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The Teen Review: Samsung Sidekick 4G

sidekick 4g browser

If you’ve watched any of the NBA playoffs (or any TV in general) recently, you’ve probably seen an ad or six for one of T-Mobile’s hottest new phones, the Sidekick 4G. The Sidekick 4G is the latest and greatest in the Sidekick line, and the first to pack new features like Android, a 3.5 inch touchscreen, 4G and a 1 GHZ processor– all while still keeping that flip-out full QWERTY keyboard Sidekick users know and love.

While this all sounds great, you probably wondering how does this latest Sidekick 4G hold up in real life? Well, we’ve taken it for a spin the past few weeks and we’ve got everything you need to know after the break in our full teen review. Read the rest of this entry

The Teen Review: Samsung Infuse 4G

infuse 4g pic 1

The Infuse 4G has been one of the most anticipated phones AT&T has launched so far this year. And with its massive 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, fast 1.2 GHZ Hummingbird processor, and incredibly thin design it’s not hard to see why. We’ve been putting this 4G beast through the paces the last couple of weeks and to put it simply, we think its one of AT&T’s top phones out there right now.

So what are you waiting for? Read on for our full teen review of the Samsung Infuse 4G!

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Tablets From CTIA Round Up: First Looks of Motorola Xoom, LG G-Slate, HTC EVO View 4G and BlackBerry PlayBook


Last weeks CTIA wasn’t all about awesome new phones, we also had the chance to take a look at some of recently released or coming soon tablets that look to give the iPad 2 a strong run for your money: the Android 3.0 Honeycomb running LG G-Slate and recently released Motorola Xoom, Android 2.3 Gingerbread running HTC EVO View 4G with Scribe pen, and of course BlackBerry’s big new tablet, the PlayBook. There’s a lot you’re gonna wanna know here, so let’s get to it.

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The Teen Review: T-Mobile G2 by HTC

g2 with box

If you haven’t noticed recently, there’s a little battle going on between the big 4 US wireless carriers– AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint– and that is the race to 4G. All four carriers have begun launching their own respective 4G networks and are deploying them across the US as we speak. Now obviously if you’re looking for a new phone today and are planning to buy it at its cheaper (also known as subsidized) price, the one you get with a 2 year contract, you’re gonna wanna get one that takes full advantage of these 4G networks.

For the past couple of weeks we’ve had a chance to take a look at the T-Mobile G2 by HTC, T-Mobile’s first 4G phone. So, what do we think? Read on for our full teen review!

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The Teen Review: Seagate FreeAgent Go and DockStar

seagate dockstar pic 1

The DockStar– A little guy with a whole lot of punch

Ever be in school or at a friend’s house and go “oh I have that picture/assignment on my computer” only to sadly realize that your computer is at home? Ever been on the bus with your iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android phone and want to quickly look over that paper, listen to a song or watch a video that’s stored back home on your computer? Well, Seagate is here for you with their DockStar adapter for their FreeAgent Go portable hard drive line. We’ve had a chance to play with it, but does it live up to those high expectations of making your content truly available anywhere? Read on for our full review of both the FreeAgent Go and the DockStar!

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The Teen Review: Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

Kinect msft open house

It’s been two weeks since Microsoft made their biggest video game move since the launch of the Xbox 360 5 years ago, launching the truly revolutionary Kinect add-on for the Xbox 360. For those who don’t remember, Kinect is Microsoft’s first attempt at motion gaming, using a bar with three cameras/sensors to track your movements with no need to hold anything in your hands (unlike the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move).

So, does Kinect live up to the hype? And more importantly, is this good enough to add to your holiday wish list? We’ve got all those answers and more in our teen review after the break.

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Three or More: Monster Match Review

Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means– Halloween themed apps are coming, and one of the first is Three or More: Monster Match by a new App Store developer, Mighty Fun Apps. Monster Match is very similar to the classic Bejeweled, but with a Halloween twist on it.

Monster Match comes with two modes, classic (in which the goal is to keep your time going by matching monsters up) and timed (in which the goal is to get as many points as possible). The gameplay in both of these is smooth and quick, but– these are the only two modes. There is no online multiplayer or Facebook connectivity like Bejeweled 2 . Speaking of Bejeweled 2, the similarities between these games are ridiculous to the point where I felt I was just playing Bejeweled 2 with a Halloween theme.

Don’t get me wrong, Monster Match is a very fun game.  However, it just does not have enough to separate itself from the competition. Sure, the characters are adorable, but the characters themselves do not warrant the $0.99 tag on the App Store. If you really want the cute characters,  download a similarly named Monster Match (from a company called Jirbo) which is free, and if you want the full puzzle game experience then you should buy the full Bejeweled 2 for the same $0.99.

You can check out Three or More: Monster Match in the iTunes App Store here.

The Teen Review: BlackBerry Torch

bb torch front

One of the growing must-haves for any teen going back to school is a new cell phone– and for more and more teens that cell phone is a smartphone like an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

A couple of weeks ago, AT&T and RIM (the makers of the BlackBerry) released the next generation of the BlackBerry platform, the touchscreen slider BlackBerry Torch with the all new BlackBerry 6 OS. So, if you’re going back to school and on AT&T, is this new BlackBerry better than other phones like the Samsung Captivate and iPhone 4? Does BlackBerry 6 have enough to keep the BlackBerry in the game with iOS, Android, webOS and the upcoming Windows Phone 7? For all those answers and more, read on for our full teen review!

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The Teen Review: Apple iPhone 4

We know, we know– this has taken a little longer than we anticipated to get out, but hey– when your checking out a major product like this you need every base to be covered right? And boy do we got it all covered. So does this new iPhone 4 measure up as the best phone on the market? If you’re on a different carrier like Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint, is it worth switching for? For those answers and more, read on for our full review.

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Microsoft KIN TWO– The Teen Review

A few months back Microsoft announced their next generation of Sidekick– the KIN ONE and KIN TWO, two new phones focused on the teenager and what we use our phones for. Did they do a good job? Honestly, yes and no. After using the KIN TWO as my main phone for the last few weeks, there are a lot of things going in the KIN’s favor– a great keyboard and great social networking in particular– but also a lot of bad, like a somewhat slow interface and that  required $30 a month data plan.

So if your on Verizon is this the next phone for you? Read on for the full teen take on the KIN TWO.

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