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Nintendo Is Bringing Some Of Their New E3 Games To Best Buy For You To Try

best buy nintendo e3 2013

With the Wii U struggling and the Xbox One and PS4 slated to dominate the E3 news this year Nintendo has decided to try something new. Instead of holding their usual big E3 press conference and announcing a whole bunch of new games that will come out later this year, Nintendo has teamed up with Best Buy to allow you to try some of the new games right in your local Best Buy store. In the past demoing these new games were limited to only those who could make it out to California for E3, so its great to see Nintendo open this up for more people.

Now as with all good things there are a few caveats to point out. While Nintendo and Best Buy have teamed up to bring the demos to 89 Best Buy stores across the country, they will unfortunately not be available in every Best Buy store. The demo times will also be limited to 4-8 p.m. local time on Wednesday, June 12th, and 1-5 p.m. local time on Saturday, June 15th. Nintendo also hasn’t yet shared which new games will be available to try out though Best Buy says that list will be revealed on June 11th. For the full list of Best Buy locations participating in this event check out Best Buy’s site here.

All in all, if you’re near one of those Best Buy stores and are interested in checking out what Nintendo’s got planned this should be pretty great. And remember, E3 takes place in just under two weeks from June 10th through June 13th.

Here We Go: Microsoft Set To Reveal Next Xbox on May 21

next xbox invite

The wait is almost over fellow Xbox fans. Get ready because in under a month Microsoft is expected to finally unveil the next Xbox, sending out invites today to an event at their Redmond, Washington headquarters on May 21st. The invite sent out today teased a “special unveiling” that will “mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV, and entertainment.” According to Xbox’s Major Nelson (also known as Larry Hryb, the director for Xbox Live programming), the next Xbox announcement is really a two-part show. The unveiling of the next Xbox and sharing of some of Microsoft’s plans for the console will come on the 21st, while the full lineup of launch games will be announced 19 days later at E3 on June 10th.

In February Sony unveiled their next generation system, the PS4, but they didn’t actually give important details like what the system would look like or how much it will cost. Based on some of the responses to that announcement from Major Nelson and others on the Xbox team, it’s a pretty safe bet we won’t see the same thing happen here (at least when it comes to what the new Xbox will look like).

As for what we can expect, not much is known today but according to some of the more recent rumors expect a much more powerful system that is similar to the PS4 in graphics and specs, as well as updated versions of Kinect and the ability to use your Xbox to control your cable box. As for the name of the next Xbox, it’s still just as up in the air (online it’s been called everything from Xbox 3, to Xbox 720 to its codename “Durango”).

Like with recent Xbox events Microsoft will be streaming it live for all to watch on and Xbox Live as well as broadcasting it on Spike TV, and we’ll of course have what you need to know covered back here.  So stay tuned– the next Xbox is almost here.

More info: USA Today, The Verge

Nintendo Announces The Wii U– This Is The Next Wii

nintendo wii u console

The Wii U

Wow. That’s really all we can say right now– wow. Nintendo has just taken the wraps off of its successor to the hit Wii, named the Wii U, and to say it looks insane would be like saying Dwayne Wade or Dirk Nowitzki are just “ok” basketball players– a ridiculous understatement.

The focus of the Wii was everyone playing together. The Wii U has that too, just with a new focus on you– the individual gamer (hence the “U”). As rumored this new Wii U is packed with impressive power so you can expect very impressive HD games and a real online gaming platform (similar to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network)– but the big deal here is the new controller.

wii u controller

The Wii U controller

The Wii U comes with a brand new controller with a massive 6.2 inch touchscreen in the middle of it. As rumored it will allow you to stream games right from the TV to the controller so you can play even if the TV itself is off (or if you’re playing multiplayer, without worry someone will be watching your screen the whole game). There is also a camera (for games and things like video chat), and a full array of buttons on the right and left (including triggers on the back) for the full controller experience (and if you have a Wii you can also use those controllers, but it may only be for certain games. Wii games will play fine on here). Full controller plus incredible new touchscreen? Again, this is just insane. Words don’t even do it justice, check out this video of the power of the Wii U:

And just to show how Nintendo is fully back in the hard core gaming market, here are just a few titles announced for Wii U: Arkham City, an Assassin’s Creed game, Dirt, Ghost Recon OnlineTekkenMetro Last Light,Aliens Colonial MarinesNinja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, and Darksiders II, Madden NFL. Yeah, this is a system for all gamers.

