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The Teen Review: Samsung Sidekick 4G

sidekick 4g browser

If you’ve watched any of the NBA playoffs (or any TV in general) recently, you’ve probably seen an ad or six for one of T-Mobile’s hottest new phones, the Sidekick 4G. The Sidekick 4G is the latest and greatest in the Sidekick line, and the first to pack new features like Android, a 3.5 inch touchscreen, 4G and a 1 GHZ processor– all while still keeping that flip-out full QWERTY keyboard Sidekick users know and love.

While this all sounds great, you probably wondering how does this latest Sidekick 4G hold up in real life? Well, we’ve taken it for a spin the past few weeks and we’ve got everything you need to know after the break in our full teen review. Read the rest of this entry

T-Mobile Gives LG G2X and Samsung Sidekick 4G Official Pricing and Release Dates– Get Ready For April 20th

lg g2x first look

Remember those rumored pricing and release dates for two of T-Mobile’s hottest upcoming phones, the LG G2X and Samsung Sidekick 4G? Well, we just heard from T-Mobile and guess what, it’s now official. Starting in twelve days, April 20th, both of these sick new phones will be available at your local T-Mobile store for $99.99 on a new 2 year contract and $30 a month unlimited data plan for the Sidekick 4G (or $149.99 with new 2 year contract  and T-Mobile’s much more affordable $10 250 MB plan. This plan is great for light email, updating your Facebook or some quick browsing of the web but not a lot of video watching over 4G. If you do plan on watching a lot of video, web browsing or constantly checking Facebook over 4G we’d recommend the unlimited plan) or $199.99 with a new 2 year contract and unlimited data plan for the LG G2X.

We checked out both of these beasts down at CTIA last month and we were very impressed with both. We found both to be extremely fast and we really loved the large screen on the G2X and the awesome keyboard on the Sidekick 4G. For all the details and our full first impressions on these bad boys see our first looks here (G2X, Sidekick 4G).

So T-Mobile users, if you’re looking for a new phone what’s it gonna be: Sidekick 4G, G2X or some other powerful 4G phone like the Galaxy S 4G or myTouch 4G?

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, LG G-Slate and G2X Coming April 20th?

radioshack twitter sidekick 4g

If you though March was an awesome month for T-Mobile users (well, depending on if you like the idea of possibly becoming part of AT&T) then April looks to be even better as this will be time when 3 of T-Mobile’s awesome new devices– Sidekick 4G, LG G2X and LG G-Slate tablet– are said to be coming to a store near you. And all on the same day no less: April 20th.

How do we know this? Well yesterday Radio Shack– which sells T-Mobile phones– sent out this tweet (which you see above) with the pretty self-explanatory line “The new @TMobile Sidekick 4G comes to The Shack on April 20!” Yeah, can’t get any clearer than that. Now T-Mobile hasn’t officially unveiled this to be the day when this latest awesome Sidekick lands, but unless Radio Shack wants to play a pretty pathetic April Fools joke we really think this will be the date.

As for the LG G2X and G-Slate, rumors have been flying around the internet lately that April 20th will also be the date these 2 new awesome devices will launch. Again, T-Mobile hasn’t officially said anything yet (including a price for the G2X) but the rumors are getting louder and louder so we can definitely see it happening.

We’ll of course keep you updated once we do get the official word, but while you start marking down your calendars T-Mobile users, which phone are you gonna get: LG G2X or Sidekick 4G?

The Teen First Look: Samsung Sidekick 4G

sidekick 4g hands on

CTIA’s been a pretty big week for T-Mobile, with their LG G-Slate and G2X and of course the Samsung Sidekick 4G. Today at CTIA we were able to get our hands on Samsung’s new take on the hit Sidekick line, the Sidekick 4G. So, what do we think? Read on for the full teen first take!

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T-Mobile Brings The Heat At CTIA- Announces 4G Packing LG G2X and Adds More Details on Sidekick 4G and LG G-Slate

tmobile logo

While they may soon become AT&T, until that finally happens T-Mobile is still going strong, today taking the wraps off a new impressive 4G phone for its already loaded 4G lineup, the LG G2X,  and finally sharing some more info on two of their very anticipated new devices: the Sidekick 4G and LG G-Slate tablet. Let’s get to it! Read the rest of this entry

T-Mobile’s Next Generation Sidekick Is Official– Meet the Sidekick 4G

tmobile sidekick 4g official

They’ve been teasing it for a few weeks now, but it’s now finally official: T-Mobile’s next generation of the Sidekick series, the Sidekick 4G, will be here before the end of the Spring. Made by Samsung, this new Sidekick finally brings back the hit series just now in a much more 2011 way.

