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New Info on Four New BlackBerrys Leak, Look Awesome!

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We know, a lot of you want a new BlackBerry. You want to BBM your friends who all seem to have one. Thing is, you look at a phone like an iPhone, Droid or Windows Phone 7  and really want something, well, faster, with a cool OS, a lot of apps, and that is well,  more 2011. If this describes your dream BlackBerry, then listen up, as thanks to BGR a whole bunch of info on four (count’em FOUR!) new BlackBerrys– major updates to the Bold, Curve, Storm and Torch lines– have come out and they look incredible!

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More Details On the Mysterious BlackBerry Slider Leak Out– Coming to AT&T in the Summer?

Wow, in summer already shaping up to be awesome for buying new phones with the releases of the EVO 4G and new iPhone, we can now possibly add to that list a new BlackBerry– that really cool touchscreen slider BlackBerry Bold 9800 we first saw a couple of months earlier.

The pix are much clearer than the ones we’ve seen in the past, and show off a couple of pretty big things, such as BlackBerry OS 6 (see above pic), the latest major update providing, among other things, a real web browser, improved media player (with its own version of Cover Flow), as well as a true multi-touch OS. Its worth noting here that the phone is also said to just be using a “normal” multi-touch screen and not the SurePress touchscreen seen on the Storm line.

The pic below is shot of the phone booting up to an AT&T screen, implying as Boy Genius Report claims, that AT&T is slated to get this monster new phone this summer!

RIM is still keeping quiet and hasn’t confirmed (or even said) anything about this phone so for the time being it’s still a rumor, but don’t worry– we’ll make sure to keep you up to date as we learn more.

Pix from TheBerryFix (here and here), and The Cellular Guru.