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T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, LG G-Slate and G2X Coming April 20th?

radioshack twitter sidekick 4g

If you though March was an awesome month for T-Mobile users (well, depending on if you like the idea of possibly becoming part of AT&T) then April looks to be even better as this will be time when 3 of T-Mobile’s awesome new devices– Sidekick 4G, LG G2X and LG G-Slate tablet– are said to be coming to a store near you. And all on the same day no less: April 20th.

How do we know this? Well yesterday Radio Shack– which sells T-Mobile phones– sent out this tweet (which you see above) with the pretty self-explanatory line “The new @TMobile Sidekick 4G comes to The Shack on April 20!” Yeah, can’t get any clearer than that. Now T-Mobile hasn’t officially unveiled this to be the day when this latest awesome Sidekick lands, but unless Radio Shack wants to play a pretty pathetic April Fools joke we really think this will be the date.

As for the LG G2X and G-Slate, rumors have been flying around the internet lately that April 20th will also be the date these 2 new awesome devices will launch. Again, T-Mobile hasn’t officially said anything yet (including a price for the G2X) but the rumors are getting louder and louder so we can definitely see it happening.

We’ll of course keep you updated once we do get the official word, but while you start marking down your calendars T-Mobile users, which phone are you gonna get: LG G2X or Sidekick 4G?


Tablets From CTIA Round Up: First Looks of Motorola Xoom, LG G-Slate, HTC EVO View 4G and BlackBerry PlayBook


Last weeks CTIA wasn’t all about awesome new phones, we also had the chance to take a look at some of recently released or coming soon tablets that look to give the iPad 2 a strong run for your money: the Android 3.0 Honeycomb running LG G-Slate and recently released Motorola Xoom, Android 2.3 Gingerbread running HTC EVO View 4G with Scribe pen, and of course BlackBerry’s big new tablet, the PlayBook. There’s a lot you’re gonna wanna know here, so let’s get to it.

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Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9- Looks To Give The iPad A Strong Run For Your Money

samsung mobile unpacked

Samsung has been pretty quiet when it came to new info on its Galaxy Tab line of tablets while everyone else has been announcing or releasing their own. Today that all ended as Samsung announced two new editions of its Galaxy Tab line, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1– and both look to give the iPad 2 and all other tablets a strong run for your money.

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T-Mobile Brings The Heat At CTIA- Announces 4G Packing LG G2X and Adds More Details on Sidekick 4G and LG G-Slate

tmobile logo

While they may soon become AT&T, until that finally happens T-Mobile is still going strong, today taking the wraps off a new impressive 4G phone for its already loaded 4G lineup, the LG G2X,  and finally sharing some more info on two of their very anticipated new devices: the Sidekick 4G and LG G-Slate tablet. Let’s get to it! Read the rest of this entry

AT&T Drops First-Gen iPad WiFi+3G To $429 for 16 GB, 64 GB First-Gen WiFi+3G Now Only $529

att ipad 1 wifi+3g 64 GB price drop

Not sold on what’s new and great in the iPad 2 and more than happy to go with the first-gen iPad? If so, you should probably head on over to AT&T right now as they are offering probably the greatest iPad price we’ve ever seen$429 for the WiFi+3G iPad 1 (only $30 more than Apple charges for the WiFi-only iPad 1 on its site) or an amazing $529 for a 64 GB iPad 1 WiFi+3G (SAVING you $70 over what Apple charges for the 64 GB WiFi-only iPad 1). Yeah, these are really awesome deals, and you don’t have to sign up for a 2 year contract here either– making this an even better deal if you want a 64 GB iPad for just WiFi (and you will still have the option to turn on 3G whenever you want and pay per month like any other WiFi+3G iPad– something the WiFi-only iPads of course cannot do).

AT&T’s already sold out of the 32 GB WiFi+3G models (which could explain the price drop of the 64 GB to where the 32 GB would normally be), so if you want in you better hurry.

More info: AT&T (16 GB, 64 GB), BGR

Ask TeensTalkTech: What’s The Difference Between the iPad and iPad 2?

Ask TeensTalkTech is where we try to answer your questions on technology– from computer problems to cell phone questions and everything in between. Have any questions of your own? Either comment below, email us at or tweet us (@teenstalktech) and we’ll try to answer them in a future post!

ipad 2 official

With the iPad 2’s launch upon us we’ve been receiving tons of questions on what the differences are between this new second generation and the now much cheaper original iPad. Is the iPad 2 really worth it? Well, before you go out to wait in line for hours this weekend read on to make sure you know exactly what you’re waiting for.

