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The Teen First Look: LG Optimus 3D (aka AT&T Thrill 4G)

lg optimus 3d

As we saw yesterday, 3D is getting a lot of attention here at CTIA and like HTC with its EVO 3D, LG is putting out their own glasses-free 3D phone, the LG Optimus 3D (also known as the recently announced AT&T Thrill 4G). We stopped by the LG booth today and spent a few minutes with this very exciting upcoming AT&T phone, so without further adieu, here’s our first take.

lg optimus 3d 3d space

The glasses-free 3D qHD (read: really high-res) 4.3 inch screen is put simply amazing. When in 2D mode (which is for the “simpler” tasks like navigating the homescreen, texting, browsing the web etc.) everything came off crystal clear and in 3D, well no pun intended but this is taking things to a whole new level. Unlike the HTC EVO 3D, which yesterday was only showing us 3D videos and pictures, the Optimus 3D not only does that but also allows for full glasses-free 3D apps and games using LG’s 3D app called 3D Space. 3D Space is where you can find apps like the 3D photo and video viewer, 3D camera app (which allows you to take 3D photos and videos or 5 megapixel 2D shots and full HD 1080p 2D video– this is all controlled by a 3D icon on the screen), 3D YouTube and an app which organizes your 3D games and apps (yes, we’re talking about 3D glasses-free games here!). Unfortunately we couldn’t get the 3D YouTube app to load (something LG says they will have an exclusive on at least to start), but we did try the photo and videos app, camera and 3D games and consider our minds blown.

lg optimus 3d lets golf 2

Videos and photos looked beyond cool in 3D (sorry, but that’s the best we can put it– it is just amazing), the camera took some pretty impressive 3D shots (and pretty solid 2D ones as well) and the 3D games– well that’s a whole different story. We tried out the golf game Let’s Golf 2 and while the ball didn’t pop out at us, the way it all looked was again, mind-blowing. Our pics can’t even do this justice, you’re really gonna need to see this in person.

lg optimus 3d texting

Beyond the 3D the Optimus 3D also packs a 1 GHZ dual core processor and Android 2.2 (though LG did tell us we should expect a 2.3 update soon after launch), both of which ran as you’d expect– fast and really well.

We couldn’t get a price or exact release date out of LG, but you can expect this to be coming to AT&T stores sometime in the “coming months.”


T-Mobile Brings The Heat At CTIA- Announces 4G Packing LG G2X and Adds More Details on Sidekick 4G and LG G-Slate

tmobile logo

While they may soon become AT&T, until that finally happens T-Mobile is still going strong, today taking the wraps off a new impressive 4G phone for its already loaded 4G lineup, the LG G2X,  and finally sharing some more info on two of their very anticipated new devices: the Sidekick 4G and LG G-Slate tablet. Let’s get to it! Read the rest of this entry

AT&T Announces Two New Incredible Smartphones: HTC HD7S and 3D-Packing LG Thrill 4G

att logo

Sure we’ve still got a day before CTIA officially begins, but as we saw yesterday AT&T isn’t waiting for nobody to make major news. Following yesterdays blockbuster announcement of their buying of T-Mobile, AT&T has announced today that they are bringing two new smartphones to their already impressive smartphone lineup: the Windows Phone 7 running HTC HD7S and what is nothing short of an absolute beast, the LG Thrill 4G WITH a glasses-free 3D screen.

Looking for a new AT&T phone anytime soon? If so, then you’re for sure gonna wanna learn more about these two.

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T-Mobile Releases New Info On LG G-Slate and Samsung Galaxy S 4G

tmobile logo

Come on, you really didn’t think T-Mobile would be silent while AT&T announces more details on their first 4G phone and Verizon prepares to release the iPhone? And wow did T-Mobile have a lot to say today, announcing a whole bunch of new info on their upcoming LG G-Slate 4G tablet AND more info on an all new Samsung Galaxy S 4G phone (a successor to the Samsung Vibrant). Read on for all the info.

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The Top 3 Tablets We’re Looking Forward To, January Edition



Sure 2011 is looking like a crazy year for cell phones, but as we can already see, it also is looking like an awesome year for tablets. At CES in the beginning of the month over 100 tablets were announced, and while that’s a whole lot of tablets, here are three of the tablets that we’re looking forward too and the ones we expect will definitely give the iPad a real run for your money.

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The Teen First Look: AT&T’s Windows Phone 7 Launch Phones

att wp7 phones

Now that we got the Windows Phone 7 software covered, what about the hardware? Don’t worry, we’ve got you fully covered here too, as Microsoft and AT&T teamed up to show off their three launch devices– the Samsung Focus, HTC Surround and LG Quantum. After spending a few minutes today with each them, I gotta say, they look great.

We’ve got the full breakdown of  what you’re gonna want to know about each of them after the break.

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New AT&T and T-Mobile Phones for the Holidays

So Verizon has announced their loaded holiday phone lineup a few days ago, but what about AT&T and T-Mobile? For sure they got some new phones ready to spend some holiday cheer with right? Of course they do, and we’re talking some really nice ones– like new BlackBerrys,  and even a new Samsung Behold 2 and LG Shine 2. What you waiting for, hit the link and get to it!

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New Blackberry, Chocolate, Android, and Other Phones Come to Verizon


Wow– we thought Verizon would slow up on the new products for a little bit after it just announced and released one the biggest phones of the year last week, the Motorola Droid. But we were dead wrong (I mean the Droid just launched yesterday!). The other day, Verizon took the wraps off 4 new phones for the holiday and there seems to be something for everyone. We’re talking new BlackBerry Curve, new LG Chocolate phone, new Samsung phone specially designed to withstand being dropped or spilled upon, and another Android phone– the HTC Droid Eris (Verizon’s version of the HTC Hero).

While none of these are as powerful as the Motorola Droid, there is still some sick stuff here that you’d definitely want to know about– so what you waiting for, hit the more link and get to it!

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LG enV3 and enV Touch Get Price Cuts

lg env3 and env touch verizon

We see that a lot of you out there are really pumped about the LG enV3 and enV Touch that came out just recently for Verizon (don’t ask how we know- we have our ways).

So we thought this would be a great piece of news to kick off your weekend for prospective buyers out there: a price cut on BOTH of the phones! Yup, both phones (which haven’t even been in stores a month!)  have gotten $50 and $70 price cuts respectively, bringing them down to much, much better prices: $79.99 for the enV3 (either in maroon, or “slate blue”), and $99.99 for the enV Touch. These are said to be online-only discounts, but we wouldn’t be suprised to find the same prices in your local Verizon store.

Both phones also seem to be feeling a lot of love from the people that have already got them, as the enV3 (in both its maroon and slate blue colors) received 4.5 out of 5 stars out of 203 reviews on Verizon’s site, and the enV Touch got a whopping PERFECT 5 out of 5 stars out of 340 reviews!

You can order the enV Touch here, and the enV 3 here, and to learn all about these phones, see our previous post here.

This makes picking one of them even tougher, yeah? So which would you choose of these, or perhaps another, like the LG Versa or Samsung Alias 2, or are you gonna wait it out another 2 weeks to see if it drops another $50?

Meet Verizon’s enV3 and the enV Touch (Voyager 2)


Over the weekend, some leaked pix and info came out on 2 updates to some pretty popular Verizon LG phones– the enV2 and Voyager. These new upgrades are the appropriately-called enV3 and the more surprisingly named enV Touch (apparently the Voyager 2 is a name trademarked by someone else so Verizon and LG had to pick a new one). Anyways, both phones look to include some nice improvements to their older predecessors, so if your looking to upgrade soon, or just wanna see what’s new, read on!

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