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Sony Exec Teases A Big PlayStation Announcement Coming In The Next Few Months– Could It Be The PlayStation 4?

playstation 4 rumor mock up

One of the many mock ups of what people think the PlayStation 4 may look like

It has long been rumored that 2013 would be the year that Sony and Microsoft announce the next generation of the PlayStation and Xbox. As we all know, last year Nintendo released their latest game console, the Wii U, and it has been over seven years since the Xbox 360 launched and six years since the PS3 came out so this time was inevitable. And today we got our first real hint that this new generation was on its way.

CNET reports on an interview a Sony Vice President of Home Entertainment, Hiroshi Sakamoto, gave to a Chilean website Emol, about a big PlayStation announcement planned for E3 (the annual June video game conference where the Xbox 360, the Wii U and the PS3 were first announced), or even May at a special event. Here’s the answer he gave when asked about the next PlayStation:

“That’s still a big secret, but our friends are preparing Sony PlayStation. I can only say that we are focused on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June. [An] announcement may be [made] in that minute or even earlier in May.”

Now for those who have followed the rumors, the PS4 and Xbox 720 (or Xbox 3, Xbox Surface or whatever the next Xbox will be called) have been rumored for years. But hearing a Sony VP of Home Entertainment– someone who you think would know about things like a new PlayStation– talk about it like that makes us think that we finally could see the PS4 very soon.

Now in terms of what to expect in the PS4, not much is known about it today. Kotaku and other sites say the PS4 will be able to play games at 4K resolution (four times today’s 1080p HDTVs) which would mean that its much more powerful and has much better graphics than today’s PS3 (the next Xbox is also rumored to have similar graphics specs). In terms of price and release, other rumors say the PS4 and next Xbox will be available by the holidays of this year for around $400 each.

E3 runs from June 11th-13th and if the next Xbox and PlayStation are coming this year we’re sure we’ll hear a lot more before then. As always, stay tuned.

More info: CNET, Engadget

Back To School Deal of The Day: PS3 Now Only $249

sony ps3 slim

Sure it’s no free Xbox 360, but if you were looking for a PS3 for your dorm room now is probably the best time to get one. Sony this week has announced that they have dropped the PS3’s price $50, with the 160 GB version now starting at $249 and the 320 GB version coming in at $299. Sure it’s not a huge price drop, but we’ll gladly take it and it’s a pretty solid deal particularly if you don’t plan on buying a new laptop for school (or aren’t buying one at the minimum $690 to get the Xbox 360 deal).

And it’s even better when you think of everything else a PS3 can do beyond gaming, like watch Blu-ray movies, stream videos from Netflix/Hulu Plus/YouTube, go online from your TV,  or even watch games with the MLB.TV or new NFL Sunday Ticket apps (which is also coming to the PS3 this season and you don’t need to have DirecTV to use it. The NFL Sunday Ticket app does need you to pay a pretty expensive $339.95 for the season— or $5 more than what DirecTV subscribers pay– but you do get access to 14 out-of-market games per weekend and the Red Zone Channel, all in HD).

If you’re going off to college and want TV but don’t want to pay the crazy cable/satellite fees (or are just looking to save serious money by ditching cable/satellite entirely), the PS3 and its new price look to be perfect for you.

PlayStation Vita Launch Delayed, Not Coming To The US Until Next Year

playstation vita

If you were looking forward to picking Sony’s super-powered next-gen PSP, the PlayStation Vita, this holiday season we’ve got some bad news for you. Sony has announced that unless you live in Japan you won’t be able to pick up the Vita this year. In other words, all of us here in the US or in Europe will have to wait until “early next year” (when exactly is this “early next year” Sony didn’t say).

For those who don’t know, the Vita is Sony’s next-gen PSP that looks to let you take all the power of the PS3 and take it wherever you go. It’s got some of the most insane specs we’ve seen on a portable device yet, with its 5 inch OLED touchscreen with a crazy 960×544 resolution (or a pretty amazing screen), quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor (think of this as all the power of your computer in your pocket, or games that look like you were playing them at home on your PS3), full array of buttons with dual analog sticks (so you also get the full PlaySation controller to go along with those PS3-like graphics), front and rear cameras (for things like augmented reality games and video chat), and a touch sensitive pad on the front and back (so you can have more control of the games without having to put your fingers on the screen. The touch sensitive panel on the back spans the length of the front’s 5 inch screen– so you can control from the back by touching where you would want on the screen). Yeah, we wish it was coming this year too.

Sony also said that there would be no price cuts on the Vita’s $249 price (or the $299 AT&T 3G version), but who knows, maybe the delay will change their minds.

