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Sprint Releases the New BlackBerry Bold 9650

So Sprint users, an EVO 4G isn’t what your looking for and you want something with a real keyboard instead? Maybe you were thinking of going for a BlackBerry Tour? If you are one of those people then listen up, as Sprint is releasing a new BlackBerry today that takes everything you want in the Tour and throws in some much appreciated updates.

This new BlackBerry is called the Bold 9650 (the one we saw in December of last year, and really is pretty much a Tour 2– and if you wanna be really technical, the Tour was called the BlackBerry 9630), and takes all of the Tour’s beloved features like that great full QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry OS 5 with features like the App World and the latest BBM, 3.2 megapixel camera, clear and sharp high-res screen, and 3G and throws in some of the most wanted additional features like WiFi and the new BlackBerry trackpad in place of the trackball. The new Bold also offers double the built in memory (512 MB as opposed to the Tour’s 256 MB) and ships with an additional 2 GB microSD card in the box for even more storage.

The BlackBerry Bold 9650 is available now on Sprint’s site for $199.99 with a new 2 year contract and data plan.

So there you have it, more good news for you lucky Sprint users. So what’s it gonna be– BlackBerry Bold 9650 or HTC EVO 4G?

BlackBerry Tour2 Spotted– New Trackpad and All

The BlackBerry Tour2, on left, next to the original BlackBerry Tour

Sprint and Verizon BlackBerry lovers listen up (and those who got the first BlackBerry Tour, you may wanna look away from this), as we got some news for you on a new version of the popular BlackBerry Tour. The Boy Genius Report has posted a brief first look and some pix of an all new BlackBerry Tour2 9560 (not sure if that a final name for the device), that looks to take everything that’s great about the first Tour, and well you know, make it even better.

So what’s better in this new Tour? A few things according to BGR a faster processor t0 make everything faster (always good), WiFi (this is great considering it was one of the biggest downsides of the first Tour), and of course that all new trackpad found on all the latest and greatest BlackBerrys. The keyboard is of course nothing short of the great keyboards BlackBerry is known, and the size is said to be about equal to that of the first Tour (meaning it should be more than comfortable to carry around in your pocket).

This is a solid update to the Tour line, and we’ll of course keep you updated as more info comes out on this new BlackBerry– but what you think possible Tour owners, you willing to hold off on that new holiday Tour for a Tour2  and willing to hold off for this to come to your carrier (said to be coming to Sprint and Verizon probably sometime next year)?

Pix and info from Boy Genius Report