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Apple Unveils New MacBook Airs– Is This the End of the Plastic MacBook?

macbook air 2010

Apple today at their “Back to the Mac” event showed off a whole bunch of cool new products and features including the expected preview of the next version of OS X– called Lion, as well as a new iLife ’11 with all new features and enhancements to the popular Garageband, iMovie and iPhoto. And of course, they released the all new MacBook Air, now thinner than ever with a new 11.6 inch model to go with the traditional 13.3 inch one, and most importantly, a starting price of $999. Yes, that is the same $999 as the MacBook. In fact, I can definitely see this as perhaps being the white plastic MacBooks successor.

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Can the Tablet Replace the Laptop as the School Computer?

Ever since the iPad was announced back in January, I wondered if it and other tablets could replace the laptop as the computers in our daily lives, and in particular if they were in fact the perfect school computers. So I decided to put it to the test, and for the past few weeks I’ve been carrying around the tablet of the moment– an iPad WiFi+3G– to school in place of my laptop to see if it could live up to the challenge (I know, probably not the smartest thing to do with finals only a few weeks away….). What I’ve found out may surprise you.

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Your Guide to All the Black Friday Deals

With Black Friday  just 1 day away, you gotta have a guide to the best holiday deals right? Well, listen up as we have rounded up all the best deals from stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and for your viewing pleasure right here. Read on!

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