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It’s Happening: The iPhone Is Officially Coming to T-Mobile In 2013

tmobile iphone 4 mock

T-Mobile users, your long wait to for the iPhone is finally, and officially, coming to an end. Apple and T-Mobile today announced that starting next year Apple products, like the iPhone and iPad, will be available on T-Mobile.

The announcement was pretty vague, saying only “Apple products” and not mentioning any specific iPhone or iPad model (like the 4S, and 5). We also don’t know what time in 2013 these Apple products will arrive, though it is possible we could see a T-Mobile iPhone 5 in January or February of next year (when Verizon finally got the iPhone it came in February of 2011, several months after the AT&T iPhone 4 was announced). There also is obviously no word on if these Apple products will support T-Mobile’s upcoming 4G LTE network (which T-Mobile is also planning to launch in 2013) or just the 4G HSPA+ network T-Mobile has today.

We’ll update this post as soon as more info is available.

Info via Twitter

T-Mobile Bringing Back Unlimited Data On September 5th

tmobile logo

One of the biggest problems with cell phones today is the data plans. We all want them but they’re expensive and figuring out how much data you will need each month is still no easy task. It used to be that all the carriers offered “unlimited” plans, but over the last few years both Verizon and AT&T have switch to capped, tiered plans (such as $30 a month for 3 GB of data), with an extra $10 for every GB over that 3 GB. Sprint was the only carrier to really keep truly unlimited internet. Of course, up until recently Sprint didn’t have a 4G LTE network like AT&T and Verizon, so while you got the unlimited internet it was nowhere near as fast and useful as it could be.

T-Mobile meanwhile offered a mix of capped and unlimited plans, giving you 2 GB of fast “4G” data, but slowing down to much slower 2G once you went over that 2 GB (something called “throttling”). You didn’t have to pay more, but it still sucked.

Fortunately this is all about to change. Starting on September 5th T-Mobile will be bringing back full, unlimited 4G data for $30 a month. This means no more worries about going over your limit or seeing your data slowed down to something that’s practically unusable. And while T-Mobile has yet to launch their 4G LTE network (it’s said to be coming next year), T-Mobile’s current 4G HSPA+ network offers speeds very close to Verizon and AT&T’s LTE networks and already covers most of the country.

T-Mobile will continue to offer their current data plans, which slow down speed once you hit 5 or 10 GB but allow you to use your phone as a hotspot. All in all, if you’re on T-Mobile this is some great news.

More info: T-Mobile

T-Mobile Will Have The iPhone On It’s 4G Network This Year– Whether Apple Wants Them To Or Not

tmobile iphone 4 mock

It’s been no secret that T-Mobile really wants the iPhone, and equally no secret that T-Mobile users want one too (with over a million iPhone’s already being used on T-Mobile’s 2G network today). Ever since the first iPhone launched in 2007 all iPhone’s could be used on T-Mobile’s network, but the problem was they only could use T-Mobile’s 2G network and not it’s fast 4G one. This had to do with fact that the iPhone didn’t have the right radio band inside needed to use T-Mobile’s faster networks (known as the 1700 MHz band)– but that will all change soon. If Apple won’t bring the iPhone to T-Mobile then T-Mobile will go to the iPhone.

Later this year, T-Mobile will begin to upgrade some it’s 2G network (on what’s known as the 1900 MHz band) into part of it’s 4G network. Unlike the 1700 MHz band, this 1900 MHz band is supported by the iPhone (since AT&T uses it for some of their own 4G HSPA+ network). Basically what this means is that any unlocked iPhone— from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4S (and presumably the new iPhone 5 or whatever it’s called later this year)– will now be able to finally get T-Mobile 4G!

There is still no word as to whether T-Mobile will finally get to officially sell the iPhone (and thereby have an iPhone that also works on their current 1700 MHz 4G network), but T-Mobile says that this upgrade should be finished by the end of the year (think somewhere between October-December). So T-Mobile iPhone users you can finally relax– one way or another you’ll finally be able to get a 4G iPhone.

More info: AllThingsD

Ask TeensTalkTech: What’s The Difference Between AT&T’s 4G Networks?

Ask TeensTalkTech is where we try to answer your questions on technology– from computer problems to cell phone questions and everything in between. Have any questions of your own? Either comment below, email us at or tweet us (@teenstalktech) and we’ll try to answer them in a future post!

att 4g networks

As you’ve heard by now, AT&T has this month released their first two phones capable of using their brand new, much faster 4G LTE network. 4G LTE is AT&T’s true 4G network, and looks to really give you all the speed of your home internet wherever you go.

Now we know a lot of you are really confused right now– “didn’t AT&T already have 4G? What about phones like the Atrix 4G, Thrill 4G, and Infuse 4G? Aren’t they 4G?” Well, the answer to that is yes and no– we’ll explain.

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AT&T Announces Their First 4G LTE Phones: Meet The HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

htc vivid samsung gs2 skyrocket

It’s been a long time coming but AT&T has finally taken the wraps off of their first real 4G phones, the HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket.  Now we say real 4G here because unlike all of AT&T’s other “4G” phones released this year (like the Infuse 4GAtrix 4GTorch 4G 9810Galaxy S II etc.), these bad boys run on AT&T’s much faster, brand new LTE network instead of their upgraded 3G HSPA+ network (which they also called 4G. This HSPA+ network was the “4G “in those earlier”4G” phones and while it was slightly faster than 3G it was nowhere near as fast as this. We know this is confusing and we’ll have more on the differences between AT&T’s 4G networks soon). Anyways, not only will these new LTE phones be crazy fast– AT&T says their LTE network is up to 10x faster than 3G, or in other words, its as fast as your home internet—  they’re some of the most impressive Android phones AT&T has released yet.

