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Hulu Out Now for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad; PS3 and Xbox 360 Support Coming Soon

The day has finally come– Hulu is finally here for the iOS devices, meaning all of us with an iPod touch, iPhone and/or iPad can finally watch Hulu on our iDevice! This is HUGE no question about it.

So what is this new Hulu that is finally spreading off the traditional computer? Called Hulu Plus, it is pretty much a mini Hulu in the regard that it won’t offer all that the traditional online offers. Though don’t under-estimate this, it’s still awesome; offering every episode of this season’s shows from FOX, ABC and NBC (along with their respective sub-channels like USA, FX and ABC Family), as well as seasons from some older TV shows no longer on the air (and even older seasons for some shows still currently on the air)  for $10 a month. Oh, and you can watch on WiFi AND 3G.

Now I know what your thinking “$10 for Hulu? Is this some kind of joke?” Sadly, no, it’s what’s happening and it stinks that their charging now for this, but what can you do (there is by the way a very small group of free episodes and clips and the app itself is also free); and considering all the content that it offers, it isn’t really such a terrible deal (particularly for those who watch a ton of TV or don’t want to spend the $30 a month for cable and want to still want to watch their shows anywhere).

Hulu Plus is also coming soon to a whole bunch of other devices, including: PS3 (next month), Xbox 360 (sometime early next year for Xbox Live Gold members), and a whole bunch of Samsung, Sony and Vizio TV’s as well as internet connected Blu-Ray players later this year.

For now though, check out all the info on Hulu Plus at Hulu’s site here, and head to the App Store and download Hulu Plus for yourself today. Oh, and do let us know what you think about all this– are you gonna pay $10 a month for this?– in the comments.

YouTube: Now Playing Full Movies For Free!


Yup you read that right- YouTube is now playing full length movies online for FREE! This is big news, and a real blow to Hulu, which until now, was the only LEGAL (yeah we know YouTube always had movies online for free 😉 ) way to watch TV shows and movies. Like Hulu, advertisements will be inserted by the video, you know to keep this all free.

Don’t get too excited though: these movies are right now only from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (aka MGM), and the movies aren’t among the most recent — like the old American Gladiators (not the TV show that was on NBC a few years back).

But hey, the big thing here is that movies are starting to come to YouTube, and hopefully soon we’ll have some more modern movies, possibly from even some other companies (though don’t count on FOX or NBC/Universal coming soon– the two companies created Hulu).

Anyways, what you think- you gonna watch more movies from the internet now, which site would you rather use for movies- Hulu or YouTube? Sound off in the comments.

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Watch Movies and Videos on your PS3!!!

It has been a long time since Microsoft gave their Xbox 360 the ability to download and watch HD Movies and TV shows, but starting this summer, Sony will install the same feature in their PS3 system. For the details on this new add on to the PS3 hit the more link.

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Hulu- A new way to watch TV

Today a new internet service was launched called Hulu. This service is a joint program made by TV companies Fox and NBC. The goal of this new service is to broadcast TV shows online for free legally (not on YouTube or other sites where people sometimes post them illegally). This doesn’t only include TV shows from those two companies, it also has shows from other networks they own (NBC Universal, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, FX etc.), as well as the NBA, NHL, and other sites. It also has movie clips from their 2 movie companies (20th Century Fox, Universal Studios) as well as other movie companies, and they actually have some of those clips up now from movies like Dodgeball, Napoleon Dynamite etc., free to view on the site. The site is up today and if you want to check it out than just go to


UPDATE: Hulu now has full movies available for viewing for free.