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New Samsung Dash Info Leaks Out– Hello Instinct HD!

samsung instinct hd

A pic of the Samsung Instinct HD courtesy of Best Buy (you can even see they have cases ready for it. Click on the pic to see the ad on Best Buy’s site)

Remember a few months back we wrote a post on 6 upcoming Sprint phones, and mentioned a sick successor to the Instinct called the Samsung Dash? A lot of you were, and still are, very interested in the fate of that phone (like we know a lot of people were into the recently released Samsung Reclaim— we’re cool like that), and today we got for you, more or less, a confirmation that the phone is indeed coming to Sprint AND is coming in the not too distant future.

You see, Best Buy posted their “Weekly Ad” on their site this week (I guess like they usually do), and just so happened to be a little too trigger happy with news on this new Instinct, the Samsung Instinct HD, mentioning it in their September Mobile Phone Buyer’s Guide. As you can tell– this obviously is a little bit of a problem as Sprint hasn’t yet come out and announced the new Instinct (though we’re guessing now that their gonna be making an announcement really soon), and Best Buy clearly looks to have spilled the beans on what looks to be an awesome new Sprint phone. But hey, their loss our gain– we now got some solid info on this bad boy.

Here’s what Best Buy confirmed:

  • 3.2 inch screen (which we guess will look amazing)
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash and video recording with TV Out ability– so you can hook this up to your HDTV and share your pix and videos with friends and family in HD
  • WiFi– it’s about time the Instinct got this
  • Visual Voicemail, GPS, instant access to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace
  • a new IM app and an added tab on the bottom called “My Stuff” with a little briefcase over it– we concluded that from the clear picture of the Instinct HD but no info is given on these aspects

Sadly, we also don’t have a price or release date either (Best Buy only lists it as “Coming Soon”), but this ad’s offers only run till September 26th, so all the official info from Sprint should be out any minute now– which we’ll of course keep you updated on.

Sprint Drops Instinct Apps Contest


Yeah, I just became aware of this myself, and it really sucks, I know. Apparently, Sprint decided late last year that they were not interested in following through with their Instinct contest, and decided to just pull it entirely. Yup — no apps nor contest winner. Their reason? Pretty dumb I’d say: (and I quote below)


The Samsung Instinct(tm) Java Developer Contest closed on August 29th, 2008. We appreciate the interest in the contest.

Unfortunately, we are unable to announce contest winner or release any information about the applications submitted. Our objective is to deliver a meaningful opportunity for developers and foster the creation of entertaining and useful applications for our customers.

In the future, we expect to offer additional contests and incorporate the lessons learned from this initial effort.

Again, thanks for your interest and participation.

The Sprint ADP Team

Listen, I’m as annoyed as you probably are: the Instinct was already an awesome phone, and giving it apps and an App Store would’ve made it even better (who knows, apps plus it’s cheaper pricing and more features like TV and radio, it could’ve even matched or beaten the iPhone). I’d understand if the Instinct just couldn’t handle apps, but then again — as commenter Robert pointed out on a previous post on the subject (our initial post on the topic, linked to at the end of this post) — there are unofficial apps out there running perfectly fine on the Instinct.

I don’t know, but I’m gonna try and contact Sprint to try to find exactly what’s up (though I’m not 100% confident they’ll listen to a teenager on this), and I’ll update this post if they answer me back.

To all you Instinct owners looking to get some good apps like your iPhone rivals, I’m sorry; we really didn’t know that Sprint would do this and just cancel it pretty much (from what we currently know) out of the blue. We were only reporting on something we had from Sprint that in retrospect was too good to be true.

We’d like to apologize to those of you who, like us, thought this was accurate information that Sprint would end up following through with this and not canceling it in the end, and we understand the frustration some you are feeling. As bloggers, we try not to post rumors and such without the greatest level of information we can get (and if we ever do post on rumors, we make sure we classify it as such).

Here’s some links:

Sprint’s post on cancellation of Instinct apps contest: Here

Our initial post on Sprint’s possible Instinct “App Store” and apps contest: Here

The first “delay” of Sprint’s Instinct “App Store”: Here

Again, we’re sorry for all of this confusion; feel free to vent in the comments.

No Instinct App Store Yet

We know a lot of you out there are really excited about the new Instinct App Store, and all the apps that could come with it. Unfortunately, today is October 10 and we got no new word for you. The latest news from the Instinct Developer page is that they’re still reviewing Apps to find out who wins the contest (for all the details on this Instinct contest, we wrote about it here).

