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We’re Live From CTIA 2011 In Orlando!

ctia 2011 welcome

Looking for a new phone anytime soon? Well then we’ve got you covered. We’re live here in beautiful, sunny Orlando, Florida home of CTIA 2011– one of the biggest tech shows in the US and the place where a whole bunch of the phones and tablets you’ll see in AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile stores very soon are announced.  A lot has already been announced by carriers like Sprint and AT&T— but trust us, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

So keep your browser locked here for the next couple of days as we bring you everything you’re gonna want and need to know from CTIA 2011.

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Sprint Planning Some Major Announcements For Next Tuesday?

sprint ctia 2011 invite

Looking for a new Sprint phone? If we were you we’d hold off on that for a few more days. With CTIA 2011 (CTIA is where a lot of the new cell phones for the US are announced, kinda like CES just completely focused on cell phones and tablets) set to kick off next Tuesday, Sprint has sent out invites for an “exclusive event.”

Now we’re sure you wondering right now: what does this all mean, and more importantly what new device(s) are they about to show off? Well, if the rumors are any indication, Sprint is about to unveil some seriously insane and awesome stuff. Rumors have been saying the event (which is slated to run an insane 2 and a half hours!) will include the next generation of the incredibly popular EVO 4G (which just so happens to have been announced at CTIA last year) possibly called the EVO 3D (yes, that would mean this phone would pack 3D!), an HTC EVO View 4G tablet (possibly an Android tablet with 10 inch screen), and a Sprint 4G version of Samsung’s Nexus S.  Yeah, things look to be incredible indeed.

We’ll be live all week next week from CTIA in Orlando and will be at Sprint’s event, so make sure to check back here for everything you’re gonna want and need to know.

Sprint Unveils the Kyocera Echo, the Worlds First Dual Screen Phone

Kyocera Echo simul-task

Sprint’s said their event tonight would be a first for the wireless industry, and boy was it. Tonight Sprint and Kyocera introduced a pretty incredible looking phone, the Echo. And why is this incredible you ask? For one, it’s the first smartphone with DUAL 3.5 inch screens— that’s TWO screens the size of the iPhones screen in one phone! Yeah, wow is right.

Even more remarkable is what you can do with these two screens. Featuring a revolutionary Pivot-Hinge there are 4 different ways to view and use the Echo: Single-screen mode— Just one 3.5 inch screen visible with the second one hidden behind it using the Echo’s Pivot Hinge (see below for pic); Optimized mode– using specially optimized apps such as updated versions of Email, Browser, Messaging and VueQue (an optimized version of  YouTube that lets you play the video on one screen while browsing and queuing and loading up other videos on the bottom to play right when your current video ends) apps you can use both screens when open to their fullest advantage such as having two browser windows open one on top of the other or having a text or email open on the top screen and the keyboard on the bottom (meaning you have a keyboard that’s the size of an iPod touch or iPhone screen!); Simul-task mode— Having one of those above apps open on the top screen and a second one on the bottom (as in having a text message open on top and a GameCast from ESPN or a YouTube video in the VueQue app on the bottom. This is ultimate multi-tasking.); and a Tablet mode— having any Android app take up the entire 4.7 inches available when both screens are open side by side (basically, this turns the Echo’s two screens into a giant 4.7 inch phone. This is also what will happen when both screens are open and your running any app not optimized for the Echo’s dual screen). You can even go into a sort-of “laptop mode” where you tilt the top screen up as if it were a laptop. Yeah, this is pretty sick.

Kyocera Echo closed

Other specs on the phone include:

  • 1 GHZ Snapdragon processor— Those two screens need some serious power right?
  • Android 2.2— With full access to the over 100,000 apps in the Android Market (though apps need to be specially designed to take use of both screens. Sprint and Kyocera will make available the code for developers to make their own Echo optimized apps).
  • 1 GB of memory built-in with additional 8 GB included on microSD card
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash and 720p HD video recording
  • 3G, GPS and WiFi— With the ability to use this as a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices.  Yes, sadly there is no 4G in here.

Even without 4G we must say the Echo still looks pretty sick and we’re sure it will definitely interest those who want something extremely different and cool and don’t necessarily need the fastest network. Sprint said we can expect the Echo sometime this Spring for $199 with new 2 year contract and that it will ship with an additional backup battery and backup battery charger (though don’t worry, Sprint also said that the Echo’s battery is “on par” with that of other top smartphones today, so think of this as a way to make sure you get through the day).

We’ll have more on the Echo coming up (including a first look of this sick new phone), so stay tuned. In the meantime, for more on the Echo see Sprint’s site here.

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7 Tomorrow– And We’ll Be There Live!

windows phone 7 event

After months and months of waiting, Microsoft’s highly anticipated re-entry into the jam-packed smartphone market is almost upon us. Tomorrow, Microsoft will finally release all the final details about their new mobile OS: including launch carriers (AT&T is a given considering how they are co-hosting the press conference tomorrow as you can see in the invite above, and T-Mobile is said to be making their own announcements later in the day), phones (which if early leaks are correct, will be absolutely awesome), and even more about the experience of the OS like apps and services such as Zune and Xbox Live.

The event kicks off at 9:30 am tomorrow, so make sure to check back all day for the full teen rundown.

Live from the iPhone 4 Launch

Wow. Seriously wow. This is the line my local Apple store at around 9 am. Now don’t think I’m that crazy that I’ve been up since 4 AM camping out, I’ve actually only been here since about 8:30, but here’s a shot of people out since before 6:30 AM:

Yeah this is nuts. We’ll be updating this periodically, and of course we’ll have our thoughts later today once we’ve gotten some time with it.

UPDATE 10:02 AM: and we’ve made contact. Here it is, the iPhone 4!

UPDATE 11:51 AM: Alright we’re making progress but still got some wait left. There are people here since 3 AM not close so take that as a lesson– RESERVE IN ADVANCE (and pray that Apple and AT&T don’t die before you do). The line for none reserved was so bad that they even cut it off THREE hours ago and still have one stretching the large portion of this mall. Look at this:

UPDATE 2:08 PM: And done! We finally got the new iPhone 4 and for the first 30 seconds I’ve used it, it looks great. I’ll have more pix and thoughts later tonight but wow, it feels so great to LEAVE the Apple Store.