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Nintendo 3DS US Price and Release Date Official– March 27th for $249

Nintendo 3ds official

After over a year of wishing, waiting and  watching from afar Nintendo’s highly anticipated glasses free 3DS is finally almost here, taking a crucial step to finally being in your hands with an official announcement of a price and release date. The best part? That rumored $300-$400 expected price is actually HIGHER than what the real price is, a solid $249.99 when it comes out as was rumored, this March 27th in either blue or black.

But price wasn’t all Nintendo let out of the bag, read on for all the details on what’s new in the 3DS.

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More Nintendo 3DS Info Comes Out– Coming to the US in March?

Ever since Nintendo’s E3 video game press conference, whenever I heard the term “3D,” I immediately began to think about the Nintendo 3DS3D video gaming in your pocket without the need for those annoying glasses. There was though one problem the 3DS’s unveiling– we were all left without any price or release date for when would be able to pick up one of these bad boys. Today however, we have finally gotten those answers from a Nintendo event in Japan.

According to the video game site IGN, Nintendo will be releasing the 3DS next year in Japan on February 26th in blue or black colors for about $300 (the official Japan price is 25,000 yen, which converts back to about US $300), with Europe and the US said to be getting it in March (though what the prices are here may be different from the Japan price. Nintendo US also hasn’t yet announced US pricing and availability).

Nintendo also showed off some cool new features of the 3DS like using the front camera to create yourself a Mii, as well as some of the strong graphic capabilities (and I’m not gonna lie, Mario Kart looks pretty sweet!) which you can see in the YouTube video below:

Here’s the thing, with the holiday season almost upon us, are you willing to wait a few months for this or would you rather just go for a new iPod Touch, which while not 3D, does a solid job for on-the-go gaming as well as a whole lot more with all the iOS apps and Facetime (and not to mention comes in cheaper than the Japan price of $300– the iTouch starts at $229 for the 8 GB).

If you’re looking for a new portable game system this holiday season, what’s it gonna be– you gonna go for that iPod Touch or can you wait it out until the 3DS arrives?

Why Hello There Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo dsi xl pic 1

The DSi XL

Well this pretty much came out of left field. Nintendo has announced the next version of the DS called the DSi XL (or DS LL for Japan). The new DS is said to be coming later this year to Japan and early next year for Europe and the US (which sadly is like what happened with the first DSi when it was first announced last year).

We got the info on the DSi XL, so let’s take a look and see what this does and how it differs from the DS Lite and DSi.

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Latest on Call of Duty 5

Remember the hit game that came out last year, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare? On November 11, you can get its next version: Call of Duty World at War (also known as Call of Duty 5). Wanna know all about this new edition of the game, what’s new? Then read on! Read the rest of this entry

Review- Madden 09 (Xbox 360)

Real Madden 09 cover with Brett Favre as a Jet

Well, I got myself a copy of Madden 09 on Tuesday, and after spending some time playing with it I must say that it is a very worthy successor to the Madden franchise.  Wanna know more on this game and what I liked and didn’t like about? Hit the More link.

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Guitar Hero E3 Info

Well, we covered Rock Band’s E3 info, and we know a lot of you LOVE Guitar Hero, so we got some info for you as well. O, Rock Band users- you may wanna check this out as well, as one of the big announcements involves you guys to. All the info is after the More link. Read the rest of this entry

Other Guitar Hero News

We were pretty interested by the future of Guitar Hero that we mentioned the other day, so we just Googled around to try and find more Guitar Hero info. Well we found some things that are pretty interesting. For one, Activision and Red Octane (makers of the Guitar Hero franchise) have 4 (!) games coming out this year according to (who also has some other news on the upcoming Guitar Hero 4– it will also include a mic (to fully catch up to Rock Band), and will include ability to create your own songs from scratch!). For all the info on 2 other upcoming Guitar Hero games click on the more link.

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