Running Android 2.2 (a major step up from the old Sidekicks), this new Sidekick is absolutely loaded with specs like a 1 GHZ processor, 3 megapixel back camera with a second front camera for video chat (seen below), and of course WiFi, GPS and 4G (with support for T-Mobile’s latest and fastest 21 Mbps— or ridiculously fast– 4G network). But that’s not all. Like all the older Sidekicks, the Sidekick 4G packs the same iconic design where you pop up the 3.5 inch touchscreen (also a first for Sidekicks) to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard.

tmobile sidekick 4g video chat

T-Mobile’s also gone one step further here, throwing in a whole bunch of very teen focused apps like Group Text (for better management of, well,  group texts), Cloud Text (which let’s you text all your contacts from your computer– great if you don’t have cell service but have internet access from a laptop. It even syncs your conversations up so you can keep up right where you left off), built-in Facebook and Twitter apps (for staying constantly connected. You can even comment on your friends statuses from your Contacts app or update you status for both sites at the same time) and DriveSmart which helps protect against distracted driving by allowing you to set a customizable automatic note that goes out to people who call or text you letting them know that your driving and will respond when you can (something, as new drivers ourselves, we are big fans of here at TeensTalkTech. No text is worth possibly killing yourself).

No word on price or an exact release date but T-Mobile said it should be available “later this Spring” in either purple or black.

More info at T-Mobile’s site here.

KIN vs. Smartphones—Which Would You Rather Buy?

So Microsoft announced the KIN today (formerly known as “Project Pink“)—their teen-focused phone with heavy emphasis on always staying connected. Of course as we know, KIN is a social phone and not a smartphone like the iPhone, Droid, or HD2. In other words—no apps.

After speaking to a few friends of mine (who aren’t as into tech), most of them really like the KIN and are really considering it for their next phone: it’s got that sleek hardware with full keyboards and multi-touch screens, 3G and WiFi, Zune for music and videos, those high powered cameras (both on the KIN 1 and KIN 2), and of course that deep connection to keep you completely connected to your Facebook, Twitter etc. Not to mention that it runs on Verizon. The lack of apps don’t seem to be an issue when seeing everything this phone does (and as one friend put it with regard to apps, “I’ve got my iPod touch for that”), with the only real concern I’m hearing– and the thing which is probably the biggest factor for this phone, is how much will the data plan and all this will cost (something we hope will be solved by Microsoft and Verizon not charging the same $30 a month that it costs to get say a BlackBerry or other smartphone plan).

Me? After seeing briefly what the KINs do, I’m definitely curious. I personally have gotten really reliant on the apps on my iPhone, and now don’t see how I can go back, no matter how awesome this all looks. It’s a tough call though, particularly if the pricing on this is more affordable (especially with the data plan) than what it costs to get a smartphone. I do though know that Microsoft has truly brought back that feeling that made the Sidekick line so great, and really brought it up to the way we live our lives today (in case you don’t know, these phones were designed by the same company that made the Sidekicks– a company called Danger, whom Microsoft bought back in 2008. The phones are even manufactured by Sharp, the same company Danger used to manufacture most of the Sidekick line).

Now we want to know—is the KIN something you want as your next phone, and if your on Verizon, will you look to that or something like a Droid to be your next phone. In other words, is a great social phone better for you than a phone with thousands of apps? Sound off in the comments.

The Latest on 5 Upcoming T-Mobile Phones


We recently wrote about 5 upcoming phones for both Verizon and AT&T, and now were switching our attention to T-Mobile: if your a T-Mobile user, you should be really pumped right about now as you are finally looking to get some really nice phones great for texting. And we mean REALLY nice! So what’cha waiting for? Read on!

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2 Exciting New Phones Coming to T-Mobile


So that new rumored G2 we mentioned a couple weeks back wasn’t good enough for you T-Mobile users, not exactly what you were looking for. Don’t worry, that’s ok, and just for you we got so really cool new info on what could be 2 AMAZING phones for T-Mobile in 2009.

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New Samsung Behold and a $49 Sidekick for T-Mobile


Waiting for that all-touchscreen Samsung T919 (we wrote about it here) to finally see some daylight? How bout a Sidekick for below $100? Then today T-Mobile has decided to reward you. Wanna know all the details? Hit the more link and read on!

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