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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock to Have Story Centric Quest Mode

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the next generation of the hit series coming out in September, is going to be the most story centric Guitar Hero to date according to lead game designer Brian Bright. Warriors of Rock will have a Quest mode narrated by KISS bassist Gene Simmons that will have you fighting “The Machine” throughout the game. “The Machine” will represent all that is anti rock such as pop music, and will be your villain throughout the game. In the final battle with The Machine, you will choose your band from the 8 characters and, using their special abilities, defeat The Machine in an epic guitar battle. You will have 8 characters that all have special abilities and can turn into their respective warrior alter ego. For example, Johnny Napalm, a character that has been in every Guitar Hero game since the beginning, turns into a blue metal mutant and  has a power called “Speed Freak”, which never allows you to go below a 2x multiplier.

Johnny Napalm's Warrior Alter Ego

Along with the revamped Story Mode, Activision is putting a lot of work into creating incredible backdrops for epic guitar battles. The visuals in the story mode will be unprecedented for a Guitar Hero game. Think of the incredible backdrops of Brutal Legend, just custom made for each unique character in the game. During the final battle with “The Machine” you will be fighting in an epic wasteland with a fiery backdrop filled with volcanoes.

So is a beefed up story m0de enticing enough to spend more money on Guitar Hero? Or will you wait instead for the next Rock Band as your music video game of choice?

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is set for release September 28, 2010 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii with for $59.99 for the game itself, $99.99 for the game and guitar, or $179.99 for the whole bundle, which includes the game, a guitar, drums and keyboard.

The full set list of tunes is after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Announced– Get Ready to Shred

Activision officially announced what we all knew was coming– Guitar Hero 6, or as Activision calls it Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Activision promises a more rock centric soundtrack, and with a rocking soundtrack you need a rocking new guitar. So Activision announced a new type of guitar specifically made for shredding. This guitar has the electronics in the neck instead of the body so you can swap your favorite guitar bodies instead of buying more plastic instruments. To see a picture of the new guitar or to see the new trailer, hit the more link.
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Guitar Hero World Tour Out Today

For all you Guitar Hero fans, you day of waiting for your “Rock Band killer” has finally come. Today is the day Guitar Hero World Tour comes out with all the instruments — Guitar, Drums, Mic — and unlike Rock Band, this is available at launch for ALL systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii (which still doesn’t have Rock Band 2). Check out our previous post here to see what makes this version better than ever.

What you waiting for? Go run down to your local Best Buy/ Walmart/ Target- wherever, and start rocking!

Oh, and let us know your take on the new Guitar Hero– better than Rock Band 2?

Rock Band 2 Out Today for Xbox 360!

Rock Band fans, your long wait for the next version of the popular music game has finally ended. Today, Harmonix and MTV Games released the next version of Rock Band — Rock Band 2 — to the world, and it can be yours for either $59.99 for just the game (for those like me who already have Rock Band 1 and don’t want more instruments lying around 🙂 ), or $189.99 for the whole package: the game,  a new wireless drum, a new wireless guitar, and a mic.

So what you waiting for? Go to your local Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Walmart or wherever and pick your self some new virtual rock star goodness, and let us know what you think of the new game (or if you’re waiting for Guitar Hero World Tour to come out next month) in the comments.

P.S. Owners of the PS3, PS2, or Wi: don’t be too upset, the Xbox 360 only has exclusitivity  of the game for a month. Rock Band will be available for the PS3 on October 19, the Wii on November 16 and the PS2 on November 18.

And current Rock Band owners, feel free to download Stephen Colbert’s new free song (called “Charlene”) for Rock Band 1– it’s interesting to say the least and you can check it out here.

Guitar Hero E3 Info

Well, we covered Rock Band’s E3 info, and we know a lot of you LOVE Guitar Hero, so we got some info for you as well. O, Rock Band users- you may wanna check this out as well, as one of the big announcements involves you guys to. All the info is after the More link. Read the rest of this entry

Rock Band 2 Offical- Details and Pix!!!!!

Rock Band 2!!!!

The title really gives it away, but Rock Band 2 is now officially out of the bag, and looks pretty nice. For all the details and info- and to see if this looks better than Guitar Hero 4, hit the more link.

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Guitar Hero News

We know, we’ve devoted so many posts to this topic, but there is just so much on it that keeps coming out. Today for instance, is reporting that not only is there a Guitar Hero On Tour (DS version) and Aerosmith version (both covered here), along with a regular Guitar Hero 4/ World Tour; there is actually a Guitar Hero Metallica planned for next year as well. Activision hasn’t officially announced this, and therefore we don’t have much details, but we can assume that it is going to be modeled in some way after the Aerosmith version coming at the end of this month.

A big question that we do have on this though is how will the launch of Guitar Hero 4 affect this version; are we going to see drums and a mic here as well?

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.

Guitar Hero 4 in Action

At the All Things D conference–a technology conference we mentioned in the last post about Windows 7, we got some more news from there about how Guitar Hero 4 looks and works. I have to say, while it still looks pretty cool and adds some cool features, it strongly resembles Rock Band to me when played.

You decide. Check out this video from the conference with it in action– Tony Hawk is on guitar and Paula Abdul is “judging.” Let us know what you think of Guitar Hero 4 in the comments.

Snapshot of Guitar Hero 4 in action

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