E3 2011 and Apple’s WWDC Kick Off Later Today– We’ll Have All The Info You Need To Know Right Here

e3 wwdc june 2011

For those that don’t know, E3 is the big video game event that takes place for a couple of days (this year it’s June 6-9) once a year in LA where all the newest and hottest things in the world of video games are announced. Last year for example, we saw our first peek at Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 (and the redesigned, slimmer 360), the PlayStation Move for the PS3, and the Nintendo 3DS. Not to mention info on new video games like the latest in Madden, Gears of War, Halo and Call Of Duty.

This year of course looks to bring things up a notch with Microsoft and Sony taking the stage later today for their E3 keynotes (with Microsoft expected to show off a bunch of new games for Kinect and Sony expected to give a whole lot more info on the NGP/PSP 2. And when we say a “whole lot of info” with Sony we mean it– their event is slated to go for 5 hours!). Nintendo takes the stage on Tuesday and they look to have planned some big announcements of their own.

We’ll have all the info on the big 3’s keynotes covered for you back here. If your interested in following along live, here are the links and times for their respective live streams: Microsoft (today 12:30 PM ET/ 9:30 AM PT); Sony (tonight 8 PM ET/5 PM PT); Nintendo (Tuesday 12 PM ET/ 9 AM PT).

Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough for a crazy tomorrow, we also have Apple’s WWDC keynote (beginning at 1 PM ET) with what promises to bring a whole lot of new info on Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 and OS X Lion operating systems, and more info on Apple’s big new product: iCloud (said to be for storing things like your music, documents etc. on the internet– aka “the cloud” because the data is not just on your one device but available for you to access from anywhere you have internet access. What exactly Apple is going to do with iCloud is sure to be very interesting). And who knows, maybe Apple will surprise everyone with a “one more thing” and announce the next iPhone like they have done at WWDC the past 3 years.

Again, we’re gonna have all of this covered for you tomorrow. You’re definitely gonna wanna check back.

Is This Nintendo’s Wii 2?

wii 2 project cafe hardware leak

Is this the Wii 2?

With the big video game conference E3 only a few weeks away the rumors on what’s next in the video game world are beginning to spread like fire. Obviously we expect to learn a lot more about Sony’s forthcoming NGP (aka the PSP 2– hopefully this will include a price and release date) and what Microsoft has planned for the future of the Xbox 360 and Kinect (which has been surprisingly quiet since its big launch last year. In the past 6 months since its been out we’ve hardly seen any new games that take advantage of its awesome controller free gameplay). In Nintendo’s case however things look to be going a whole ‘nother level with a preview of the next generation of the Wii currently code-named “Project Cafe.” Nintendo has even confirmed that this E3 they will talk about the Wii’s successor.

So what are the latest rumors saying we can expect in the Wii 2? Well, if they are anywhere near true, Nintendo is back in the hard-core gaming market— and in a big way.

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Get a Move On: All the Info You Need to Know About Sony’s All New PlayStation Move

ps move pic 1

In four days, Sony’s answer to the wildly popular Wii and Wiimote and Microsoft’s upcoming Kinect for Xbox 360 will be released. You may have already seen some ads for it online or on TV, but are wondering what in the world it is? Is it any good, and more importantly, is it any good for both the casual AND Metal Gear Solid playing hardcore gamer?

We got all that info and more on Sony’s new motion controller, so what are you waiting for? Read on!

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Everything You Need To Know About God of War III

Lovers of blood, gore, and killing the Greek gods are waiting anxiously for next Tuesday, March 16. That’s the day that God of War 3 is coming out and this game will conclude the biggest and toughest path to revenge that has ever been written into a video game. Click to read more on what’s new, whats old, and what is just plain awesome in God of War 3.

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Sony Officially Announces the PlayStation Move Motion Controller

We saw a brief glimpse of it last year at E3, and we have not seen much of it since. However, last night at the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco, Sony unveiled new details about the upcoming PlayStation Move– Sony’s wireless “wand-like” motion-sensing controller.

The Move will be made up of two parts very similar to how Nintendo has it with the Wii– the main  “wand” (the one in the pic above with the wrist strap and giant glowing circle on top) is officially known as the Move, and will have smaller wand like controller (seen on the left) called the sub-controller. As you can tell these look very similar to the Wii’s Wiimote and Nunchuck, and they function very similarly but are also very different. For example, unlike on the Wii, these are going to be used in both casual as well as much more intense games such as the upcoming SOCOM 4 (which, as anyone who has played SOCOM before knows, it’s no Mario). So how else are they different? Well…

