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Wanna Write For TeensTalkTech?


Love technology and think you got what it takes to be a writer for TeensTalkTech? We wanna know! For those of you out there who want to come join our team, today is your lucky day. We are looking for few more writers to make our blog even more dynamic than ever. Interested? Just send us an email to with:

  • Some background info about yourself
  • Best way to get in contact with you (email, IM, etc.)
  • What are your favorite things: what are your favorite technology topics (cell phones, computers, tablets, video games etc.) and what are your interests outside of technology (sports, music….).
  • What do you think you could contribute to TeensTalkTech– what topic would you want to write about and how often will you be able to write (daily, every other day, weekly, etc.– and be honest. We’re teens too and trust us, we understand how crazy everything is).
  • 2 sample posts on a topic of technology you like– you should base it on the design and style of some of our previous posts (just look around the site if you want a better idea of what this means).

Please NO 50 page essays. Just some quick answers to the questions and a couple short sample posts.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

-Your friends at TeensTalkTech