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Webb School in Tennessee To Make iPads Mandatory, Makes All of Us Hate Our Own Schools

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If you are a student at the Webb School in Tennessee, I envy you. You who starting in August HAS to have an iPad in class, whether you’re in 4th grade or 12th grade. An iPad the school is letting you KEEP, as in take it home at night, put your own apps on, use it in the summer keep. Seriously, why can’t all schools do this?!?!

Now ever since the iPad first was announced last year, I always thought it had great potential for students, and after using one myself in school last year I thought it was the perfect school computer for students. But this is just incredible. For a school to see the potential in a tablet to make it available to all students and teachers? Wow.

Now for those of you wondering about why the Webb School would do this, these are their stated goals for the program:

  • To provide teachers new and enhanced ways to engage students
  • To open the classroom up beyond the physical constraints of the building via a web-enabled device
  • To replace bulky, expensive textbooks, readers, books, and other written material with a mobile digital platform
  • To provide all students with a mobile computing device that meets most of their day-to-day academic needs
  • To provide a set of tools to our students that will encourage them to interact with instruction materials in new and better ways and collaborate with each other and teachers

Basically, they are looking to taking the learning we’ve all been doing and finally utilizing all the tech around us to make it more meaningful. Sure there are concerns on if students will really be using the iPad in class for productive uses like notes, research etc. and not just playing Angry Birds or going on Facebook, but I personally think this will be a great success. I mean what are the top reasons any of us get bored in class? We find the stuff we’re learning to be either irrelevant or being presented from a textbook written what seems like 100 years ago (and in some cases both). This idea looks to fix both of those problems by showing students the real practical uses of what we’re learning and in ways that are what we’d expect in 2011. (And let’s be honest, the kids that are gonna wanna tune out will do so whether they have an iPad, laptop, textbook or pen and paper in front of them).

So please students at the Webb School, make this a model for all our schools to embrace technology and see its benefits so that we can all one day share in your school’s awesomeness.

What do you think about all of this? Do you think this will work or will it be an epic failure? Do you want more tech in the classroom, will you learn better if you had an iPad in class? What do your high schools think of technology, do they allow you to use an iPad or laptop right now in class (mine doesn’t– don’t ask…)?

You can learn more about the Webb School’s program here.

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