The iPhone 5 Comes To T-Mobile Tomorrow– Are You Getting One?

tmobile iphone 5 april 12

T-Mobile users the wait is over. Tomorrow the iPhone 5 will finally be available to buy in T-Mobile stores and online. And while it is pretty much the same iPhone 5 that the other carriers have sold, as you’d expect the T-Mobile iPhone 5 will work with T-Mobile’s new and upcoming 4G LTE network and their current, fast 4G HSPA+ network. This means you can expect 4G like speeds on your iPhone even if where you live hasn’t gotten T-Mobile 4G LTE yet (and it likely hasn’t. T-Mobile’s 4G LTE has only launched in seven cities, though much more are expected by the end of the year). If you already have an unlocked iPhone 5 and are on T-Mobile you should also see a software update in the Settings app that will bring these 4G improvement to your iPhone as well.

T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 will be available in both white and black and in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions, though when it comes to pricing things get a little more complicated.

At an event in New York two weeks ago T-Mobile not only announced the iPhone and the first cities to get their new 4G LTE network, but they also got rid of two-year contracts. You may have started to see ads for this but here’s what it means for you.

On other carriers you sign a two-year contract when you upgrade your phone, basically agreeing to be with that carrier for the next two years. For doing this, the carriers in turn give you a discount on your phone. With the iPhone 5, for example, it means that you only have to pay $200 for the 16 GB iPhone instead of the $650 it would cost to buy without contract. The carrier then makes their money back (with a lot of interest) by making you sign up for services like a data plan. By the end of your contract you will have paid your carrier much more than the $450 discount they gave you when you bought that iPhone. Plus if you wanted to leave your contract you would need to pay a large fee and you also wouldn’t be able to get a discount on a new phone for two more years, all because you signed that initial two year contract.

Well, T-Mobile basically said enough of this and they got rid of two-year contracts altogether for all of their plans and phone. Of course without the two-year contract discount (or subsidy), if you wanted a new phone it would be super expensive upfront. T-Mobile realized that few people would want to pay that $650 for a new iPhone upfront so they did this. You can buy a phone from them either at full price ($650) and get a cheaper monthly plan (since you aren’t paying back any discount for your phone), or you can buy the phone at a discount and pay back the full cost little-by-little each month over two years. Once you pay back what you owe for the phone you’ll automatically switch over to the cheaper monthly plan mentioned above, unlike other carriers which continue to charge you even after you paid off the full cost of the phone.

All that said, back to pricing for the T-Mobile iPhone 5. You can buy the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 at T-Mobile at full price ($580, $680, $780 respectively), or with the monthly payment pricing plan. With the monthly plan the 16GB iPhone 5 starts at $100 down, with $20 monthly payments over two years. Again, once you pay that back the $480 difference that $20 monthly charge will disappear from your plan.

We know these new plans are bit confusing at the start, but if you think about it they actually do make a lot of sense and could actually end up saving you a lot of money. Anyways, the iPhone 5 comes to T-Mobile tomorrow– are you gonna get one?

More info: T-Mobile

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