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The Teen First Look: Xbox 360 Kinect and the New Xbox 360 Dashboard

Kinect msft open house

Yesterday wasn’t all about phones for Microsoft. After the main Windows Phone 7 event, Microsoft showed off its full holiday lineup—including as you’d very much expect, Kinect and all the new Xbox 360 media features announced along side it back in June. Let me just say this right now– Kinect is AMAZING.

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The Teen First Look: AT&T’s Windows Phone 7 Launch Phones

att wp7 phones

Now that we got the Windows Phone 7 software covered, what about the hardware? Don’t worry, we’ve got you fully covered here too, as Microsoft and AT&T teamed up to show off their three launch devices– the Samsung Focus, HTC Surround and LG Quantum. After spending a few minutes today with each them, I gotta say, they look great.

We’ve got the full breakdown of  what you’re gonna want to know about each of them after the break.

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The Teen First Look: Windows Phone 7 OS

Windows Phone 7 Event pic 1

As was promised, we finally today got to see what Windows Phone 7 looks and feels like. After spending a good deal of time with it today, color us very impressed. Not only has Microsoft fought back in the smartphone “battle,” but a lot of what they showed off looks like it will give Apple, RIM, Palm and Google a very strong run for your money. Here’s the full breakdown of you’re gonna want to know.

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