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Looking For Textbooks For The Upcoming School Year? Then You Should Definitely Check Out Amazon

kindle textbook rentals

Viewing Kindle Textbooks from your computer

Before you run out to buy those textbooks for the upcoming school year you should really first go to Amazon. Amazon’s Kindle bookstore is now renting out textbooks at up to 80% off the price of the paper version of the same textbook. Yeah, this could be some major savings.

So here’s how the new textbook renting service works. You download the Amazon Kindle app for your PC, Mac, phone or tablet (that’s right– you don’t even need a Kindle), find the textbook you need in the Textbooks Store on Amazon’s site (they have “tens of thousands” available),¬† pick how long you need it for (anywhere from 30 days to a 360 days) and check out. That’s it. And if you find out that you need more time you can always extend the rental (from one more day to however many days you need to even buying the textbook outright if that makes more sense for you).

Once you check out you can read your textbook on any of the above devices so long as it has that Kindle app installed. You can even make notes which are saved online (at and viewable even after you “returned” the textbook (and if you re-rent the textbook later your notes will return to the places you made them).

So yeah, the textbook you need, for when you need it, at a much cheaper price AND it can fit anywhere from your computer to your pocket? Sounds like a great deal to us.

For more info on this awesome new deal from Amazon see their site here. If you want to see if they have the textbooks you need you can search their entire store here. And stay tuned– we’ve got a lot more to come to help make sure you’re ready for the upcoming school year.

Amazon Updates the Kindle

Just in time for the beginning of the Back to School shopping season (something we’ll have covered down to the smallest details over the next couple of weeks to make sure you head back to school with all the right tech), Amazon has announced an updated version of their very popular Kindle.

This 3rd generation Kindle comes with a whole bunch of updates and improvements to help it put up a better fight with some competing eReaders on the market (*cough* iPad *cough*), and while I’m still not sure it is better than a Barnes and Noble Nook or iPad, Amazon has made the choice between the three a lot tougher.

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Watch Out, Amazon — Barnes and Noble Unveils Their New Nook eBook

b&n nook

The Barnes and Noble Nook eBook

We’ve all probably been to Barnes and Noble a couple of times over the past years– either by choice or for something for school reading. What if told you that soon those trips won’t be needed and you can have every book from there physical stores in your pocket? Interesting, yeah? Its true. Today,¬†book giant Barnes and Noble have announced their entrance into the future for books with their new eBook called the Nook. This is ready to take on Amazon’s hit Kindle, and boy did Barnes and Noble do a great job with this device (case in point, look up at the pic– wow is right). And that top pic is only part of the story– read on to learn all about Barnes and Nobles new eBook and how they plan to continue to change books as we now know them.

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