Worst part of today’s news? We’ll have to wait until sometime between April 1 and December 31 2012 to get our hands on this.

Sony Announces the PlayStation Vita– The NGP Gets A Name

playstation vita

Sony fans, it’s finally here– more information on the hotly anticipated NGP/PSP 2. Sony just moments ago took the wraps off some more details on the NGP starting with two very big pieces of info, the official name and the which carrier will offer the built-in 3G on the NGP. The NGP will now be called the PlayStation Vita (or PS Vita for short) and will be available in both WiFi only and WiFi+3G versions with the 3G being provided by AT&T (with a data plan of some sort for using that 3G network).

For those who don’t know, the PlayStation Vita is the next generation of the PSP (which is why we also call it the PSP2). It’s loaded with impressive features like: a 5 inch OLED touchscreen with a crazy 960×544 resolution (or a pretty amazing screen), quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor (Think the full power of your computer in your pocket. This allows for things like PS3 quality graphics on a device you can carry in your pocket), full array of buttons with  dual analog sticks (so you also get the full PlaySation controller to go with the PS3 like graphics), front and rear cameras (for things like augmented reality games), touch sensitive pad on the front and back (so you can have more control of the games without having to put your fingers on the screen. The touch sensitive panel on the back spans the length of the front’s 5 inch screen– so you can control from the back by touching where you would want on the screen). In short, it’s pretty incredible.

The Vita will cost an incredible $249.99 for the WiFi model (it’s the same as the 3DS) and $299.99 for the WiFi+3G when it launches “this holiday season.” Sadly AT&T won’t announce the price of data plan for the 3G until a “later date,” and Sony isn’t yet sharing the exact date this holiday season the Vita will launch.  But hey, at least we got the name and price!

E3 2011 and Apple’s WWDC Kick Off Later Today– We’ll Have All The Info You Need To Know Right Here

e3 wwdc june 2011

For those that don’t know, E3 is the big video game event that takes place for a couple of days (this year it’s June 6-9) once a year in LA where all the newest and hottest things in the world of video games are announced. Last year for example, we saw our first peek at Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 (and the redesigned, slimmer 360), the PlayStation Move for the PS3, and the Nintendo 3DS. Not to mention info on new video games like the latest in Madden, Gears of War, Halo and Call Of Duty.

This year of course looks to bring things up a notch with Microsoft and Sony taking the stage later today for their E3 keynotes (with Microsoft expected to show off a bunch of new games for Kinect and Sony expected to give a whole lot more info on the NGP/PSP 2. And when we say a “whole lot of info” with Sony we mean it– their event is slated to go for 5 hours!). Nintendo takes the stage on Tuesday and they look to have planned some big announcements of their own.

We’ll have all the info on the big 3’s keynotes covered for you back here. If your interested in following along live, here are the links and times for their respective live streams: Microsoft (today 12:30 PM ET/ 9:30 AM PT); Sony (tonight 8 PM ET/5 PM PT); Nintendo (Tuesday 12 PM ET/ 9 AM PT).

Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough for a crazy tomorrow, we also have Apple’s WWDC keynote (beginning at 1 PM ET) with what promises to bring a whole lot of new info on Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 and OS X Lion operating systems, and more info on Apple’s big new product: iCloud (said to be for storing things like your music, documents etc. on the internet– aka “the cloud” because the data is not just on your one device but available for you to access from anywhere you have internet access. What exactly Apple is going to do with iCloud is sure to be very interesting). And who knows, maybe Apple will surprise everyone with a “one more thing” and announce the next iPhone like they have done at WWDC the past 3 years.

