Where to Get The iPhone 5S on Friday

iPhone 5s launch verizon

The iPhone 5C went on pre-order last week, iOS 7 came out today and BBM hits the iPhone this weekend but for iPhone users the biggest thing to happen this week is the launch of the iPhone 5S this Friday. The 5S is the most fastest, most powerful iPhone yet with an even better camera and really cool fingerprint scanner called Touch ID and for many is the iPhone to upgrade to. Well, if the 5C isn’t for you and you’re ready to upgrade to the 5S here’s what you need to know to pick it up on launch day.

Unlike the 5C, there were no pre-orders for the 5S and rumors are that supply on Friday will be very low. There are rumors floating around that supply issues is why Apple didn’t put it up for pre-order, they want to make they had enough ready to go on launch day (note: Apple usually sells millions of iPhones during launch weekend and they probably have millions ready for the 5S they just wanted to be extra cautious here). Anyways, if you want that new 5S right away here’s where you can grab it.

iphone 5s

In Stores

The 5S will be available at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile stores as well as the Apple Store. Apple will begin selling the 5S in their stores at 8:00 AM local time (meaning when it’s 8:00 AM wherever you are) and we expect most of the carrier stores will open around that time as well. Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Radio Shack and Apple Authorized Resellers will also all be selling the 5S on launch day though you should check with your local store’s website to find the exact time they open on Friday.


If you’re more into staying up late then waiting in line early you’ll be happy to know that Apple will begin offering online orders at their site starting at 12:01 AM PT (that’s 3:01 AM for those on the East Coast). Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile also should be taking online orders around that time. Best Buy told the LA Times they would be doing online orders starting at 12:01 AM EDT (earlier than Apple and the carriers) and you can order it to be delivered to your local store to pick up on day one after 8 AM. No word yet on Target, Walmart and Radio Shack’s online plans.

So there you have, it. Where to find an iPhone 5S on launch day. If you really need it day one we recommend going to a place like Radio Shack or Target as they aren’t usually as crowded as the Apple Store, carrier stores and Best Buy. Oh, and if you’re interested in the 5C all the above applies and it too can be bought starting at 8 AM on September 20th. Good luck.

More info: Apple, LA Times, BGR

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