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Madden This Year or Backbreaker?

Another year, another Madden and frankly, I’m getting bored. Sure, this year promises new features and “under-the-hood” tweaks, but is it enough to keep us interested?

Backbreaker, a new football game for Xbox 360 and PS3 and created by 505 Games, hopes to dethrone Madden from being king of football video games. Since Madden still has exclusive rights to the NFL, Backbreaker won’t be able to use the teams and players of the NFL. However, that’s just a small hindrance once you see the trailer for Backbreaker (which you can find after the break). This fledgling game makes use of the “Euphoria” engine, which promises the most spine-cracking, bone-bending tackles of all time.

And the best part? Since all the tackles are calculated on the fly based on mass and velocity (physics…. ugh), every tackle is new and action packed. Forget seeing the same boring tackle over and over. Get ready to see running backs fly, and quarterbacks flip as defensive linemen ram straight into them. Here’s a trailer so you can see what I’m talking about. So, are you sick of Madden too? Let us know. Backbreaker hits shelves on┬áJune 1st.

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