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Doritos + Hungry Gamer = Madden ’11 in 3D

doritos madden 3d

If you get hungry in the next few weeks pick up a bag of Doritos because there may be a code to unlock a 3D mode in Madden ’11. All you got to do once you have the code is log onto the Doritos/Madden Change the Game site and redeem your code– its that easy. The best part? No 3D compatible TV necessary . That’s right, all you need is a pair of those silly looking red and blue glasses that’ve been around forever and you’re ready to go with whatever TV your Xbox 360 or PS3 is hooked up to. And if you don’t have those ridiculous glasses, you can pick up a special edition of the glasses, Madden style, in the next issue of ESPN The Magazine (on newstands November 5th. You can also buy some cooler looking Doritos branded glasses for $2.99 each, including shipping, from the Madden/Doritos site).

If you’ll excuse us, we’re suddenly in the mood for a lot of chips.

Info from Doritos Change the Game, ESPN and Deadspin

Madden NFL 10: All the Info You Need to Know (for Xbox 360/ PS3 Versions)

madden 10 cover

It’s July 22nd, and the next version of the awesome Madden franchise — Madden NFL 10 — is expected to drop in about 3 weeks (August 14th). Therefore, you Madden fans out there are begging for the newest features absent from its predeccesor, Madden 09. (However, if your are a true Madden die-hard as I am, you’ll be running home with the latest version anyway). To settle your anticipation, we present to you not the minor updates for basics and rosters, but some of the major updates for the Xbox 360 and PS3 models (updates for the PSP/PS2 and the DS/Wii versions will be posted in the next few days): new cameras, customizable gameplay, Pro-Talk, updates in both gameplay graphics and online play. Curious for more? Go for it– no extra charge.

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Is Brett Favre to stay a Packer on the Madden 09 Cover?

Is this the latest Madden 09 cover?

For those of you who don’t know (or follow football), the Green Bay Packers legendary Quarterback- Brett Farve- is the cover boy of Madden 09, and now the new QB of New York Jets (via a trade last night between the Packers and Jets after a  seemingly endless saga of Favre’s retirement/ un-retirement and general “fight” with the Packers- for those of you who would like to know more on this, check Sports Illustrated). Now this trade of Favre to the Jets last night left a few questions to be answered by EA Sports (makers of the Madden franchise):  1. As the title of this post says: does Favre stay a Packer on the cover, or does a new cover come out with him on the Jets?  2. Are you going to be ready to play with Favre on the Jets right from the launch of Madden? For the answers, hit the More link.

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