Again, we’re gonna have all of this covered for you tomorrow. You’re definitely gonna wanna check back.

Is This Nintendo’s Wii 2?

wii 2 project cafe hardware leak

Is this the Wii 2?

With the big video game conference E3 only a few weeks away the rumors on what’s next in the video game world are beginning to spread like fire. Obviously we expect to learn a lot more about Sony’s forthcoming NGP (aka the PSP 2– hopefully this will include a price and release date) and what Microsoft has planned for the future of the Xbox 360 and Kinect (which has been surprisingly quiet since its big launch last year. In the past 6 months since its been out we’ve hardly seen any new games that take advantage of its awesome controller free gameplay). In Nintendo’s case however things look to be going a whole ‘nother level with a preview of the next generation of the Wii currently code-named “Project Cafe.” Nintendo has even confirmed that this E3 they will talk about the Wii’s successor.

So what are the latest rumors saying we can expect in the Wii 2? Well, if they are anywhere near true, Nintendo is back in the hard-core gaming market— and in a big way.

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Nintendo At E3– The 3DS Becomes Real

Nintendo didn’t disappoint at E3 yesterday, showing off not only the what looks to insanely cool 3DS (with a whole bunch really cool games to go with it), but also some little surprises that look to show Nintendo raising the bar on mobile gaming yet again. Read on for all the info.

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Microsoft At E3– All the Info You Need to Know

The new Xbox 360 and Kinect– Yeah, your going to want to read on.

Microsoft has kicked off E3 today with their pre-event keynote and wow is this insane. A whole bunch was announced including new info on games like Call Of Duty Black Ops, Halo Reach and of course Kinect (formerly Project Natal) PLUS a new design for the 360– so what you waiting for, hit the more link and get to it.

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Slim Xbox 360 Announced!

Kinect isn’t the only thing Microsoft has planned for E3– today they’ve taken the wraps off an all new, sleeker, quieter version of the Xbox 360. Not only does it pack a newer design, but also 250 GB of built in storage, and built in WiFi wireless N (FINALLY!!). Best part? It’s out now for $299 (same as the old Elite), and will be available in stores later this week. So, who else is loving this new design?

UPDATE: Alright so all the info has come out– not only is there the built in WiFi and the 250 GB hard drive, but also 5 USB ports with a special Kinect port (though don’t worry, Kinect will still work with all existing 360’s, just the use of this port means no need for a separate USB and power cable for Kinect), touch sensitive power and eject buttons, and  HDMI. Check out our Microsoft E3 wrap up post for all the  info on what’s new in the world of Xbox 360.

Pic from Engadget

E3 Is This Week, and We've Got Everything You Need To Know

Wow is June off to a hot start for tech. First the EVO, then the iPhone 4, and now we got E3. For those that don’t know, E3 is the big video game event that takes place for a couple of days (this year it’s June 15-17) once a year in LA where all the newest and hottest things in the world of video games are announced. Last year for example, we saw our first peak at Microsoft’s new Project Natal for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation Move, PSP GO! and PS3 Slim, as well as the Wii MotionPlus. Not to mention info on new video games like the latest in Madden, Halo and Call Of Duty.

So what can possibly be on tap to top last years show? For one, we can expect more on Project Natal (including hopefully a true price and release date as well as what games will be available and a sneak peak at what they are like), the PlayStation Move (hopefully with more details as with Natal), and what exactly is Nintendo’s new 3DS that looks to offer portable 3D gaming WITHOUT those annoying glasses. Yeah, and this is all on top of those usual new game annoncements and details.

As in years past we’ll have everything from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo’s big keynotes, as well as info on all the other cool games and other things we see at the conference. So make sure to check back all this week for the details!

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