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Sony Finally Announces True Next Generation of PSP– The PSP2 Is Real!!!

psp2 official 1

It’s finally here. After years of wishing wanting and waiting Sony has finally come out today with an all new next generation to the PSP– and no it’s not the PSPhone (now said to be called the Xperia Play). Called for now “Next Generation Portable” (or NGP), this guys a beast, and everything any of us would want in a dream PSP!!!

  • 5 inch OLED touchscreen with a crazy 960×544 resolution– read: AWESOME screen!
  • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor– Desktop power in your pocket. WOW!!!! Makes all those dual core phones seem ridiculously old– and their not even here yet!
  • PS3 quality graphics !!!!– Yes, PS3 graphics in something you can carry!
  • Full array of buttons— As you can see from the pic above, it looks like the original PSP with all the buttons you’d expect– dual analog sticks, D-Pad, PlayStation buttons, shoulder buttons. Everything you’d expect on a PSP.
  • Front and rear cameras

psp2 ngp back

  • Touch sensitive pads on front and back— For controlling the device without getting in the way of the screen as well more crazy ways to play games (the touch sensitive panel on the back spans the length of the front screen– so you can control from the back by touching where you would want on the front. This offers better control while not having your fingers get in the way, which often happens in touchscreen gaming).
  • 3G and WiFi— And this isn’t a phone!

uncharted psp 2

  • Memory cards for games— Games that will include PS3 favorites like Killzone, Uncharted (seen above. Pic from Engadget), Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, and Little Big Planet!!!!!

psp2 official ui

  • All new UI– Which looks to be pretty sick in its own. And yes, a PlayStation Store will be present for buying games on the go.
  • Coming Holiday Season— Yeah, this part stinks…

That’s all we know for now. Full specs are available here and more pix at Sony’s PlayStation Flickr page. But wow– the PSP is back and in a HUGE way!

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