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Don’t Want the iPad 2? Buy the First iPad From Apple For $399

ipad first gen clearance

While there’s a lot to love about the new iPad 2, for some the first iPad is more than enough. With the new iPad 2 coming next Friday, Apple is trying to clear out remaining inventory of the old models and what better way to do that than dropping the price $100. Yes, if you hurry you can head on over to Apple’s Clearance section of the online Apple Store and pick up a first-gen 16 GB WiFi-only iPad for $399, a 32 GB for $499, or 64 GB for $599. The first-gen WiFi+3G models also got the $100 price drop, with the prices on them now being $529 for 16 GB, $629 for 32 GB and $729 for 64 GB.

So yeah, if you really want a new iPad and don’t care about having the latest and greatest (or faster speeds and video chat), now may be the perfect time to buy.

The iPad 2– It’s Official

ipad 2 official

The iPad 2– officially 

Yes, as expected the iPad 2 is officially official. Like all of Apple’s big event, the new iPad features some major new changes over the previous iPad. New changes on this new iPad include: the new design that we saw leaked earlier today that’s a third thinner than the first iPad (its thinner than iPhone 4!), a very fast dual core A5 processor with 9x better graphics (this is awesome news for gamers), the dual cameras and improved speaker that everyone has been waiting for (front camera for FaceTime video chat, back for HD video recording), 10 hour battery, and it ships in both white and black from day one for both AT&T and Verizon (this is in addition to the WiFi only versions).

ipad 2 facetime

Facetime, now on the iPad 2

The iPad 2 will be available next week, March 11th, for the same prices as current iPads (starts at $499 for 16 GB WiFi only up to $829 for 64 GB WiFi+3G).

ipad 2 photo booth

Photo Booth on the new iPad 2

In addition to the iPad 2, Apple also announced the next version of iOS, version 4.3. New features in iOS 4.3 (which also comes out next week, March 11th for iPhone, iPod touch and first-gen iPad owners) include Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4 (the ability to turn your iPhone 4 into a WiFi hotspot. This finally comes to all iPhone 4s, not just the Verizon iPhone 4), Photo Booth for iPad (like on the Mac, this is a fun way to mess around with the iPad’s new cameras. See pic above), improvements to Apple’s AirPlay (for streaming movies, music and pictures from your iOS device to your TV through Apple TV), and iTunes Home Sharing (so you can stream your music, movies and pictures from your iTunes on your computer to your iOS device over your home WiFi– no cables required to play).

Is This the New iPad 2?

ipad 2 rumor back

Is the iPad 2’s back?

We’re only about an hour away from Apple’s big iPad event but that hasn’t stopped the internet from trying to steal Apple’s thunder. What you see above are some of the leaked pix of the iPad 2 from China courtesy of Chinese site DGtle. The pix seem to support a lot of the rumors we’ve heard over the past few months: front and back cameras, improved speaker, and a thinner more iPod touch like design.

Fortunately, we’ve only got an hour to wait until Apple finally and officially shows off the iPad 2– so make sure to check back here for all the info you’re gonna want and need to know.

Few more shots of the rumored new iPad after the break.

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Apple Holding Press Event Next Week– iPad 2 On the Way? (UPDATE)

As you’ve probably figured, right now is probably the worst possible time to buy any Apple product. In today’s version of the now daily major Apple rumor we have a rumored Apple press event date for next Wednesday, March 2nd for a very special announcement– the long-awaited iPad 2. This rumor comes from a pretty powerful and well-connected source– the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D blog— so we’re very inclined to believe its got some truth to it.

Just as a quick recap on what to expect in the iPad 2. The rumors here are that it will have: 2 cameras– one on the back and a second on the front for FaceTime video chat, faster processor and more RAM for speed (to keep up with the very fast Android tablets on the way), SD card slot built-in (this is huge considering the first iPad needed you to buy a separate $30 piece for this), higher-res screen (debate on whether it will match the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, but regardless it should be much better), better speaker (much-needed if you ask us– the first iPad’s speaker was decent but could use a lot of improvement), thinner design, and even possibly a USB type port in addition to the usual Apple USB connector.

Again, these are all only just rumors for now– but all should be revealed soon enough. And make sure to check back here next week where we’ll have everything you need to know about whatever Apple decides to announce.

UPDATE: And it’s officially an iPad event as you can see from the official invite above. Make sure to check back here next week for all the info on what goes down.