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Did Verizon and Motorola Just Confirm The Droid Bionic’s Release Date?

droid bionic release date leak

We know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting for more info on Motorola and Verizon’s upcoming super powerful, 4G LTE running Droid Bionic and from the looks of this latest Verizon ad, we just got one of the last missing details on the phone: it’s release date. If you pay close attention to the new Verizon Droid Bionic TV ad (seen below) you’ll see at the end the date 9.8.11. If that looks familiar it’s because it’s the same September 8th date previously rumored to be the launch date for the Bionic. Sadly the ad doesn’t mention a price (though we think it will be $300 on contract), but with apparently just a week before it comes out we expect to find that out soon.

We also know that the Droid Bionic will be getting its own laptop dock like the AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G, though again no word on how much it will cost (let’s hope they don’t charge $500 for it or make you have to get a tethering plan like AT&T did).

We’ll of course keep you updated as more info comes out, but hang tight Droid Bionic fans– you’re perfect back to school phone looks to finally be almost here.

Info via Droid Life

Droid Bionic Appears In Best Buy Guide, Release Coming September 8th? (UPDATE)

droid bionic best buy lineup

If you’re waiting for Motorola and Verizon’s dual-core, 4G LTE beast of a phone– also known as the Droid Bionic— it looks like your wait is almost over. Best Buy has posted their September Mobile Phone Guide and what do ya know, the Droid Bionic is featured a few times as one of the phones to get if your on Verizon. Best Buy also seems to have confirmed some of the key specs of the Droid Bionic (something we weren’t sure about once Motorola said they were going to re-do the Droid Bionic a few months ago), and like the original Bionic, this looks to be the most powerful Verizon 4G phone we’ve seen yet. Here are the full specs:

  • 4.3 inch qHD screen— Like the  Photon 4GSensation 4G and most other top of the line phones today. In short, this is a screen that will make everything you view on it look great.
  • The latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 1 GHZ dual core processor– So everything on the phone is as fast as that Verizon 4G LTE.
  • 8 megapixel back camera with front camera for video chat— The back camera can also record videos in full 1080p HD.

Now Motorola has confirmed that the Bionic will be coming in September, with the latest rumors saying it will launch September 8th for $299.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan (which makes sense to us given how all the other Verizon 4G LTE phones started out in that $300 price range when they launched). There are also rumors that the Bionic will get its own laptop dock like the AT&T Atrix, but no word on that from the Best Buy ad.

Hopefully this all means that Verizon and Motorola will make this all official soon. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The Verizon Wireless homepage now has link to a sign up page for email updates on the Bionic. There’s still no confirmed price or release date but it looks like all that is just a matter of time now.

More pics of the Droid Bionic from Best Buy’s ad after the break.

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PSA: Facebook Plans to Share Your Address and Phone Number With Advertisers

facebook logo

We all love Facebook and use it for hours daily to share so much of our lives with our friends and other people we know. And while just like everything else on the internet there are risks to all this sharing, it’s our choice and we can control what information we share, who we share it with and can stop it at any time.

As you’ve probably heard, from time to time Facebook the company has had some interesting “ideas” (for lack of a better word) on how to use all the information we put onto their site to run their business (just think about The Social Network movie for an idea on the sketchy story on how Facebook was created). Obviously, when you build your business on others info, your biggest issue is how you handle privacy, and by that I mean how do they make money without selling out all of our information to advertisers and other companies. Thankfully, privacy on Facebook has been greatly improved over the years with some much better privacy controls (such as filters for exactly who can see particular posts, better controls on how people can find you and what they see if they’re not your Friend etc.), but now some possibly much more dangerous news has come out– if you added your address or phone number to Facebook they can now share that information with advertisers.

facebook app sharing cell phone info

An example of a Facebook app that plans to get your phone number and address from Facebook

According to the Facebook developer blog this type of “sharing” will only be used in applications (such as playing a Facebook game or logging onto Facebook from a Facebook Share button on a different site to post something directly to your wall), and these apps will need to explicitly ask your permission to get access to this info (see pic above. Note: these apps only have access to your info and not any of your Friends’ phone numbers or addresses). Of course when you think of how many times we all just click “I agree” or “Allow” to something– the legal thing that comes up every time you want to create an account on a website or install a program like Word or iTunes on your computer– without reading the full fine print its easy to see this move causing a lot of unexpected trouble for people.

We’re not gonna go into all the possible legal trouble in all this (for example what goes on with the info for all the Facebook users under 18) but you can fix this in a pretty simple waygo to your Facebook page and remove this and all other info you don’t want out there for the whole world to see (and yeah, we know this may make it harder for you to stay in contact with your friends– but you could always Facebook Chat them your info). Otherwise, don’t be surprised if sometime in the future you start getting calls or letters from a “Nigerian price” asking for your credit card info so he can send you a free iPad all because he found you on Facebook.

And I think this part goes without saying, but be careful what you share online.

More info: Huffington Post.