If you’re looking for a new AT&T phone anytime soon, these are definitely two you should be checking out. So what are you waiting for? Read on for all the info.

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Motorola and Verizon Announce The Droid RAZR– The Most Amazing Droid Yet

motorola droid razr 1

As we all expected, Verizon and Motorola today officially announced the Droid RAZR and as expected it’s insane. If you have an upgrade anytime soon and were thinking about getting the Droid Bionic or are looking for a crazy super powerful phone, you should definitely check this out (and if you bought a Droid Bionic recently, you may want to talk to Verizon about upgrading to this– it’s that insane!).

So what are you waiting for? Read on!

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T-Mobile Announces The HTC Amaze 4G– The Perfect Camera Phone

htc amaze 4g

Galaxy S II too big for you? Want something slightly smaller and with a better camera? Then you’re gonna love this. Meet the HTC Amaze 4G, the next big 4G Android T-Mobile superphone from HTC. Think of this as an awesome mix of the great design of the Sensation 4G and the amazing camera of the myTouch 4G Slide. And like the Sensation 4G and myTouch 4G Slide, this guy’s loaded.

Specs wise the Amaze 4G has that same sharp 4.3 qHD screen (or a really great screen that should make everything you view on it look crystal clear), the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread (with HTC Sense) and super thin design as the Sensation 4G, though now it also has the awesome 8 megapixel back camera as the myTouch 4G Slide (with all its awesome features like zero shutter lag and Clear Shot HDR). T-Mobile and HTC even added some new camera features like SmartShot (which takes five quick pictures when you hit the camera button and then combines the best features of all of them to give you the perfect shot) and PerfectPics (which takes all your best looking pictures and puts them in their own album) to make this an even better camera phone. And like all of T-Mobile’s other 4G phones, the Amaze 4G also comes with a second front camera for video chat.

Speed wise the Amaze 4G is also top of the line, with it’s even faster 1.5 GHZ dual core processor (the Sensation 4G was a drop slower at 1.2 GHZ), so everything from opening apps to gaming to multitasking should run even better. The Amaze 4G is also capable of connecting to T-Mobile’s even faster 42 Mbps 4G HSPA+ network, so everything you do online will be even faster too (and as we said with the Galaxy S II, this may even be faster than your home internet!).

The Amaze 4G will be available starting on October 10th for a pretty expensive price of $259.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan (if you want something almost as powerful but cheaper we’d still recommend the Sensation 4G, particularly if it gets a price drop from its current $200 on contract price). But again, if you’re looking for the best T-Mobile has to offer, and don’t mind spending the extra $60, we think you’ll love this.

So T-Mobile users– what’s it gonna be: Galaxy S II or this?

Info from T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S II Coming To AT&T October 2nd

att galaxy s ii coming soon

On AT&T and waiting anxiously to make the Samsung Galaxy S II you’re next phone? Well, your wait is almost over. AT&T has announced that beginning October 2nd (or about 10 days from now), the Galaxy S II will finally be available for the standard smartphone price of $199.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan.

For those who don’t know, the Galaxy S II is by far the most powerful Android phone ever released on AT&T and is right up there with the iPhone 4 as one of AT&T’s best cell phones. Like Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch, the AT&T Galaxy S II comes loaded with impressive specs like a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screens (pretty much a slightly smaller version of the Infuse 4G’s 4.5 inch screen. Basically, everything and anything you view on here will look incredible), 8 megapixel back camera with 2 megapixel front camera (for higher quality video chatting), ridiculously thin design (it’s literally pencil thin!), the latest and greatest Android 2.3 Gingerbread (with Samsung’s latest TouchWiz 4.0), support for AT&T’s HSPA+ 4G network (this is the faster, upgraded version of AT&T’s 3G network and is available in most areas you normally would get 3G), 16 GB of built-in storage, and a super fast dual-core 1.2 GHZ processor (so you should never see any freezing or lag even when doing intense things like multitasking or gaming).

All in all, if you’re looking for an awesome new phone on AT&T– and don’t want to wait for whenever the new iPhone comes out— this looks to be the phone for you. So, anyone looking to get this right away or are you gonna instead wait to see what’s new in the next iPhone before deciding which is your next phone?

Info from AT&T

Verizon Announces The Pantech Breakout– It’s First 4G LTE Phone For Under $100

pantech breakout

Sure Verizon’s 4G LTE phones are crazy fast– truly giving you the speed of your home internet wherever you are– but until now they’ve also been crazy expensive, starting between $250 and $300. That all looks to change this Thursday, September 22nd, when Verizon releases their fifth 4G LTE phone: the Pantech Breakout.

On the surface the Breakout looks like any other 2011 Android phone, with solid specs like a 1 GHZ processor (more than enough for multitasking and some decent gaming), 4 inch screen (while not as nice as the Droid Charge or Droid Bionic’s 4.3 inch screens, it’s still pretty solid and should be more than enough for enjoyably watching YouTube videos and browsing the web), the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and a 5 megapixel back camera with a second front camera for video chat. Now while this clearly isn’t as powerful as Verizon’s other 4G LTE phones, the Breakout does have one major advantage over them– that awesome price of just $99.99 with new 2 year contract, data plan and $50 mail in rebate. If you were looking for a solid Android phone that could go on Verizon’s blazing fast 4G LTE network– and you don’t want to spend $200-$300 on a phone– then this is definitely for you.

For all the info on the Breakout see Verizon’s site here.

Is T-Mobile Also Getting The iPhone 5 Next Month?

tmobile iphone 4 mock

It seems pretty much a lock that AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will be getting the next iPhone whenever it launches, but what about T-Mobile? Well T-Mobile users, while this is just our guess, we think you guys will also be getting the iPhone 5 next month. Here’s why.

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