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Live from the iPhone 4 Launch

Wow. Seriously wow. This is the line my local Apple store at around 9 am. Now don’t think I’m that crazy that I’ve been up since 4 AM camping out, I’ve actually only been here since about 8:30, but here’s a shot of people out since before 6:30 AM:

Yeah this is nuts. We’ll be updating this periodically, and of course we’ll have our thoughts later today once we’ve gotten some time with it.

UPDATE 10:02 AM: and we’ve made contact. Here it is, the iPhone 4!

UPDATE 11:51 AM: Alright we’re making progress but still got some wait left. There are people here since 3 AM not close so take that as a lesson– RESERVE IN ADVANCE (and pray that Apple and AT&T don’t die before you do). The line for none reserved was so bad that they even cut it off THREE hours ago and still have one stretching the large portion of this mall. Look at this:

UPDATE 2:08 PM: And done! We finally got the new iPhone 4 and for the first 30 seconds I’ve used it, it looks great. I’ll have more pix and thoughts later tonight but wow, it feels so great to LEAVE the Apple Store.


The Droid Gets Super Sized– Meet the All New Motorola Droid X

We had a feeling this was on the way, and now Motorola, Google, and Verizon have confirmed the rumors of this beast of a phone with their official announcement of the Motorola Droid X. And when I say beast of a phone, I MEAN beast of a phone.

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New Droids Coming This Week?

If your on Verizon and looking for a new Android phone you may wanna hold off getting that Droid Incredible or  Motorola Droid just yet, as  Motorola and Verizon have some big news, and when I say big news I mean REALLY BIG news.

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First High-End Android Phone Coming Soon to AT&T

So much for AT&T not having a high-end Android. AT&T announced has finally announced that they are officially entering the  high-end Android game (meaning that they are finally launching an Android phone on par with Sprint’s EVO and Verizon’s Droid Incredible) by getting the Samsung Captivate on their side. And wow is the Captivate high end. Running Android 2.1 with a custom Samsung interface (though one that is by far not as drastic as HTC Sense on the recently announced HTC Aria), the Captivate will also be the first AT&T Android phone to have a 1 GHZ processor (which Samsung calls “Hummingbird” and may be Samsung’s version of Apple’s A4 processor), which is a great particularly when you are running multiple apps. Among these AT&T firsts, the Captivate has a numerous amount of handy specs, such as:

  • A 4-inch Super AMOLED multi-touch touchscreen— Remember those great AMOLED screens on phones like the Samsung Impression and Moment? You know, ones with insane clarity? Not only is this screen much bigger than those (it’s pretty much on par with the EVO’s minus .3 of an inch), this does all of that but in a much thinner design– which when you look at this phone you can tell it’s paid off, as well as fix one of the biggest problems facing AMOLED phones, the horrible quality they produce when in outdoor or bright light areas.
  • 3G, WiFi and GPS— With the WiFi supporting the latest wireless N. Oh, and the Captivate also is loaded with Bluetooth 3.0, something we have yet to see a lot of (or pretty much at all) in phones (Bluetooth 3.0 should make for things like wireless transfer between say a computer and phone much quicker among other things, but we also have yet to see many devices take advantage of the new Bluetooth, so take that as you wish). 
  • 3D graphics with gyroscope for better gaming
  • Support for Google Maps, YouTube, Android Market and other standard Android apps— Though we couldn’t tell if AT&T is allowing Google Maps Navigation to be put on the phone. Let’s hope they do.
  • 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus and 720p HD video recording— On par with the iPhone 4
  • 3.5mm headphone jack for listening to your favorite songs
  • 16GB of built-in storage, with the ability to add another 16GB via a microSD

Wow is right. I personally am really excited for this over the upcoming HTC Aria because the captivate is AT&T’s first really good Android phone (just look at those specs!), and I plan to get it. Of course, we will have to wait until this phone comes out to see how the Hummingbird processor and Super AMOLED handles in real life and if this is more this just talk, but until then, my plans for the Aria have been shelved and I am waiting anxiously for this phone.

The Samsung Captivate will be coming out “in a couple of months, for an undisclosed price” according to AT&T. In the meantime, check out AT&T’s “Coming Soon” page for the Captivate here. So, anyone else planning on holding off on getting their AT&T Android fix Sunday with the Aria for this?

HTC Aria Landing in Stores June 20th

Enough about video games, lets talk phones. AT&T announced  yesterday the first not horrible Android phone for its’ customers. The HTC Aria is a 3.2 inch Android phone coming to stores June 20th. This phone will have a 3.2 inch multitouch screen and Android 2.1, unlike AT&T’s first Android phone the Motorola Backflip (which is still running 1.5). Like pretty much all new HTC phones such as the Droid Incredible and the EVO 4G, the Aria will come with HTC Sense which will allow you to keep in touch with your social life while on the go, with HTC’s FriendStream app making Twitter and Facebook just a swipe of the finger away– all while also offering a much nicer and cooler Android homescreen.

Personally, I am excited about this phone because it will stand out as a viable iPhone opponent. Sure it’s not crazy high spec’d and powerful like Verizon Droid Incredible or Sprint EVO 4G (phones designed as true iPhone competitors), but for those on AT&T not looking for an Apple phone, the Aria will be AT&T’s first good Android phone. The thin, sleek design and beautiful touchscreen will rival the iPhone, and when combined with HTC Sense and Android 2.1, offer a nice change and in my opinion a big step up from the Motorola Backflip. It really looks to me that the HTC Aria will blow the Backflip out of the water.

