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No Instinct App Store Yet

We know a lot of you out there are really excited about the new Instinct App Store, and all the apps that could come with it. Unfortunately, today is October 10 and we got no new word for you. The latest news from the Instinct Developer page is that they’re still reviewing Apps to find out who wins the contest (for all the details on this Instinct contest, we wrote about it here).

We did though see on the Gizmodo that a new Pandora app — enabling you to listen to streamed music on your phone (already available for free on the iPhone) — is out for the Instinct (though it will cost you $3 a month to use).

Maybe Sprint is starting to slowly release Apps, one by one. I really hope that isn’t the case, and they will just release an App Store with everything there, but hey, better something then nothing.

We’ll keep you updated with anything new coming out on this. Until then, feel free to post any thoughts or wishes you have for new Apps as well as what you think of the Pandora app if you got it, in the comments.

UPDATE (2/23): Sprint appears to have canceled the entire contest, we have this written up here.