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AT&T Announces Xperia Play 4G Release Date: Coming September 18th For $50

att xperia play

On AT&T and waiting for the gaming beast of a phone also known as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play? Well, in a little over a week your wait will be over. Starting September 18th the AT&T version of the Xperia Play, called the Xperia Play 4G (because it can access AT&T’s faster HSPA+ “4G” network), can be yours for a pretty great price of only $50 with new 2 year contract and data plan.

Like the Verizon Xperia Play released earlier this year, the AT&T Xperia Play 4G comes with some solid specs like a high-res 4 inch screen (so games and everything else you do on your phone looks nice, sharp and clear), 1 GHZ processor (for speed and so that all your games play well too), the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 5 megapixel back camera with second front camera for video chat, and of course a bunch of pre-loaded PlayStation games so you can start playing the slide-out PlayStation keypad the second you get the phone. The pre-loaded games on here are also a bit different from the Verizon Xperia Play, with the AT&T version coming with: Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Crash Bandicoot, Sims 3, Madden ’11, Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave, and Tower Bloxx (the last two weren’t pre-loaded on the Verizon version). You can also buy over 150 other PlayStation games from the PlayStation game store (including games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Minecraft Pocket Edition)

We found the Xperia Play to be a pretty solid phone when we reviewed the Verizon version a few months back (we found it to be one of the best Verizon phones for back to school) and we were equally impressed with the AT&T version we saw in July (they’re pretty much the exact same phone though AT&T’s comes in blue and has a dock and “music cable” included in the box). And at only $50 with a new 2 year contract and data plan this looks to be a solid deal for anyone looking for a great Android phone on AT&T— and a perfect choice for anyone looking for a great gaming phone.


LG Thrill 4G Release Date Announced– Coming September 4th for $100

lg thrill 4g

Waiting for AT&T to release their 4G, glasses-free 3D beast also known as the LG Thrill 4G? Well, your wait is finally almost over. Beginning this Sunday, September 4th, the Thrill 4G can be yours for a solid $100 with a new 2 year contract and data plan.

For those who don’t know, the Thrill 4G is one of AT&T most powerful 4G Android phones to date, with some pretty powerful specs like a dual-core 1 GHZ processor (so everything you do on it from 3D gaming to basic texting is fast and smooth), dual 5 megapixel back cameras with a second front camera for video chat (so you can not only watch 3D but shoot 3D videos too), Android 2.2 (though hopefully it will soon be upgraded to the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread. AT&T and LG also have given the Thrill 4G special 3D apps like a 3D version of YouTube and the LG 3D Space app store so you can make full use of that 3D screen), support for AT&T’s 4G HSPA+ network, and of course that amazing 4.3 inch qHD glasses-free 3D screen (and since it’s a qHD screen everything from those 3D videos and games to your texts and Facebook will look great).

We were pretty impressed when we saw the Thrill 4G, and at just $100 it looks to be a solid deal for AT&T users looking for a powerful phone for back to school but don’t want to pay over $100 (and some places like Target are even offering it for just $80 on contract).

You can see more of the Thrill 4G at AT&T’s preview page here.

T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Bold 9900 Price and Release Date Announced– Launching In Stores August 31st

tmobile bold 9900

Well T-Mobile BlackBerry friends, it’s finally your turn. Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all announced when their new BlackBerry 7 phones will be launching and now T-Mobile has joined the fun. At the end of the month (aka August 31st) this new 4G Bold 9900 can be yours for the pretty expensive price of $299.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan. If you’re asking us we’d recommend waiting a few days or weeks for this to drop to a much more reasonable $200 on contract (and yes we wouldn’t be surprised to see someone like Best Buy, Walmart or Amazon do this so close after launch. It’s a great BlackBerry but not one worth $300), but if you need a new T-Mobile BlackBerry before school starts this still looks to be by far the best T-Mobile has ever offered.

