If There Is One Video You Watch Today Let It Be This

Texting and driving is no joke. According to the National Safety Council over 100,000 crashes a year involve drivers who are texting. The fact that it’s not more is quite honestly a miracle. Think of how many people you know who text and drive. We all know its wrong and that it can get us or someone else killed, yet so many of us know people who do it.

As a follow-up to last year’s It Can Wait campaign, AT&T has released a new documentary called “From one second to the next.” The video focuses on four accidents, some of them fatal and all of which were caused because the drivers, who are all around our ages, was texting while they drove. The video has been distributed to over 40,000 high schools and according to Slate, “hundreds of safety organizations and government agencies.” Seeing as today is Drive 4 Pledges Day it’s as good a time as any to take the pledge to never text and drive.

The video is a bit long at 34 minutes and while it’s very intense it really is a must watch. All it takes is just one glance down to ruin your life or take someone else’s. No text, tweet or update is worth it.

For more info and to take the pledge yourself go to ItCanWait.com.


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