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Verizon Confirms: The iPhone 5 Is, And Will Remain, Unlocked

iphone 5 official 2

Remember last week how we told you about Verizon’s iPhone 5s coming unlocked? Well, earlier this week Verizon confirmed that this was true, and more importantly, that they had no plans to change it. Last year Sprint’s iPhone 4S’s were initially shipped unlocked, though that was a mistake and Sprint re-locked them after a software update.

So what does this mean to you? For one thing, if you plan on taking a trip abroad you will now be able to much more easily use your iPhone 5 with that country’s local carrier, and avoid paying the expensive roaming fees Verizon charges for using their service overseas. Also, if you ever decide to switch from Verizon to AT&T or T-Mobile your phone should now be able to switch with you.

All in all, this is nice win for us users. AT&T already lets some iPhone users unlock their iPhones if they meet certain requirements, but this way is obviously much easier. Let’s hope all the carriers to do this with their future phones.

More info: AP