Just a recap of the T-Mobile Bold’s features, for those who don’t know it’s pretty much the greatest BlackBerry released yet.  Features on the new Bold include a much faster 1.2 GHZ processor with 768 MB of RAM (so everything from BBMing to browsing the web is much faster), 5 megapixel back camera with the ability to take 720p HD video (there is no front camera for video chat), the latest and greatest BlackBerry 7 OS, support for T-Mobile’s 4G network, and that awesome BlackBerry keyboard underneath that 2.8 inch multi-touch screen. Full info on the Bold 9900 can be found here.


AT&T Announces Torch 4G Release Date– Coming August 21st for $50

blackberry torch 4g 9810 official

It looks like Sunday is going to be a good day for AT&T BlackBerry users too. Just like Sprint, AT&T will be launching the first of their three BlackBerry 7 phones, the Torch 4G 9810, this Sunday for a very solid $49.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan.

The Torch 4G is an updated and improved version of last year’s original Torch with specs like a much faster 1.2 GHZ processor with 768 MB of RAM (so there are no freezes or lags), the latest BlackBerry 7 OS, higher resolution 3.2 inch touchscreen (which looks to be a big improvement over the original Torch and should have everything you view on it looking nice and sharp), 5 megapixel back camera with 720p HD video recording (there is no front camera), 8 GB of built-in storage and support for AT&T’s 4G HSPA+ network.

Still no word on when AT&T will release their version of the new Bold, the Bold 9900, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear something.

Top 5 New and Upcoming T-Mobile Phones: Summer 2011

t-mobile logo

We’ve covered AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint a little while ago but now it’s time for us to cover the final carrier on our list: T-Mobile.

So T-Mobile users– you’ve got an upgrade coming up sometime over the next couple of weeks/months and while you like some of the phones already out there, you really wanna know what T-Mobile’s got planned during those next few weeks or months so you don’t go out and buy something only to really regret it a week later. We’re here to help. While not all of these are confirmed to be coming to T-Mobile (some are just our best guesses based on rumors we’ve been hearing), here are 5 phones that are said to be on their way to T-Mobile that anyone with an upgrade should be really excited for (and trust us– they’re really good).

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The Teen First Look: HTC Sensation 4G

HTC Sensation 4G first look front

If you’re looking for an incredibly thin and fast 4G phone for T-Mobile right now then you definitely going to want to read this. We had a chance today to briefly check out T-Mobile and HTC’s latest and greatest (and by far most powerful) 4G phone, the HTC Sensation 4G, and after spending a few minutes with it we already are in love.

htc sensation 4g first look browser

The design of this phone is one of the best you’ll see and hold. It’s very thin with an aluminum casing to make it feel like its something worth much more than the $200 that it costs on contract. And that 4.3 inch qHD high-res screen is equally as impressive and top of the line, with everything we saw on it coming off looking crisp and clear.

htc sensation 4g first look back

The Sensation 4G also runs the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense 3.0. This together with the 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor and 768 MB of RAM made everything we did on the phone fast and responsive with barely any loading time even when multitasking with several apps open. In other words, you shouldn’t have to worry about any “freeze ups” with this guy. Other specs on the Sensation include an 8 megapixel back camera and second front camera for video chat, both of which in our brief look took pretty solid shots. Sadly the Sensation 4G we saw didn’t have an active T-Mobile account so we couldn’t test the 4G speeds, but hopefully we’ll have more on this and the HTC Sensation 4G in the near future.

The HTC Sensation 4G is available now for $200 with new 2 year contract and data plan from T-Mobile.

The Teen Review: Samsung Sidekick 4G

sidekick 4g browser

If you’ve watched any of the NBA playoffs (or any TV in general) recently, you’ve probably seen an ad or six for one of T-Mobile’s hottest new phones, the Sidekick 4G. The Sidekick 4G is the latest and greatest in the Sidekick line, and the first to pack new features like Android, a 3.5 inch touchscreen, 4G and a 1 GHZ processor– all while still keeping that flip-out full QWERTY keyboard Sidekick users know and love.

