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Apple Updates iWork and iLife, Makes Both Free With Purchase of New Mac or iOS Device

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Mavericks was only the one part of the big updates Apple announced today. The other was with iWork and iLife. iWork is Apple’s version of Microsoft Office with apps like Pages (Apple’s version of Word), Numbers (Excel) and Keynote (PowerPoint while iLife is Apple’s famous suite of creative apps like Garage Band, iMovie and iPhoto. All are solid apps but ones that haven’t been updated in a while. With the release of OS X Mavericks Apple finally updated these apps giving them some nice redesigns and new features like the ability to have everything your working on synced in iCloud so you can use it on any device (iOS, Mac or in the case of iWork, even Windows using But most importantly Apple did something completely unexpected– they made iWork for OS X free with the purchase of any new Mac and iWork for iOS free with the purchase of any new iOS device.

Apple already made iWork, iPhoto and iMovie free for new iOS devices back at the new iPhone launch last month. Making iWork free for OS X is big for anyone looking to get a new MacBook Air or Pro. With iWork available as a free download you can be ready for work right when you get your new Mac for no extra cost. When you consider that the new Office 365 costs $79 a year (for 4 years with student discount, $99 a year after), iWork being free is all the more important. Apple has lowered the price gap between getting a Mac and getting a Windows PC. Whether you were getting a Mac or PC you were probably going to get Office too but the new iWork for many will be a more the suitable replacement at no extra cost compared to paying a minimum of $320 extra for Office over 4 years with a new PC.

The new iWork and iLife apps are available to download from the Mac and iOS App Stores.

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