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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: What’s New and What You Need To Know

iphone 5s and iphone 5c

As you’ve heard, this week Apple unveiled not one but two new iPhones, the long rumored iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. From all the rumors and leaks it seems that we’ve seen everything with these phones months ago but this week Apple made it all official.

Both the iPhone 5S and 5C go on sale next Friday (and the 5C is available for pre-order tomorrow), but to help you decide on which iPhone is right for you we’ve rounded up everything that’s new and what you need to know about in each phone below.

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It’s Official: The iPhone 5 Is Coming Next Week

iphone 5 event invite 2012

Here we go– Apple has just sent out invites to the media for an event next week, and that big 5 in the invitation looks to be a pretty good hint for what it’s about. Yes, get ready, next Wednesday, September 12th, Apple will finally announce the iPhone 5 (or new iPhone or iPhone 2012 or whatever it’ll be called). See now why we told you to wait before buying that new phone?

And while we won’t be there live, we will have all the big news covered for you back here. So make sure to check back then for everything you’re gonna need to know about Apple’s next iPhone.

It’s Official: Apple Is Announcing The New iPhone Next Week

iphone 5 event invite

Well, here it is– the official invite from Apple for their next big iPhone event. Yes, in exactly one week from today (October 4th) Apple will finally, officially unveil their next iPhone(s). We’ll of course have everything covered for you back here, so make sure to check back next Tuesday for all the info you’re gonna want and need to know about everything Apple announces.

And for those who haven’t been following all the iPhone rumors, here are a few of the biggest ones to catch you up:


And of course here’s the big news from June which we also expect to hear more about next week– Apple Announces iOS 5 and iMessage, their version of BBM for iPhone.

So, how excited are you for the new iPhone?