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iPhone/iPod Touch Software 3.0 is Coming Soon!


Apple today let loose some pretty cool info, saying that come next Tuesday, it will show the world the next verison of the iPhone/iPod Touch software: Version 3.0!

Now why would this be so important? Like Version 2.0 of the iPhone/iPod Touch software that came out last July, this proves to be a pretty big software update that promises to bring a lot of cool (and in some cases very needed!) features. These features could be anything from finally allowing Apps to run when you’re not using them directly — for example, having AIM continue to run while your playing a game in a different app (this feature is called Push Notifications) — to full usage of the GPS, to a wireless headphone option, to copy and paste, to something insane that Apple just thought of!

Luckily though, Boy Genius has learned some of the new features to expect in the 3.0 update:

  • send and receive picture messages (called MMS or MultiMedia messaging),
  • use you iPhone as a wireless modem to connect to the Internet on your computer using your cell phone signal (something we’d assume Apple and AT&T would make you pay extra for)

Those we know are coming for the iPhone, as for what would also be included for the iPod Touch we’ll have to wait till Tuesday.

Oh, and if you develop apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch, Tuesday’s also your lucky day, as Apple also plans to show off a whole new SDK which should promise to give you the ability to create even more cool things!

Let’s hope that both the software and the SDK get released to all of us soon after Apple shows it off; whatever it ends up that they show off on Tuesday, we know we’ll probably want it asap!

We’ll of course have it all covered here on Tuesday, so don’t worry, and make sure to check back 😉

Anyways, we gotta ask– what are you praying/hoping/wanting to see in the new iPhone software 3.0, and while we’re at it, what apps you still wanna see out on the iPhone/iPod Touch (you never know who’s reading and could make it happen 🙂 ). Let us know in the comments.


Street View and More Coming to the iPhone


Google Street View on iPhone

If this report from is to be believed, then the answer is yes. According to this report, by November 21, Apple will release a new iPhone/iPod Touch software: Version 2.2.

What’s new about it?

  • Google Street View for Google Maps– you know, like on the T-Mobile G1 where you can view real images of certain streets? You can also see it on your computer here
  • walking directions and bus schedules in Google Maps– great for when you need a GPS to help go somewhere
  • Over-The-Air Podcast downloads- download all your podcasts straight to your phone/ iPod.

We still don’t know if the infamous absence of the Copy/Paste feature will finally be added, but the updates is only 10 days away so sit tight 🙂 .

What you think- you excited for over-the-air podcast downloads and Google Street View? Would you rather see Apple add a different feature (if so what feature)? Let your voice be heard in the comments.

(Note: this is just a rumor— previous rumors said the update was coming in October; for all we know, the update might make the iPhone a webcam or something…I think somebody just started a rumor lol 😉 ).

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