  • The PlayStation Move uses the PlayStation Eye video camera (which Sony has had around in some form since the PS2) to track your movements and motions, and couple with that circle on top of the Move, look to provide a very accurate sense of exactly what your doing.
  • The Nunchuck part of the controller, will not connect to the Move. Instead it will utilize the PS3’s built in Bluetooth to wirelessly sync up with the Move and the PS3 (unlike the Wii’s Nunchuck which needs to be connected into the Wiimote).
  • The circle on top of the Move isn’t just to help the Eye sense where you are– it also changes color depending on what game you are playing and how fast your moving your controller (as seen above with the blue).
  • Sony also has unveiled a list of starter games, and one in particular is called Sports Champion– which is like Wii Sports just a lot better looking. The next version of Sony’s hit SOCOM series– SOCOM 4– which is slated to be released this fall, is going to support the use of this controller, which should definitely put a new spin on the SOCOM experience, and looks to be the first real test for this new controller to see how it handles itself in an intense game.

Sports Champions on the PS3

Like Microsoft’s Project Natal for the 360, the PlayStation Move will be launched sometime around the holiday season (Sony, again like Microsoft, is viewing this like a major console launch) in either a bundle with a new PS3, by itself, or in a “Starter Kit” bundle with a PS Eye, controller and game for under $100 (which if you ask us looks to be a very solid deal).

One thing that I can’t though seem to wrap my head around is why Sony put an extra X and an extra O on the sub-controller, considering the Move already has them? I guess we will just have to wait to find out what their purpose is for when E3 rolls around June 3rd, and more info on the Move is sure to be announced.

If you want to see the first trailer for the PlayStation Move or more pix, check out Joystiq’s post on the Move here

Info and pix from Joystiq

Sony Unveils New 250 GB PS3

ps3 250 gb

The new PS3 with  250 GB hard drive

You honestly didn’t think Sony would just let the PS3 stay behind the Xbox 360 in hard drive space now did you?

A few days ago we wrote about how Microsoft is making a special edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 version of the Xbox 360 with a 250 GB hard drive. Now, Sony has upped the PS3 to that same 250 GB. This should be great news for those looking for a new PS3 and for those that use the PS3 as a media center as now you got a heck of a lot more room for your pix, music, videos and PlayStation Network game downloads.

Features and looks are otherwise are the same as the recently announced 120 GB PS3, and it will be available for $350 ($50 less than the CoD 360 bundle– though you don’t get CoD included here, and only $50 more than the 120 GB PS3), when it comes out next month on November 3rd.

Info and pix from Sony.

Wii Offically Getting a Price Drop– Decision for What System to Get Just Got A LOT Harder


Leaked Best Buy memo (Pic from Engadget)

So first Sony introduced the new PS3 Slim and cut the PS3 price down to $299. Then a couple of days later Microsoft came out and made the long rumored price cut on the Xbox 360 Elite, bringing that also down to $299. Nintendo meanwhile, as we all know, has been a little too quiet when it came to making a price cut on the Wii. And who could blame them– Wii’s are great and have been selling through the roof since it first came out a couple years back (think about it– remember last year holiday time– know of anywhere you could find a Wii in a store?).

Well, if you’ve been waiting on getting a new video game system to replace that old Xbox or looking to move to the next gen from your PS2, then listen up as the Wii just got to be a whole lot better option. Why? Because starting this Sunday, September 27th, look for the Wii to be priced at the amazing price of $199.99. Yes, $199.99!

That’s the same price as the Xbox 360 Arcade, and should definitely help Nintendo move a lot more Wii’s come holiday time. Of course, now, as mentioned in the title, comes the tougher part if you are looking for a new system– if price is a major factor (and let’s be honest here– $100 between a Wii and PS3 Slim or Xbox 360 Elite is real money– especially when your gonna wanna go get more controllers, accessories and games…).

I personally love my Xbox 360 which I’ve had for about 2 years. Yes, it broke down once with that cursed “red ring of death” (where your Xbox just dies and you need to send back to Microsoft to replace– a process that left me Xbox-less for about 2 months. Though the new Xbox 360’s don’t seem to be getting this problem as much, and mine has been running great since I got it fixed early last year), and playing games like NBA 2k9, Halo, and Madden in HD is amazing, and something you can’t do on a Wii.

The PS3 also though looks great and adds in things like built in WiFi (add on for the 360, though built into the Wii), Blu-Ray, and the free Playstation Network online gaming– while Xbox Live costs $50 a year, though Live does give off a much better experience in my opinion. And then of course you got this low priced Wii– with those great Wiimotes and fun gameplay, as well as a free web browser (like the PS3), WiFi, and free online play.

It’s definitely gonna be interesting, and we wanna know what you think is the best system to buy this year (taking into account that come next year the Xbox 360 will have Project Natal and the PS3 will have 3D and motion controls of it’s own). So….. vote in our cool little poll here and feel free to drop off your questions or thoughts on which system you’ll get/like to get in the comments.

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