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Next version of Windows- First Look, Pix and Info

At the All Things D Conference–a tech conference by the Wall Street Journal–two of the heads at Microsoft spoke today and actually demonstrated the next version of Windows called Windows 7, the seventh and latest version of Windows. Click the “More” link for further info on a couple of new things they showed.

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Future of Cell Phone Shopping?

ATT and Microsoft have released today in a few select ATT stores a whole new way to shop for a cell phone. This new way is through a Microsoft product called Microsoft Surface. What it basically is, is a huge multi-touchscreen table computer, that in this case, would make your shopping for a new cell phone easier (seeing features of a phone, comparing multiple phones, shopping for accessories, etc.). Right now it is only released in 5 ATT stores in New York (2 stores), San Antonio, Atlanta, and San Fransisco (though more will be in other ATT stores soon). If you want some more info including store locations (for those of you who want to see this in person and/or are getting a new phone), photos of the new giant computer table in action, or video of that giant computer table in action see some of the links below. (Also by the way if your thinking that you want to get one of these as your next computer you may wanna start saving up for 2 reasons: 1. This will cost a whole lot of $$$ when it is released to the general public, and 2. It wont be released to the general public till 2011- or so they say).


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