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Review: Nero BackItUp and Burn

Nero BackItUp

Ever have your PC break down on you and lose your files, music, movies, pix etc.? Yeah, we thought some of you out there also had that problem, and for that reason we strongly recommend buying an external hard drive (you can find them pretty much anywhere– Staples, Wal Mart, Amazon, Best Buy…) and constantly running backups to make sure you never lose your precious data or have to ever go through the struggle of trying to find and replace lost data (trust me, computers nowa-days are very much not indestructible, and I’m talkin from first hand experience as my PC that I bought just a couple of years ago recently had the hard drive go. Lemme tell you– it’s no fun).

Now getting the hard drive is just one step in backing up, the other part of it is finding good software to go along with it. Today we got a review for you of a product we’ve been testing out the last couple weeks, Nero’s BackItUp and Burn.  This software (available for Windows XP and Vista– sorry Mac users), not only give you a great suite of controls to make backing up your files easy, but also comes with Nero Express (which let’s you burn files to CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray disks) and Nero Rescue Agent which let’s you get files off a damaged disk (say a scratched CD which I’m sure a lot of people have) and helps you restore files.

So how did this software preform, and what are our thoughts on it? Read on for the answer.

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