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New Games Coming to the iPhone


There has been much speculation about the cryptic message Konami sent us a few weeks back, and today that message was answered.

Metal Gear solid is coming to the iPhone. Now this Metal Gear Solid Touch, as it is being called now, won’t have new storyline: it will basically be a shorter, and less in-depth Metal Gear Solid 4, but you can expect the gameplay to include a lot of tapping on the screen to, I don’t know, knock your enemy out 😉

Konami also announced two more games are making the transition to the iPhone: Silent Hill and Dance Dance Revolution.  I imagine it will be interesting playing Dance Dance on an iPhone.

All the games are coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch this spring.

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Metal Gear Expansion Pack


You heard that right. Metal Gear Online is getting another expansion pack called “MEME”.

The 2nd expansion pack (the first was “GENE”) allows you to have two more playable characters: the evil Liquid Ocelot, and Mei Ling. Having Liquid on your side will give you some perks too. You will be able to mess around with your friend’s lock system and deactivate their weapons to crush them.

The MEME expansion also includes three new maps: Silo Sunset, Forest Firefight and Winter Warehouse (you know, just in case you got bored ; ) ).

Now if you don’t want to shell out the $10 (like me) you will still get new online rules. One of these rules (which i certainly won’t be playing with) is the no headshot setting which means if you are playing with a rookie, then every time you get an easy headshot on the poor bloke, he won’t die from that one headshot.

You will be able to get both GENE and MEME packs for $15 or individually at $10 from the Playstation Store on November 25th.

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