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The Teens Guide to Back to School: Top 5 Netbooks Under $400


As we walk into our classrooms this year, we will see more netbooks in use than ever before. This is in large part because you can get a solid netbook for under $4oo. These netbooks allow us to take notes in class while being way more mobile than laptops that, as we all know, are much bigger and heavier than even the largest of netbooks. All in all, netbooks are the becoming the student’s choice for school use and in this Back to School Guide, we have our top 5 Netbook picks for under $400.

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Your Guide to All the Black Friday Deals

With Black Friday  just 1 day away, you gotta have a guide to the best holiday deals right? Well, listen up as we have rounded up all the best deals from stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and for your viewing pleasure right here. Read on!

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