PlayStation Phone is Official– Sony Announces Xperia Play

sony xperia play

PlayStation Phone fans it’s finally almost here. Moments ago during Super Bowl XLV, Sony Ericsson (Sony’s phone division) let loose an all new ad touting none other than the PlayStation Phone itself, now called the Xperia Play. Not much was shown off in the ad specs wise– but the biggest needed thing we needed to see was, and that is official shots of this bad boy running PlayStation games in some awesome press shots of the phone itself (one of which you can see above, and it does look AWESOME!). Full info on this beast should be coming in about a week when Sony has their big Mobile World Congress keynote (also known as MWC– a big cell phone conference in Barcelona where a whole bunch of awesome new cell phones are announced for the coming year)– and you can bet we’ll have it all covered for you here once more info come out.

See the ad and another shot of the homescreen (which starts off really freakishly) again after the break.

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And the Battle Begins

Today is February 3rd, and you know what that means– today was the first day the Verizon iPhone went on sale, as a pre-order for existing Verizon users. And pre-orders have gone so well that Verizon and Apple have stopped the pre-orders tonight because there were just too many (meaning if you are on Verizon and haven’t pre-ordered yet you’re gonna need to head to a Verizon or Apple store at 7 AM next Thursday and try to score a iPhone then).

And while that was expected, the bigger thing happened tonight– Verizon has begun a new war with AT&T, this time over who has the better iPhone. Just look at Verizon’s newest ad above.

Now the early reviews of the Verizon iPhone have it like this: if you want crystal clear calls and more reliable coverage Verizon hands down wins, but if you have a need for speed AT&T is a ton faster. So we ask you– with Verizon’s iPhone one week away from launch, which do you need most in your phone: blazing speed or crystal clear calling?

T-Mobile Wants to Help You Choose Between a Verizon iPhone and an AT&T One

Having trouble choosing between getting that new Verizon iPhone or going for the AT&T one? Well, T-Mobile (whose not new at attacking the iPhone and AT&T with ads) has put out a new ad today to help, touting their speedy myTouch 4G, fast 4G network and $10 200 MB data plan (the cheapest of any of the carriers data plans and great if you want internet but are mainly using it for email, IM, light web browsing– like going to ESPN or Facebook– and not watching a ton of YouTube or video chatting when not on WiFi).

Of course, if you’re on T-Mobile and really wanted only an iPhone 4 as your next phone you’d have to think about either switching to Verizon or AT&T (or unlocking one and using it on T-Mobile’s much, much slower 2G– not 3G or 4G– network), but something tells me that’s not the message T-Mobile is going for here.

Watch the video of the ad above and let us know what you think.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Launches Tommorrow, T-Mobile Begins Going After AT&T and iPhone 4 Today

Remember that new myTouch 4G T-Mobile announced a couple of weeks ago? You know, that awesome looking phone with access to T-Mobile’s new high-speed HSPA+ 3G (or as T-Mobile calls it, 4G) network and packs a speedy 1 GHZ Snapdragon processor, Android 2.2 and a 5 megapixel back camera as well as a second front one for video chat? Well, it’s coming out tomorrow, November 3rd, and can be yours for $199 with a new 2 year contract and data plan (which now starts at a solid $10 a month for T-Mobile’s new 200 MB plan– $5 cheaper than AT&T’s comparable data plan and is very good if you plan on just browsing the web, updating your Facebook, or checking your email and don’t plan on watching a lot of YouTube over 3G– or $30 a month for the traditional unlimited data plan). This is great news in it of itself for all you T-Mobile users looking for an awesome new phone, but that’s not all T-Mobile’s got planned with the launch of this hot new phone. Yeah, like Verizon and the first Motorola Droid last year, T-Mobile is pulling out all the stops  and going all in to go after AT&T, Apple and the iPhone 4.

Remember when the first Motorola Droid was announced for Verizon last year, when during the ALCS playoffs Verizon and Motorola launched their “Droid Does” iPhone-dissing ad campaign? Well, tonight looks to be the start of T-Mobile’s version of said ads (albeit, parodying the famous Apple “I’m a Mac” ads), starting with their new “Piggyback” ad (which you can see in the YouTube video we’ve embedded above) that makes fun of the AT&T network and the iPhone 4’s lack of ability to FaceTime over 3G all the while touting the myTouch 4G and it’s ability to video chat on T-Mobile’s new, super-fast 3G (its 4G like in terms of speeds, which is why T-Mobile calls it 4G even though it’s technically not “4G” like Sprint’s current WiMAX and Verizon and AT&T’s upcoming LTE networks. It also covers most of the country– about 200 million Americans by the end of year– which is why T-Mobile says it’s also the largest 4G network) network as well as WiFi.

This type of anti-iPhone campaign worked extremely well for Verizon (and Motorola and Google for that matter, as now everyone knows what the Droid and Android are), but we wanna know your thoughts on it– do you think this type of ad will make you want to go to T-Mobile and get this new myTouch 4G, or were the initial Droid ads a “different story” because it was for a larger carrier like Verizon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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