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AT&T’s Trade-In Deal Offers $100 Off New Smartphones

at&t trade in deal

We all see phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, BlackBerry Z10, HTC One and iPhone 5 and want to upgrade to them. Of course these awesome new phones aren’t always so cheap, and while $200 is the expected price to pay, it still is a lot of money. Earlier this month AT&T began trying to make it a bit easier to get that new phone you want, offering a limited time promotion of either $100 off new phones like the ones mentioned above, or if the phone you want is under $100 (like the HTC First, Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S), getting it for free. So if you have an iPhone 4 and are up for an upgrade and want the iPhone 5, with this deal you can trade-in your 4 and get the 5 for $100 instead of $200.

Now there are a few conditions to this deal. The phone you are trading-in needs to be a smartphone under three years old and be in “good, working condition.” You also will need to go to an AT&T store if you want the instant credit.  Once you’re there you can trade-in your old phone and use that $100 credit right away for buying that new one (and if the phone your trading in is worth more than $100 you’ll receive that higher credit instead). If you want to find the value of your old device before you go in you can head to AT&T’s trade-in site here.

All in all, unless you have someone you want to give your old phone to this seems like a pretty great deal. The new phone you want is much cheaper while your old phone gets recycled properly instead of just sitting in a drawer somewhere. AT&T has said that this is a limited time offer (though they haven’t said when it would end), so if you have your eye on a new Galaxy S4 or HTC One you may want to take advantage of this soon.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Release Dates- What We Know So Far

htc one vs galaxy s4

If you’re looking for a new Android phone or have an upgrade coming up odds are you’ve narrowed your choices down to either the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One. Both are very impressive phones with amazing 1080p HD screens, super fast quad-core processors, powerful cameras and interesting software features like the ability to become a remote for your TV. And best of all– both phones either are, or will be, available very soon.

We know that there’s a lot of interest in both of these beasts, so here’s a quick roundup on when they will be available at your carrier and how much it will cost you to get one.

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