While this all sounds great, you probably wondering how does this latest Sidekick 4G hold up in real life? Well, we’ve taken it for a spin the past few weeks and we’ve got everything you need to know after the break in our full teen review. Read the rest of this entry

The Teen Review: Samsung Infuse 4G

infuse 4g pic 1

The Infuse 4G has been one of the most anticipated phones AT&T has launched so far this year. And with its massive 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, fast 1.2 GHZ Hummingbird processor, and incredibly thin design it’s not hard to see why. We’ve been putting this 4G beast through the paces the last couple of weeks and to put it simply, we think its one of AT&T’s top phones out there right now.

So what are you waiting for? Read on for our full teen review of the Samsung Infuse 4G!

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T-Mobile Launching HTC Sensation 4G On June 15th, Coming To Walmart On June 12th (UPDATE: Price Confirmed)

Tmobile htc sensation 4g

We know a lot of you have been waiting for more information on T-Mobile’s upcoming 4G superphone, the HTC Sensation 4G, and we’ve got some good news for you. T-Mobile and HTC have just revealed a little bit more information on T-Mobile’s upcoming fastest and most powerful 4G phone yet, the launch date. The Sensation 4G will be available online and in T-Mobile stores starting June 15th, and if you can’t wait for June 15th, you can head to your local Walmart as soon as June 12th. No price has been announced just yet but if we had to guess it would be in the $200 on two-year contract with data plan range.

For those who don’t know, the Sensation 4G is loaded with features like a speedy 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor, 8 megapixel back camera with 1.3 megapixel camera on the front for video chat, 4.3 inch qHD high-res screen with aluminum unibody design (so things look good on the phone and off it), and the latest and greatest version of Android for phones, version 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense 3.0. Basically, it’s not just T-Mobile’s most powerful 4G phone, but one of the most powerful phones ever released in the US. For full details on the Sensation 4G see our previous post here.

So T-Mobile users, who’s looking forward to June 15th?

UPDATE: And just like that the price is official. Just as we guessed it’s $200 with 2 year contract, data plan and $50 mail-in rebate.

Samsung Infuse 4G Price and Release Date Now Official: AT&T’s Fastest 4G Phone Coming May 15th For $200

samsung infuse 4G

We had a feeling we’d get more information on AT&T’s 3rd big 4G phone— the Samsung Infuse 4G– this week, and at an AT&T/Samsung event this afternoon more details is just what we got. Coming May 15th, for $200 (with the expected new 2 year contract and data plan), if you’re looking for a blazing fast 4G phone on AT&T this is for you.

And when we say blazing fast 4G we mean blazing fast 4G as the Infuse is the first AT&T 4G phone to support the highest speeds available on their current 4G HSPA+ network (up to 21 Mbps or fast enough to stream YouTube in HD without any buffering). The Infuse 4G  is also not just fast on the 4G side, under the hood it’s also incredibly powerful AND it’s also ridiculously thin too. Here are the specs:

  • 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen– Basically, its awesome and should make everything you view on it look incredibly nice and clear.
  • 1.2 GHZ processor— For making sure apps and games run quickly as well.
  • Android 2.2 with Samsung TouchWiz UI— The Infuse also comes pre-loaded with a special version of Angry Birds with a level exclusive to Infuse 4G owners!
  • 8 megapixel back camera with HD video recording on the back with a second 1.3 megapixel one on the front for video chat
  • Ridiculously thin design– At 8.99 mm thin (9.24 mm at its thickest part along the bottom) you won’t have any problems putting this in even the tightest of pockets.
  • 2 GB microSD card included with support for up to 32 GB— In case you need more storage for your music, movies, pictures and apps.

Samsung and AT&T are also bundling in a $25 Samsung Media Hub (Samsung’s version of the iTunes movie store) gift card with each purchase so you can buy new movies or TV shows to watch on that awesome screen right out of the box (for this we’d recommend looking for a bigger memory card). So yeah, if you’ve got an upgrade on AT&T coming up we’d definitely recommend waiting a few more days for this beast to come out.

For more info on the Infuse 4G check out AT&T’s site here.

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