we expect Facebook to show off.

HTC First

htc first leak 2

According to the very reliable @evleaks and 9to5Google the pics you see here are leaks of the new Facebook phone made by HTC called the HTC First. We already covered the expected specs of the First in our earlier post here, but in short its a decently spec’d Android phone that should be more than fine for playing light games like Temple Run or using apps like Snapchat and Instagram. It won’t be as powerful as new phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One, but hopefully it’ll be cheaper than those phones too.

htc first leak colors

The big thing from these latest leaks however is the design. As you can see, the HTC First is an all touchscreen phone with an iPhone-like home button below its 4.3 inch screen, not a successor to the “other” Facebook phone, the HTC Status The HTC First is also expected to be available in multiple colors including black, red, cyan, and white once it launches.

Of course as with the Galaxy S4 and One, the most interesting thing here is what Facebook has done to the Android software running underneath.

Facebook App

facebook phone menus leak

As you’d expect, Facebook is making some customizations to the basic Android OS running on the First and with some of these latest leaks it looks like we can expect to see some close tie-ins of Instagram, Facebook Messenger and other Facebook apps with the camera and messaging apps already a part of Android. Facebook also looks to be making it super easy to post to Facebook no matter what you’re doing on your phone without having to switch apps. The above pic is of the new app launcher and you can see the Facebook post buttons for status, photos and check-ins along the top.

facebook home leak 1

According to pics posted to 9to5Google it looks like Facebook will also give the First a special homescreen that will make sure that all of your friends latest posts and photos are front and center right when you unlock your phone. Facebook is also expected to show off an updated Android app that will run on other Android phones, but we’re not sure what new features that app will have.

Even with these latest leaks we’re still not sure why someone would want this over an iPhone or any other Android phone, but then again, we also expect that Facebook will have a bit more to show off than just what has leaked so far. We’ll of course have all the news on whatever Facebook announces covered here later today, so stay tuned.

More info: @evleaks, 9to5Google

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