We did though see on the Gizmodo that a new Pandora app — enabling you to listen to streamed music on your phone (already available for free on the iPhone) — is out for the Instinct (though it will cost you $3 a month to use).

Maybe Sprint is starting to slowly release Apps, one by one. I really hope that isn’t the case, and they will just release an App Store with everything there, but hey, better something then nothing.

We’ll keep you updated with anything new coming out on this. Until then, feel free to post any thoughts or wishes you have for new Apps as well as what you think of the Pandora app if you got it, in the comments.

UPDATE (2/23): Sprint appears to have canceled the entire contest, we have this written up here.

iPhone 3G Getting Updated?

iPhone 3G- now with double the memory?

With all this talk (covered by us here) of new touchscreen phones going to Verizon (Blackberry Storm), and T-Mobile (HTC Dream/G1, as it is now going by), as well as Sprint’s Samsung Instinct App Store release date nearing (October 10 is when the winners of the contest for best apps should be announced, and we assume the time when we will also then get more word on when this “App Store” will launch), it is only right to go back to the phone that started all this touchscreen madness: the iPhone and its successor, the iPhone 3G.

The latest rumor we got for you today is that as soon as next week, Apple could be updating the iPhone 3G to 32 GB of storage (moving the 16 GB model to where the 8 GB is now, and dropping the 8 GB entirely), and may even go back to in-home activation!

These are two updates I would personally love because I now get a much-needed, bigger iPod for my music and videos (I right now am on an old, original 1st Gen 4 GB Nano), a better cell phone (I am on AT&T), and the fact that I can handle the whole activating process from my computer — and not have to deal with all the craziness of lines and such that go on in Apple and AT&T stores — would be AWESOME!!!

Let’s hope this comes true and soon, but in the meantime: would you go for this “new” iPhone 3G, and hold off your existing purchase of an iPhone or one of these other upcoming phones for different carriers (see top), or are you just gonna say “This isn’t going to happen, and I want my iPhone 3G/LG Dare or Samsung Instinct NOW!” Let us know your thoughts and plans in the comments.

Info from Apple

New Touchscreen Phones coming to T-Mobile?

As Sprint, Verizon and AT&T continue to grew their touchscreen phone offerings, T-Mobile looks to jump in and make a BIG splash. What we talking about? Hit the More link to find out.

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Visual Voicemail out for Verizon

Verizon’s Visual Voicemail (pic from Verizon’s site)

Jealous of the iPhone or Samsung Instinct’s ability to use “visual voicemail” for going through voicemail, while your LG Voyager on Verizon has to go through the old fashioned way of listening to each message? If so, then today is your lucky day as Verizon has launched their own Visual Voicemail service for just $2.99 a month. That will get you the ability to save up to 40 messages for 40 days, the ability to reply through call or text to the person that called you, and of course the ability to sort through your messages in the order you want and not whatever order your phone gives you. Right now this is only available for the LG Voyager as a downloadable application from your phone, but we expect many more Verizon phones should be getting this soon as well.

More info here at Verizon’s site

T-Mobile making an App Store?

With all the buzz going to Apple’s new iPhone/ iPod Touch App Store, and Sprint readying a release of its own App Store for the Samsung Instinct, more and more App Stores are coming out from wireless carriers. Now, according to this post over at the Boy Genius Report, T-Mobile looks to be making its own cross platform App Store (works on all devices even if they’re running different operating systems– i.e. an app that runs on a Motorola Razr, a Sidekick LX and a T-Mobile Dash). The post continues to say this will be out soon- think around Fall time, will be available to access straight from your phone, and apps will be available either for free or charge (similar to what Apple has with its App Store- up to developer whether to charge for the app).

This looks to be pretty interesting, and we’re glad to see more App Stores are coming to help make our phones more fun, useful and hopefully easier to use.  What you think- is this, a new Sidekick and better cheaper plans making you wanna leave your iPhone, Instinct or Dare (and with it your fast 3G speeds) to switch to T-Mobile (who is also expected to start releasing its own 3G network October 1)? Let us know in the comments.

More info from

Samsung Instinct to get it’s own App Store

Ok, we mentioned this to you in the review of the Samsung Instinct, but now we’re gonna give out all the info. For those interested, read on!

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Samsung Instinct to get it's own App Store

Ok, we mentioned this to you in the review of the Samsung Instinct, but now we’re gonna give out all the info. For those interested, read on!

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First Look and Hands On: Samsung Instinct

We know, we know- this phone has been out since late last month and that Apple has something new coming Friday. But we finally got our hands on one and better late than never 🙂 . This phone is insanely awesome and read below to hear our take.

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