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Nexus One Coming To AT&T and Sprint?

The Nexus One Google smartphone (for more info see here) got a lot of buzz when it was released last month for T-Mobile. Now, you can also buy an unlocked Nexus One, but you only get EDGE or 2.5G, not 3G when using it on say, AT&T instead of T-Mobile. However, CNET and other sites are now reporting that Nexus Ones have been ordered with 3G for WCDMA bands that will allow for 3G on AT&T (which has 3G in many more places than T-Mobile).

Not only that, but CNET also reports that Google has said that there will be versions of the Nexus One coming out in the spring for Verizon (which Google and Verizon mentioned at the Nexus One launch) and possibly Sprint as well.

So are you pumped for the Nexus One coming to a network near you? Or are you satisfied with your current phone? Let us know in the comments.

Meet the T-Mobile myTouch 3G

mytouch 3g

T-Mobile myTouch 3G (shown in white, Merlot (red) and black).

Earlier this week T-Mobile finally let out of the bag something we wrote about a while ago (think January!)– confirming the next version of the first Google Android phone– the G1– with the announcement of the myTouch 3G (some of you may know of this as the G2 or HTC Magic. HTC, who also made the G1, also make this phone). This is actually a much cooler phone that what it looked like in its apparently early stages when we first wrote about it. So buckle up T-Mobile users, and hit the more link, because a lot of awesomeness is about to come your way.

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Palm Pre Launch Date and Price Official

palm pre launch pic

Well, after months and months of waiting, Palm and Sprint have finally announced today the availability of their savior phone– the Palm Pre.

The details? Launch is on Saturday June 6th (which just so happens to be 2 days before Apple’s WWDC conference where they are rumored to bring out a new iPhone– that should be fun) and will cost $199 with a 2 year contract and after an $100 mail in rebate. Unlike by the iPhone and iPhone 3G– where you could only buy the phone from either Apple or AT&T — Palm and Sprint will be selling this at a bunch of locations including their own Palm and Sprint stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and even a few Wal-Mart stores, which means there are plenty of places for you to find one (oh, and definetly go to Best Buy first– they’re selling the phone for just $199.99, with no $100 mail in rebate needed. This is much better and easier than the other stores where you’ll need to pay $299.99 in the store and then send in the mail in rebate, wait a couple of weeks, and then get the $100 back).

For info of the Pre’s specs, or to see why we’re so pumped about this phone, see our previous post here.

The cool, Touchstone dock for the Pre— which lets you just place the phone on a little magnetic circle to charge instead of plugging in a cable, will also be available on the 6th for $69.99 and will come with the $49.99 dock and a $19.99 back for the Pre that allows the magnets to connect (the standard back of the Pre won’t work with the magnets, so you would need to swap it for this one).

Otherwise nothing else new on their part– like an announcement on if it will have 4G— but at least we know when we can pick one up.

You can find the full press release here.

Sprint Drops Instinct Apps Contest


Yeah, I just became aware of this myself, and it really sucks, I know. Apparently, Sprint decided late last year that they were not interested in following through with their Instinct contest, and decided to just pull it entirely. Yup — no apps nor contest winner. Their reason? Pretty dumb I’d say: (and I quote below)


The Samsung Instinct(tm) Java Developer Contest closed on August 29th, 2008. We appreciate the interest in the contest.

Unfortunately, we are unable to announce contest winner or release any information about the applications submitted. Our objective is to deliver a meaningful opportunity for developers and foster the creation of entertaining and useful applications for our customers.

In the future, we expect to offer additional contests and incorporate the lessons learned from this initial effort.

Again, thanks for your interest and participation.

The Sprint ADP Team

Listen, I’m as annoyed as you probably are: the Instinct was already an awesome phone, and giving it apps and an App Store would’ve made it even better (who knows, apps plus it’s cheaper pricing and more features like TV and radio, it could’ve even matched or beaten the iPhone). I’d understand if the Instinct just couldn’t handle apps, but then again — as commenter Robert pointed out on a previous post on the subject (our initial post on the topic, linked to at the end of this post) — there are unofficial apps out there running perfectly fine on the Instinct.

I don’t know, but I’m gonna try and contact Sprint to try to find exactly what’s up (though I’m not 100% confident they’ll listen to a teenager on this), and I’ll update this post if they answer me back.

To all you Instinct owners looking to get some good apps like your iPhone rivals, I’m sorry; we really didn’t know that Sprint would do this and just cancel it pretty much (from what we currently know) out of the blue. We were only reporting on something we had from Sprint that in retrospect was too good to be true.

We’d like to apologize to those of you who, like us, thought this was accurate information that Sprint would end up following through with this and not canceling it in the end, and we understand the frustration some you are feeling. As bloggers, we try not to post rumors and such without the greatest level of information we can get (and if we ever do post on rumors, we make sure we classify it as such).

Here’s some links:

Sprint’s post on cancellation of Instinct apps contest: Here

Our initial post on Sprint’s possible Instinct “App Store” and apps contest: Here

The first “delay” of Sprint’s Instinct “App Store”: Here

Again, we’re sorry for all of this confusion; feel free to vent in the comments.

zzzPhone Review- Windows Mobile Phone

Well after a few other posts we’re back to finish our 3 part series on the zzzPhone. For those of you who are reading this for the first time we have 2 other parts in this series- the zzzPhone Standard review, and an interview with a zzzPhone head Jesse Nowlin. Now lets get to the main topic– the Windows Mobile 6.1 zzzPhone.

zzzPhone Windows Mobile version

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First Look- zzzPhone

Here is something that is completely new for us here at TeenTechBlog, a first look and “hands on” review of a product. The device we have here is a whole new cell phone concept out of China called the zzzPhone. What the zzzPhone does that separates it from all the other cell phones from manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Apple , is that the zzzPhone allows for the buyer to choose the features the buyer would like in their cell phone. An example of some of the features available to be customized are the camera (standard is 2 megapixels, but could go up to 5 or 7, and there is also an option to get rid of the camera all together and save $11). There are also many other features to choose from and we will be getting to them in the coming days with a review of this model and the smartphone Windows Mobile version (also touchscreen with a 2 megapixel camera, but also ships with the latest and greatest version of Windows Mobile… 6.1!). In the meantime here are a few pictures of both phones with more coming with the review and interview with a fellow teenager Jesse Nowlin who just so happens to be working in this company (and also hooked us up with the phones).

Click on the more link for some pictures- smartphone is the one with the full keyboard.

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Top Picks for a new Cell Phone- ATT

Here are the top 5 regular cell phones to get if your getting a new cell phone for ATT, in the “free with contract” to $250 price range. Ratings provided from the Editor reviews at . Pricing information is provided from the ATT Website

1. Motorola Razr 2 V9 (large update to original Motorola Razr, notable updates include ATT 3G, 2 Mega-pixel Camera, 2 inch screen on the front with touch music controls, 2.2 inch screen on the inside, mahogany color for phone, and an all around smaller design).

Rated 8.0 out of 10, price $299.99 though can be had for $250 with rebate.


Razr 2 V9

2. Motorola V3xx (same design as original Razr just with updates most noteably as ATT 3G, 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player,  and a shinier casing).

Rated 7.6  out of 10 on Cnet, $99.99 for Dark Grey/ Blackish color,  and $129.99 for Platinum, Pink and Ruby Red colors.


Motorola Razr V3xx (Platinum)

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