Other specs for the Aria include 3G, GPS (with Google Maps Navigation), and WiFi, a microSD card slot, and a 5 megapixel camera.  The Aria will be available starting this Sunday (June 20th), for $129 after a $100 mail in rebate and new 2 year contract.

The wrap up on all of Microsoft’s E3 announcements: http:/ #kinect #e3 #Microsoft #xbox

Thoughts on the iPhone 4

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet the past couple of days you’ve probably by now heard the big news– Apple’s new iPhone 4 is officially upon us, and in a huge way.

When they say that it’s the biggest iPhone change since the original, they really aren’t kidding. What Apple has shown off in the new iPhone 4 is absolutely incredible– and I’ll be the first to tell you, last year’s major additions of speed, a slightly better camera, and a compass were really underwhelming (if it wasn’t for the fact my 3G broke and Apple Care offered to replace it with a 3GS– something they’ll do after multiple iPhone breaks– the $200+ and another 2 year contract was not worth the upgrade). But this…. this is amazing.

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AT&T Bumping Up iPhone Upgrades To… Now?

Well this was a very nice surprise…. apparently AT&T is bumping up iPhone users upgrade dates a few months, possibly in anticipation of a new iPhone announcement?

I can confirm first hand AT&T bumped up dates, because when I checked today I noticed my upgrade was bumped up for a new iPhone from October to now (as you can see in the screenshot above. You can check yourself by calling *639# from your phone, which will get a text sent to you with your upgrade status a min later).

Now why AT&T is doing this I’m not sure. It could be a preemptive move to avoid the same problems the last few times there were new iPhones and is even more proof we’ll see a new iPhone today (if you remember, the last two iPhone upgrades, first for the 3G and then for the 3GS, were met with a lot of angry people who were only one year into contract, forcing Apple and AT&T to allow those users to upgrade for the cheaper price). It could be a move to keep iPhone users from jumping to another carrier (if another carrier is in fact getting the iPhone), or it could be because AT&T is just feeling really generous to iPhone users this morning. Whatever it is, I’m sure we’ll know soon enough.

So anyone else noticing an earlier iPhone (or just general AT&T) upgrade date?

HTC EVO 4G Out Now

Ready for the first 4G phone Sprint users? The time has come– today is June 4th, and you know what that means— the HTC EVO 4G is here!

For those who don’t know why this is a HUGE day, here are a couple of features of the phone that may peak your interest:

  • 4.3 inch multitouch screen with a 480×800 resolution in a thin, sleek design
  • 8 megapixel camera with flash and support to shoot 720p HD video with  a 1.3  megapixel front facing camera– for you guessed it, mobile video chatting!
  • Android 2.1 with the latest and greatest version of HTC Sense as well a 1 GHZ Snapdragon processor in here that should keep everything on the phone itself nice and fast.
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack, HDMI port, and a kickstand for media playback

And of course this is the first US phone that offers built-in 4G. This gives you not only faster internet speeds, but the EVO also has the ability to turn this into a mobile hotspot (like the MiFi and Overdrive), and share the 4G (or 3G if 4G isn’t available yet where you live) with up to 8 (!) other users at once (though this will run you an extra $29.99 a month, its still cheaper than the $59.99 a month needed for the MiFi or Overdrive). The EVO 4G costs $199.99 on a new 2 year contract with a data plan and Sprint’s $10 a month “Premium Data” add-on.

So, who out there is heading over to your local Sprint, Best Buy or Radio Shack to pick one up? And if you already have, what you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

And for those of you with the patience to not be the first to have one, you can head on over to Sprint’s site and order one for yourself right now.

Verizon Announces the BlackBerry Bold 9650, Out Now

Wow, that was quick. Just over 2 weeks after Sprint released their successor to the Tour, Verizon has now come out to do the same. Yup, all you Verizon BlackBerry users can go and pick up this new BB with all it’s WiFi, trackpad, more RAM (which should mean an even faster BB particularly with multiple apps running), and all the other traditional BlackBerry goodness like the great QWERTY keyboard, 3G, and 3.2 megapixel. Like the Sprint version, the Verizon Bold 9650 will also ship with a 2 GB microSD card.

Verizon has also made this their first “GlobalAccess Connect” phone, allowing all you globe-trotters out there to use this as a worldwide GPS (thanks to VZ Navigator, and assuming your going to Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden or the UK). Verizon also enables you to tether your BlackBerry to your laptop when abroad, meaning you can share your phone’s internet with your computer, though it will probably cost you a pretty penny; plans start at an additional $55 for a 5 GB limit when tethering in the US and Canada with an 100 MB limit when tethering abroad…  but at least you have the choice!

The Bold 9650 is out now and you can order it right now on Verizon’s site, or can pick it up next Thursday (June 10th) in Verizon stores for $150 ($50 less than what Sprint charges) with a new 2 year contract and data plan.

Walmart Drops the iPhone 3GS 16 GB to $97– Why You Shouldn’t Buy it

If you’ve been waiting on an iPhone, you probably heard of Walmart’s dropping of the iPhone 3GS 16 GB’s price to $97 this week and went “wow, I can get double the iPhone than the 8 GB iPhone 3G and save $100! This is amazing!”

If I were you I’d wait before rushing out to the nearest Walmart, as you may have buyer’s remorse VERY QUICKLY. Why? Read on.

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