Facebook Copies Twitter Again: Trending Topics Coming Soon To Your News Feed

facebook trending topics

Earlier this year Facebook “copied” a few popular Twitter features like hashtags, verified accounts for celebrities, and Vine-like video for Instagram. Well, now they’re doing it again. As reported by All Things D, Facebook will begin rolling out a new Trending Topics feature allowing you to see what’s most popular on the world’s largest social network. Unlike in Twitter where Trending Topics are a part of the search tab, in Facebook you’ll see it inside your news feed. Clicking on a topic will obviously show you any things your friends have posted about it, but it will also display public posts from other people regardless of whether you’re friends with them. Yes, this is pretty much the same thing that Twitter’s been doing for years. While this should make it easier to see and sort what your friends have say on the latest major news, if you like keeping some form of privacy on Facebook you may want to be a bit more careful with what posts you set to public from here on out.

Right now this new feature is only being tested on Facebook’s mobile site (facebook.com from your phone, not any actual Facebook app), for a “small percentage of US users.” Like most new Facebook updates we expect this to roll out slowly, so it might be a while before you can use it yourself. If you want to see if you’re part of that small group who currently have the feature, head on over to Facebook from your phone’s browser.

More info: All Things D

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