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Microsoft to Show Off Project Natal on MTV June 15th

June is almost here and that means a couple of things: school is almost over, summers almost here, the NBA Playoffs are in full gear, and the major video game conference E3 is almost upon us.

This year’s E3 looks to truly be epic, with promises of more info on the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Move, Xbox 360 Project Natal, and who knows what else! Now as we’ve done in years past, we’ll have all the info on all the awesome, need-to-know stuff out of E3. But for those of you who want to follow one of the biggest announcements live, Microsoft and MTV are teaming up to broadcast the whole Project Natal announcement featuring CIRQUE DU SOLEIL commercial-free on MTV, Tuesday, June 15 at 3:30 PM ET, and will be replayed on MTV’s other networks– Nick at Nite, mtvU, MTV Hits, and Logo– Tuesday, June 15 at 9 PM ET.

MTV’s other network, Spike TV, will also be showing off other Microsoft Xbox 360 announcements such as demos of games like HALO: Reach, Gears Of War 3, and Fable III.  Called “Xbox 360: The Future Revealed” that show airs LIVE on Monday, June 14 from 1:30 – 3 PM ET.

Rock Band 2 Out Today for Xbox 360!

Rock Band fans, your long wait for the next version of the popular music game has finally ended. Today, Harmonix and MTV Games released the next version of Rock Band — Rock Band 2 — to the world, and it can be yours for either $59.99 for just the game (for those like me who already have Rock Band 1 and don’t want more instruments lying around 🙂 ), or $189.99 for the whole package: the game,  a new wireless drum, a new wireless guitar, and a mic.

So what you waiting for? Go to your local Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Walmart or wherever and pick your self some new virtual rock star goodness, and let us know what you think of the new game (or if you’re waiting for Guitar Hero World Tour to come out next month) in the comments.

P.S. Owners of the PS3, PS2, or Wi: don’t be too upset, the Xbox 360 only has exclusitivity  of the game for a month. Rock Band will be available for the PS3 on October 19, the Wii on November 16 and the PS2 on November 18.

And current Rock Band owners, feel free to download Stephen Colbert’s new free song (called “Charlene”) for Rock Band 1– it’s interesting to say the least and you can check it out here.

Rock Band Live Tour Announced!

You think your pretty good at Rock Band, love music and bands such as Panic At The Disco, The Cab, Plain White T’s and Dashboard Confessional? Well then today’s your lucky day because MTV Games has announced a new REAL (not video game) 29 city tour of those bands across the US (with one stop in Toronto, Ontario in Canada). And since this is a Rock Band tour there has to be some stuff for all the fans and players right? Well, as part of the tour there will be Rock Band competitions on the main stage in between the acts– giving you a real test to see if your skills can match up to being a “real rocker” for a night and playing in front of thousands of people 🙂

Anyways, all the info- cities, buying tickets (starting next Friday- August 8), etc. is over here at the Rock Band Live site.

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Halo E3 News Roundup

Even though Halo didn’t make an official appearance at E3 last week (though it was supposed to on Wednesday, but got scrapped at the last minute), doesn’t mean some info on the future of the series didn’t come out. For all you curious on what is next for Master Chief and one of the top video game series’s ever– Click the More link.

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Rock Band 2 E3 Info

We said we’d get you some Rock Band E3 info, and here it is. There is a lot of cool stuff here, and to find out all the info, Read On!

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Rock Band 2: Yes to the Wii and PS2; No to Making Your Own Songs

In another edition of the news slowly but surely spilling out about Rock Band 2, we have good news and bad news. First the bad: the game will not allow players to record their own songs to play in the game, according to Joystiq, which is surprising considering its rival, Guitar Hero, will include such a feature. (Dont be too upset though– we expect a gr8 list of downloadable content). And the good: Rock Band 2 will be available for the Wii and PS2– the latter incompatible with Guitar Hero 4– later in the year, as said by a co-founder of the game in an interview with CNN.

Much more info is to be released in the coming weeks (the E3 Video Games conference is approaching- and we will keep you updated on it) but has this swayed your video game decision or not? Tell us below.

Guitar Hero 4 News

Guitar Hero 4 and Rock Band Drums

Well we know that Guitar Hero 3 came out not too long ago, with Rock Band coming out a little after it and really changing the music game style by adding drums and a mic to the package. Today we want to bring you a little info on how Guitar Hero is now going to catch up: the new version of the game, Guitar Hero 4, will have a whole new drum set added. The drum kit at first looks like Rock Band’s, except that it adds cymbols to the top instead of 5 buttons on the drum. This news is great but it still leaves us with a few big questions, and they are: 1. Will it work with Rock Band like the Guitar Hero 3 wireless controller (and will Rock Band work with Guitar Hero 4), and 2. When will this be released and for how much $$$? We’ll keep you posted as we find out more. For more information check out this Joystiq post.

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