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The Teen Review: Madden NFL 11 (Xbox 360)

madden 11 xbox 360 cover

Ah good ‘ol Madden. Every year you bring along so many things– the start of football season, a diversion from school, and one of the most exciting video games of the year. As with years past, EA Sports has kept on making improvements to make the game feel more and more like a true NFL game (I mean, they need to have more than just some roster updates to make you want to go out and buy another copy every year right?)– and this year is no exception. With much improved graphics, gameplay and even a better intro, Madden NFL 11 looks to have the makings of yet another winner in this classic franchise. So, how does it do and better yet– for those on the fence about getting it, is this year’s version worth the $60? Read on for our full review!

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NFL Mobile Coming to Verizon Next Month

NFL RedZone– coming soon to Verizon Wireless

We know, it’s March. All our focus should be on Selection Sunday next week and March Madness (and baseball, for those who only care about the pros) and not so much on football for the next couple of months, with football taking a seat in the way back. (And don’t worry, we’re gonna have a lot of ways for you to use tech to keep up with both March Madness and the MLB season very soon).

Today, however, we’re gonna keep the focus on the NFL– as what Verizon and the NFL announced today is pretty sick for all you Verizon users out there. Not only will you guys soon get exclusive Skype, but for the next 4 years (at least, according to the Wall Street Journal) you will soon be getting exclusive access to the NFL Mobile. Starting next month with the NFL Draft, Verizon users will not only be able to follow live on their phones (we’re talking live video, not just an ESPN livecast), but also will have access to on-demand video of NFL Network analysis of the Draft, pick-by-pick Draft tracker updated in real time, and in-depth prospect profiles, blogs, news and more.

And come next season, users will be able to not only watch Sunday and Thursday night games, NFL RedZone, and the NFL Network live from your phones, but also game highlights and an extensive collection of on-demand video featuring analysis and inside access from NFL Network and NFL Films, live radio broadcasts of every regular season and playoff game from both home and away teams, access to fantasy information, news, and player and team statistics, and customizable NFL alerts, ringtones and graphics.

All I can say, if your a football fan on Verizon, than today truly is your lucky day. We’re not yet sure exactly which phones will get the app or how much the app will cost (which again, is a Verizon exclusive, so sadly all you Sprint users that had the NFL Mobile Live app look to be out of luck now), but hopefully we’ll know more info before April 22nd.

In the meantime, who you think goes number one next month?

Madden NFL 10– All the Info you need to know (Wii, PSP, and PS2 versions)

madden nfl 10 wii

Ok, so a couple weeks back we wrote about the upcoming Madden NFL 10 Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Now with Madden’s release coming out tonight let’s finish this preview of the next Madden game up with everything you’ll need to know if your a PS2, PSP or Wii owner. Come on, you know you wanna hit the read link to see what’s knew so watch’a waiting for? Get to it!

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Madden NFL 10: All the Info You Need to Know (for Xbox 360/ PS3 Versions)

madden 10 cover

It’s July 22nd, and the next version of the awesome Madden franchise — Madden NFL 10 — is expected to drop in about 3 weeks (August 14th). Therefore, you Madden fans out there are begging for the newest features absent from its predeccesor, Madden 09. (However, if your are a true Madden die-hard as I am, you’ll be running home with the latest version anyway). To settle your anticipation, we present to you not the minor updates for basics and rosters, but some of the major updates for the Xbox 360 and PS3 models (updates for the PSP/PS2 and the DS/Wii versions will be posted in the next few days): new cameras, customizable gameplay, Pro-Talk, updates in both gameplay graphics and online play. Curious for more? Go for it– no extra charge.

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Review- Madden 09 (Xbox 360)

Real Madden 09 cover with Brett Favre as a Jet

Well, I got myself a copy of Madden 09 on Tuesday, and after spending some time playing with it I must say that it is a very worthy successor to the Madden franchise.  Wanna know more on this game and what I liked and didn’t like about? Hit the More link.

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Is Brett Favre to stay a Packer on the Madden 09 Cover?

Is this the latest Madden 09 cover?

For those of you who don’t know (or follow football), the Green Bay Packers legendary Quarterback- Brett Farve- is the cover boy of Madden 09, and now the new QB of New York Jets (via a trade last night between the Packers and Jets after a  seemingly endless saga of Favre’s retirement/ un-retirement and general “fight” with the Packers- for those of you who would like to know more on this, check Sports Illustrated). Now this trade of Favre to the Jets last night left a few questions to be answered by EA Sports (makers of the Madden franchise):  1. As the title of this post says: does Favre stay a Packer on the cover, or does a new cover come out with him on the Jets?  2. Are you going to be ready to play with Favre on the Jets right from the launch of Madden? For the answers, hit the More link.

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Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!!?!?

Screen shot of Madden 09

Well, I know I sure am lol. Anyways, wanna get a sneak peak or some quick practice time to brush up on your Madden skillz before the release next week (August 12) of the 20th edition of the popular football game- Madden 09? Well if you are an Xbox 360 owner with access to Xbox Live (either free- Silver membership, or paid- Gold membership), or a PS3 owner with access to the Playstation Network (its free with Internet access), then you are in luck. All you gotta do is go to your respective online store and head to the Sports games part and you should see a Madden 09 demo ready to be downloaded.

Lemme just tell you- I’ve been playing this on my own 360, and while the demo is short (you do this new Madden IQ to find your playing level, and then you play a “Madden Moment” of the Giants 4th quarter drive with 1:36 left in last year’s Super Bowl) it shows a lot of promise on how GREAT this new game is gonna be (of course I wish they let you demo a full game like they did in past years, or at least give you a drive on defense to protect the lead if you score). Whatever, only one week till the full version is out 🙂

We’ll have more on Madden when it launches next week, but in the meantime go try it out and let us know what you think bout the new game (and any other thoughts you may have on the upcoming NFL season) in the comments.

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