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Is T-Mobile Also Getting The iPhone 5 Next Month?

tmobile iphone 4 mock

It seems pretty much a lock that AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will be getting the next iPhone whenever it launches, but what about T-Mobile? Well T-Mobile users, while this is just our guess, we think you guys will also be getting the iPhone 5 next month. Here’s why.

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Ask TeensTalkTech: Should You Buy the Verizon iPhone?

Ask TeensTalkTech is where we try to answer your questions on technology– from computer problems to cell phone questions and everything in between. Have any questions of your own? Either comment below, email us at or tweet us (@teenstalktech) and we’ll try to answer them in a future post!

iphone 4 verizon pic 2

The Verizon iPhone, it’s finally here. After years of begging, wishing, praying and waiting the end of AT&T’s exclusive control of Apple’s iconic cell phone has finally come to an end. This is the what people on Verizon have been waiting for years for.

Now don’t get me wrong this is a very big for both Verizon and AT&T– Verizon gets the device everyone’s been waiting for, and AT&T finally gets rid of those people who keep bashing their network (which personally I’m the most excited for. If all these people leave AT&T and they are the ones that constantly are using up data and slowing up the network for the rest of us, it means AT&T should only get better and faster than before); and of course for anyone on any carrier this means even more competition which should hopefully lead to much better phones and plans.

We’ve been receiving a ton of questions recently on whether you should buy an iPhone 4 on Verizon no, and personally, I’d say no. Here’s why.

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Nintendo 3DS VS Sony NGP/PSP2– What’s the Difference and Why to Go With Each

Sony NGP VS Nintendo 3DS

So by now you’ve heard the news. Sony’s finally back in the portable gaming space in a HUGE way with their announcement of their new Next Generation Portable/NGP/PSP2. You’ve also probably heard that Nintendo is planning to release their next big portable game system, the 3DS, in exactly two months from today. Both are major products and really usher in the next generation of gaming on the go. But what’s the big difference between the two you ask? A lot actually.

Read on for a everything you need to know about the NGP/PSP2 vs the 3DS.

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Apple Unveils New MacBook Airs– Is This the End of the Plastic MacBook?

macbook air 2010

Apple today at their “Back to the Mac” event showed off a whole bunch of cool new products and features including the expected preview of the next version of OS X– called Lion, as well as a new iLife ’11 with all new features and enhancements to the popular Garageband, iMovie and iPhoto. And of course, they released the all new MacBook Air, now thinner than ever with a new 11.6 inch model to go with the traditional 13.3 inch one, and most importantly, a starting price of $999. Yes, that is the same $999 as the MacBook. In fact, I can definitely see this as perhaps being the white plastic MacBooks successor.

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Breaking Down the Latest Round of Verizon iPhone Rumors

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably heard that Apple has released a new iPhone and that this new iPhone has been having some problems with keeping a signal when you hold it in your left hand. Of course, any new iPhone– and particularly any new iPhone problems– brings out the rumors of Apple finally adding another carrier to their cell phone world, with most of the rumors focusing on a particular carrier that’s red and rhymes with Shmerizon.

Yes, the Verizon iPhone rumors are alive and hotter than ever; with many top, well-respected publications (like the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg) chiming in by saying that a Verizon iPhone is on the way– and really soon.

So what are these rumors and what do we think of them? Read on for the full scoop.

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Can the Tablet Replace the Laptop as the School Computer?

Ever since the iPad was announced back in January, I wondered if it and other tablets could replace the laptop as the computers in our daily lives, and in particular if they were in fact the perfect school computers. So I decided to put it to the test, and for the past few weeks I’ve been carrying around the tablet of the moment– an iPad WiFi+3G– to school in place of my laptop to see if it could live up to the challenge (I know, probably not the smartest thing to do with finals only a few weeks away….). What I’ve found out may surprise you.

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Thoughts on the iPhone 4

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet the past couple of days you’ve probably by now heard the big news– Apple’s new iPhone 4 is officially upon us, and in a huge way.

When they say that it’s the biggest iPhone change since the original, they really aren’t kidding. What Apple has shown off in the new iPhone 4 is absolutely incredible– and I’ll be the first to tell you, last year’s major additions of speed, a slightly better camera, and a compass were really underwhelming (if it wasn’t for the fact my 3G broke and Apple Care offered to replace it with a 3GS– something they’ll do after multiple iPhone breaks– the $200+ and another 2 year contract was not worth the upgrade). But this…. this is amazing.

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Inside Out: The Future of the Cell Phone

From time to time, we’ll provide our thoughts as to where we think the industry is going, particularly as it relates to teens. We’re calling these posts, Inside Out, because we’ll be looking from where we sit into the outside world.

The future of the cell phone: the Windows Phone 7 Series, iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry Curve 8530, Palm Pre Plus and the Nexus One

Cell phones. We live by them. They’re by our sides 24/7, wherever we are. They are our ways of connecting with the world, through texts, IM’s, or just regular calls. Getting a new one is no longer just picking up a free phone, it’s a choice of style and design. Do we want a full keyboard, something that has a good camera and music player, a simple phone that doesn’t cost much, or something completely loaded with all of the latest features? The choices are endless, no matter what carrier you’re on– Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile.

But recently there’s been a major shift in the cell phone market, led by new phones like the iPhone, Pre, BlackBerry, Droid and Nexus One. This is the rise of the smartphone (as those phones are called), phones that no longer just do texts but also email, internet, Facebook and Twitter. These phones are growing rapidly and more and more of us are switching to them when we look for new phones. Let’s take a look at why that is and where this is all leading.

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A Student’s Take on the iPad

Since Apple announced the iPad last week, opinions are abound, with many predicting failure for a device whose capability seems to lie somewhere  between Apple’s  MacBook and iPod Touch in the company’s attempt to replace or reinvent the traditional computer. In that regard the iPad isn’t well suited in its current stage: it lacks a video camera so you can’t iChat, there is no iLife for content creation, for some reason multi-tasking is still a no-show even with the iPad’s bumped-up specs, and in terms of using this for browsing the web, it’s good but not great, lacking the Flash support that is used on many web sites across the web, like ESPN and Hulu.

As a student, though, even with all these flaws I see a lot of potential for the iPad. I actually believe that this could be a great device, and am really eager to pick one up for this reason alone—this could finally be the perfect school computer.

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