AT&T Announces A Water-Resistant Galaxy S4, The Galaxy S4 Active

galaxy s4 active att

While there are a number of solid waterproof cases for phones like the iPhone and Galaxy S III, there is something to be said for not needing to have a case on your phone to protect it. With summer just about here the need for a phone that is dust or water-resistant is even greater. Well, if you’re on AT&T and have an upgrade coming up you may want to check this out. Meet the Galaxy S4 Active, a water and dust resistant version of the awesome Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 Active takes everything you know and love about the Galaxy S4– the amazing 5 inch full HD screen, fast quad-core processor, cool features like Air Gesture and Dual Camera– and puts it in a design that is now water-resistant which means you can drop it in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The Galaxy S4 Active is also dust-resistant making it the perfect phone for you if you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach or pool this summer. The only real difference between the original S4 and the S4 Active is that the Active’s camera is 8 megapixels instead of 13, though don’t worry, it will still take great pictures for Instagram. And since it’s designed for use in the pool Samsung gave the S4 Active a special Aqua Mode in the camera app to let you take pictures and videos underwater.

The Galaxy S4 Active will come in two colors, grey and blue, and cost the same as the regular Galaxy S4– $200 on a new 2 year contract when it launches next Tuesday, June 18th. For more info on the S4 Active (or to pre-order it) head on over to AT&T’s site here.

More info: AT&T

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