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Apple Holding Press Event Next Week– iPad 2 On the Way? (UPDATE)

As you’ve probably figured, right now is probably the worst possible time to buy any Apple product. In today’s version of the now daily major Apple rumor we have a rumored Apple press event date for next Wednesday, March 2nd for a very special announcement– the long-awaited iPad 2. This rumor comes from a pretty powerful and well-connected source– the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D blog— so we’re very inclined to believe its got some truth to it.

Just as a quick recap on what to expect in the iPad 2. The rumors here are that it will have: 2 cameras– one on the back and a second on the front for FaceTime video chat, faster processor and more RAM for speed (to keep up with the very fast Android tablets on the way), SD card slot built-in (this is huge considering the first iPad needed you to buy a separate $30 piece for this), higher-res screen (debate on whether it will match the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, but regardless it should be much better), better speaker (much-needed if you ask us– the first iPad’s speaker was decent but could use a lot of improvement), thinner design, and even possibly a USB type port in addition to the usual Apple USB connector.

Again, these are all only just rumors for now– but all should be revealed soon enough. And make sure to check back here next week where we’ll have everything you need to know about whatever Apple decides to announce.

UPDATE: And it’s officially an iPad event as you can see from the official invite above. Make sure to check back here next week for all the info on what goes down.

Sprint Plans to Announce Something Big On Monday, and We’ll Be There Live!

sprint feb 7th announcement

Sprint has been extremely quiet, almost too quiet, in this beginning of 2011. While AT&T went 4G, Verizon got an iPhone and also went 4G, and T-Mobile got a 3D tablet and even more powerful 4G phone— all we’ve really heard from Sprint so far is that they’ve gotten a mini-EVO with slide out keyboard (the HTC EVO Shift 4G).

Well this quiet streak looks to end on Monday, as Sprint along with master illusionist David Blaine will be looking to “make the impossible possible” with another “wireless industry first” (if you remember, Sprint was the first carrier to 4G). What exactly this could be is still a complete mystery (rumors are ranging on anything from some sort of dual screen tablet to a 3D Android tablet or phone to Sprint’s first Windows Phone 7 phone)– but whatever it is, you can make sure we’ll have it all broken down for you right here.

Apple Event September 9th– I Wonder What We Should Expect

apple event

Apple today announced that they’ll be holding an event on September 9th– and from the pic above, it looks to be music oriented. So don’t buy that new iPod just yet; waiting an extra week or so may turn out to be really smart. As in the past, Apple used the September event to show off new iPods, and with strong rumors floating around the web of new iPods– see our post here— we wouldn’t be surprised if they update the iPods again.

Just to briefly cover some of the other rumors of what Apple is expected to show off (remember– these are just rumors): new iPod Nano, Touch, and Classic with cameras (as we wrote about in that previous post– just now the rumors are that the Classic too will be getting a camera), iTunes 9 with some possible integration with sites like Facebook, Blu-Ray for Macs, among some other rumors. So while we wait to find out on September 9th what Apple really has planned, feel free to guess on what you think Apple will show off in the comments.

Oh, and don’t forget to check back on the 9th, as we’ll have everything covered here.

Pic from Engadget

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