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Half Life 2 Shown Playing on Project Natal

It’s almost 2010, and for the video game world, that means that Microsoft and Sony are preparing to release their motion controllers for the Xbox 360 and PS3, respectively. Now while we know the PS3’s looks and acts like a more accurate Wiimote that works better with hard core games, Microsoft’s Project Natal has remained far more ambiguous, especially as to how it will handle particularly intense games like Halo or Call of Duty.

Until now.

A leaked video has popped up on the internet over the past 24 hours showing off  EA’s Half Life 2 running on Project Natal. Anyone who’s played Half Life 2 knows that it definitely goes up there in that “intense games” category, so this is a pretty big step showing that Natal will be able to play these more intense games without the need for a traditional 360 controller. How well does it play? We can’t really judge conclusively based on the brief 1 minute video, but from my take the graphics look traditional Xbox 360 awesome (the video is on a decent-looking camera and the game is said to only be in the early stages of development), and after getting used to them, the movement and controls should take you into games on a whole new level– particularly as this all gets refined and finished up before release.

Who else out there hoping Madden 11 and Halo 4 are Natal capable?

Video of Half Life 2 on Natal after the break.

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Review: Need for Speed Shift (Xbox 360)

Need for speed shift xbox 360 cover

A couple of weeks ago we wrote a little preview post on EA’s upcoming successor to their hit Need for Speed racing franchise: Need for Speed Shift. Over the past couple weeks,  we got a chance to review the game, and as far as adding this racing game to your holiday wish list, we gotta say– one of the best racing games we’ve ever played. It really is a great racing game. Read on for a full review.

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Is Brett Favre to stay a Packer on the Madden 09 Cover?

Is this the latest Madden 09 cover?

For those of you who don’t know (or follow football), the Green Bay Packers legendary Quarterback- Brett Farve- is the cover boy of Madden 09, and now the new QB of New York Jets (via a trade last night between the Packers and Jets after a  seemingly endless saga of Favre’s retirement/ un-retirement and general “fight” with the Packers- for those of you who would like to know more on this, check Sports Illustrated). Now this trade of Favre to the Jets last night left a few questions to be answered by EA Sports (makers of the Madden franchise):  1. As the title of this post says: does Favre stay a Packer on the cover, or does a new cover come out with him on the Jets?  2. Are you going to be ready to play with Favre on the Jets right from the launch of Madden? For the answers, hit the More link.

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Guitar Hero 4 News

Guitar Hero 4 and Rock Band Drums

Well we know that Guitar Hero 3 came out not too long ago, with Rock Band coming out a little after it and really changing the music game style by adding drums and a mic to the package. Today we want to bring you a little info on how Guitar Hero is now going to catch up: the new version of the game, Guitar Hero 4, will have a whole new drum set added. The drum kit at first looks like Rock Band’s, except that it adds cymbols to the top instead of 5 buttons on the drum. This news is great but it still leaves us with a few big questions, and they are: 1. Will it work with Rock Band like the Guitar Hero 3 wireless controller (and will Rock Band work with Guitar Hero 4), and 2. When will this be released and for how much $$$? We’ll keep you posted as we find out more. For more information check out this Joystiq post.