Now Is One of the Worst Times To Buy A New Computer

macbook pro retina display

With the end of the spring semester, graduations and the school year in general coming to a close over the next couple of weeks you may think that now would be a good time to buy a new computer. Graduation gifts and early back-to-school deals make that idea seem even better. Well put simply, it’s just the opposite and buying a new computer now is something you should really try not to do regardless if the next computer you plan to get is a Mac or Windows. Here’s why.

Within the next month both Microsoft and Apple will be showing off updates for their new operating systems, Windows 8 and OS X, respectively. Apple has updated OS X every year with decent improvements and this year looks to be no different. Not much is known on what Apple will do this year, but with their big WWDC conference taking place on June 10th its worth waiting two weeks to find out. Apple also usually runs their annual back-to-school deal around this time of year so you should also wait for details on that to come out before buying any new Mac.

acer w3 windows 8 tablet leak

Acer’s leaked 8-inch W3 Windows 8 tablet with keyboard dock

When it comes to Microsoft we already have some idea of what is going to happen and we already know it will be big. Codenamed “Windows Blue,” Microsoft is preparing a pretty major update to Windows 8 that will not just pack some new features and app updates– including possibly the return of the old Windows Start button on the desktop– but also the ability for Windows 8 to work on smaller 7 and 8-inch tablets. That last part is huge– imagine a fully capable, super-portable Windows 8 tablet running Office and all your old Windows apps for under $400. Companies like Acer have already had some of these new tablets leak (like the W3 seen above), and if the rumored price of $380 is correct then for the price it may actually be the perfect student tablet. I mean just add a keyboard dock and together with Word and OneNote this could the perfect device for school.

Windows Blue is expected to be fully unveiled on June 26th at Microsoft’s Build developers conference and it will be available as a free update for current Windows 8 users.

intel ces haswell better battery june

Intel’s announcement from CES about the new processors coming in June

Now the above are all good reasons to wait but software can always be updated. So here’s the biggest reason for why you should wait– new Intel chips. Both Macs and PCs run on Intel processors and these processors are due for a major update at the end of June as well. Intel plans to release new chips codenamed “Haswell” that basically offer all the performance of today’s Intel Core processors found on most computers but with some crazy improvements to battery life. Like 50% better battery life. Intel is aiming for ultrabooks with these new chips to get between 10-13 hours of battery life, a major jump from most computers today and more than enough to get you through the day while still giving you great performance. With today’s computers you often have to choose between power and performance but with these new chips that would longer be the case. In fact, you may get even better performance with these new chips  thanks to some improved built-in graphics.

As you can see there is a lot of big things happening and they are all happening very soon. If you can hold off on getting that new computer or tablet a little longer you should. Much better things are almost here.

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  1. Arash Jafari

    It’s true that now and even the coming months are the worst times to buy a computer but the majority of people don’t care – if they need it they’ll buy it.

    Although I agree with most of the article, Windows 8.1, which is acquirable as a free update after late June, is not a factor at all except for those who’re on the market for a 7.5″ RT tablet.

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